There are several negative opinions and criticisms towards the Chinese drama series "Fireworks of My Heart." Here are some of the negativity towards the series:

  1. Low Douban ratings: The series has received low ratings on Douban, a Chinese social media platform for reviewing movies, TV shows, and music. As of August 4, 2023, the rating has dropped to 3.2, making it the lowest-rated high-profile drama of 2023
  2. Negative reviews of the female lead: Some viewers have criticized the character of Xu Qin, the female lead, for being self-centered, cowardly, unlikeable, and having a toxic relationship with the male lead  - The anti-fans rallied to boycott the drink that was dedicated to Wang Churan, plus her reputation and image and her future projects might be negatively impacted.
  3. Criticism of the leads: Some viewers have criticized the acting of the leads, Yang Yang and Wang Chu Ran, and believe that the criticism will impact their reputation
  4. Toxic relationship: The relationship between the two leads has been described as toxic by some viewers
  5. Conceited personality of the male lead: Some viewers have criticized the character of Song Yan, the male lead, for having a conceited and ruffian-like personality
  6. Negative rumors about the actress: The actress who played Xu Qin, Wang Chu Ran, has been subjected to negative rumors, which her studio has responded to



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