China's live streaming branch of the China Association of Performing Arts (CAPA), which first started its “blacklist management system” (“黑名单”管理制度) in February of 2018; has posted its news list. There are eighty-eight Idols (celebrities such as singers, actors/actress and influencers) blacklisted on this list. They are blacklisted for illegal, unethical behaviors and violating the country's moral standards.

CAPA states: "All online audio and video platforms and companies are not allowed to provide any form of online live-broadcasting services to these individuals." Below is a list of a few blacklsited:


  1. Zheng Shuang
  2. Kris Wu Yifan
  3. Zhang Zhehan
  4. Tie Shankao (铁山靠)
  5. ‘Teacher Guo’ (郭老师)
  6. Zhao Wei


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