Cheng Xiao, a Chinese actress-singer who gained fame as a member of the K-pop girl group WJSN, recently faced a heated moment on the set of the upcoming fantasy drama The Story Of Mystics.

During the filming of "The Story Of Mystics," Cheng Xiao reportedly took a 20-minute break to her headpiece after it was messed up during a fight scene, leading director Guo Jingming to rebuke her for the delay. He then brought up how her co-star Chen Duling endured shooting scenes soaked in water without changing clothes. Guo expressed frustration at Cheng Xiao's absence, questioning whose instructions she should follow and emphasizing the challenges of being an actor. He remarked, "Is he (referring to Cheng Xiao’s assistant) the director, or am I? Whose instructions should you follow? If you can’t handle even this little hardship, then go back to being an idol and sit in a Rolls-Royce, don’t be an actor. Being an actor is very tough." This incident sparked online discussions, with some supporting Guo's stance due to production constraints, while others felt he was too harsh on Cheng Xiao.



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