It was announced that "Ace Trooops 王牌部队", the show starring "Johnny" Huang Jingyu, "Sean" Xiao Zhan reached the top of the charts only a few hours before the scheduled air time. The series was filmed back in August 2020, and is the first series that Sean is starring in after the AO3 scandal (not Sean's fault in my opinion). The question on everybody's minds is why did it drop 100,000 followers in just two hours?

Can the blame be placed on disappointed fans of Sean? When they started advertising and acquiring investors for the series they slapped Sean Xiao Zhan on the title. Many of Sean's fans, including investors and advertisers jumped on the bandwagon to help promote the show because of Sean's super popularity. The show party has always used Xiao Zhan in the first place (ranked first) to introduce the series, but it was later discovered that the official announcement was not what they advertised. They only used Sean to attract advertisers, while fans brought in to hype the series and promote it for free. The official poster was written with Huang Jingyu's name first and not Xiao Zhan. The fans probably felt dejected at being used, and it can be surmised that 100,000 of these offended fans left.


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