Taiwanese actor and singer Aaron Yan, also known as Wu Geng-lin, has had his travel ban in Taipei lifted! Yan's travel ban was imposed on June 26, 2023 due to allegations of violating the Youth Sexual Exploitation Prevention Act. He was accused of engaging in and filming sexual activities with a minor, which led to the imposition of the travel ban to prevent him from leaving the country during the investigation. The accusations against Yan emerged when an internet celebrity accused him of engaging in sexual acts and secretly filming private videos of him against his will. The case has been under investigation since early June, and Yan has been indicted for the alleged offenses.

Aaron Yan requested to lift the travel ban in order to fulfill overseas work commitments. In January, he applied to have the travel ban lifted for work reasons, but the court initially rejected the request. The Shilin District court in Taipei, Taiwan initially rejected Aaron Yan's plea to lift the travel restrictions due to concerns about the gravity of the offense and the risk of flight. Despite acknowledging Yan's consistent court appearances, admission to criminal charges, and his permanent residence in Taiwan during the period of travel restrictions, the court was concerned about his capacity and financial means to reside abroad for an extended period. However, the court also took into account the potential impact on his career if he were to flee or stay abroad without returning, as his career relies on public trust and perception. The court ultimately reconsidered his plea, considering these factors and the progress of subsequent legal proceedings, and ruled that the travel restrictions could be lifted if Yan paid NT$1.5 million (US$47,000) in bail before a specified date. Aaron now has the freedom to leave the country as long as he can pay.

There are mix feelings from Netizens and fans about the Travel ban being lifted. Some loyal fans have rallied to Yan's defense, expressing their support for him as he faces the legal battle. On the other hand, there are critics who have called for a reevaluation of celebrity culture and its implications for youth protection in light of the allegations against Yan. The case has sparked a broader conversation about the rights of minors and the accountability of those in positions of power and influence, leading to divided public opinion.




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