Taiwanese actor and singer Aaron Yan has been accused of sexual misconduct. Aaron is also an Ex-Fahrenheit member. Over a hundred people have come forward with allegations against him.

At a public conference was held by male influencer, Yao Le 耀樂 aka Raku stated that when he was 16 years old, he gave his first time to Aaron in 2018 and Aaron filmed the act against his will and he didn't know about it till it was leaked online.. Aaron claims that he took his phone in to get it repaired, which lead to the leaking of videos and pictures. Yan showed up at the conference unexpectedly and tearfully denied that he had filmed the sex tapes without Raku's consent, saying “I absolutely did not do anything without his willingness”.

The case came to light after Raku first made accusations on Facebook that Yan filmed intimate videos and took intimate photos of him without his consent. Despite Yan's unexpected appearance, Raku continues to allege he did not agree to being filmed on the sex tape.

At present,  Aaron Yan has lost several endorsements and work as a result of the sexual misconduct allegations. Previously, he and Tian Fujing, Tang Qiyang and others jointly announced the suspension of the advertising campaign with him. The Gaoxiong Beer Festival event originally scheduled for next month is in a new program to be broadcast in cooperation with Yan and TV station. He has been dropped by his own fashion brand after asking fans if they like Taiwanese or American breakfast on Facebook. Yan has also lost his award as a recipient of  “ Top 10 outstanding youths ”.

It is reported that the Taiwan police has intervened due to the alleged violation of the 《Regulations on the Prevention and Treatment of Sexual Exploitation of Children and Juveniles 》, the prosecutors of the Women and Children Special Group and the Taipei Police will continue to collect relevant evidence, and Actively investigate according to law.

If Aaron Yan is found guilty of the sexual misconduct allegations made against him, he could face potential consequences such as imprisonment and fines. According to a tweet by C-entRoyals, if the allegations are accurate, Yan could receive a prison term of more than a year to seven years if found guilty of recording. Additionally, Yan could face damage to his reputation and career as a result of the allegations made against him. Raku, the alleged victim, has stated that the impact of the case led to him dropping out of school, and that Yan threatened him not to go public with what happened. Yan has also been accused of not handling the leak of his sex tape in a better manner. The allegations against Yan have also been covered by the media, which further damage his reputation and career.

On a side note: Comedian Nono has also been accused of sexual harassment by at least 20 women.


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