Shi Yue angrily asked Liang Yuan about her relationship with Ren Ming. Liang Yuan told her that she didn't come to the company to rob someone, let alone someone else's husband. After hearing this, Shi Yue turned green.

Lin Yao was worried about Shen An'an's accident, so he called her and asked her about her latest status, and told her that no matter what happened, she could come to him and think about herself. Seeing his son's expression on the phone, Mother Lin speculated that he had a crush on Shen An'an on the phone. Lin Yao said that the other party is just an employee of his company, and he should take care of him when he encounters troubles recently.

At work, Shi Yue deliberately got close to Liu Weide and played games together. Ren Ming paid close attention to the behavior of the two of them, became jealous and dragged Shi Yue out of the company. Shi Yue yelled that she couldn't accept Ren Ming going out with other women, and claimed to tell Shen An'an that Ren Ming comforted Shi Yue and brought her home. Shi Yue had lost her mind and said that she couldn't live without Ren Ming. Wen Hao pulled Shi Yue out of the company when Ren Ming watched the two of them, and found that they were behaving intimately. After returning home, Wen Hao told Ren Fei what he saw, which also confirmed Ren Fei's conjecture that Ren Ming cheated on Shiyue.

At night, when Shen Anan was cooking, Shi Yue called her and said that Ren Ming was sleeping with her, and asked if he should be woken up. The house she lived in was also bought by Ren Ming for her. Shen Anan listened to her, Ninja Mood hung up the phone. Shi Yue then sent a message to Shen An'an, saying that she was the best sister in the world, and accompanied it with a photo of Ren Ming's shirtless bed. Seeing the photo, Shen An'an was devastated, and accidentally scratched the photo of a family of three on the wall with a knife.

Ren Fei called Ren Ming and Shen An'an, but neither of them got through. Wen Hao told Ren Fei how they walked together in the parking lot yesterday, and Ren Fei became even more angry. Ren Ming and Shi Yue didn't come to work the next day. Someone in the company saw the two arguing in the parking lot yesterday, so they guessed that the relationship between the two was unusual. Ren Ming and Liang Yuan were about to go on a business trip, but their subordinates couldn't contact Ren Ming, and they couldn't sign the documents. Wen Hao called Ren Fei and said that the gossip about Ren Ming and Shi Yue had been spread in the company. Ren Fei asked Wen Hao to find Ren Ming quickly, while she went to Shen An'an.

Ren Fei told Lin Yao the news that Shen An'an could not be contacted. After hearing this, Lin Yao was very worried. He knew a little about Shen An'an's family, but he didn't know what bad idea Shi Yue was planning, so he pulled her out of the blacklist. Called the past. Shi Yue curiously asked Lin Yao how he knew his sister, Lin Yao was very surprised to learn that Shen An'an was Shi Yue's sister. Ren Fei went to the house and found that Shen An'an was packing up her things, and she completely closed her emotions without saying a word, so she persuaded Shen An'an to cry, but Shen An'an couldn't cry, which made Ren Fei even more worried.

When Ren Ming woke up, he hurriedly put on his clothes. He learned from Shi Yue that Shen An'an knew about the two of them. Giving herself a chance, Shen An didn't believe Ren Ming's words, and quickly ran into the bedroom and locked him out, remembering the promise Ren Ming made to her before her father, Shen An couldn't help crying.

Ren Ming picks Xinyi up from school and asks Xinyi to intercede for him and keep him for dinner, but Shen An'an still refuses. Xinyi pulled Shen Yiming to tell him not to move away, and Ren Ming promised to stay with her all the time. At night, Shi Yue kept calling Ren Ming, but Ren Ming hung up immediately. The next day, Shen Anan sent Ren Ming to work as usual, and ran into Liang Yuan downstairs. Ren Ming hugged Shen An'an before leaving, Shi Yue watched the two's actions upstairs in the company, and almost went crazy with anger. When Liang Yuan was on a business trip, she told Shi Yue that she would take good care of Ren Ming, after all, she knew what Ren Ming liked.

Ren Ming and Liang Yuan were on a business trip. Liang Yuan proposed to have dinner at an internet celebrity restaurant at noon. No answer. Shi Yue checked the dynamics of the two ing yuan, looked at Ren Ming in the talk, and felt even more nervous. She called Liang Yuan in the video, and happened to see Ren Ming coming to her room, and her emotions erupted instantly.


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