When Ren Ming saw Shi Yue's message, he excused that the company had something to leave, and rushed to the clubhouse to find Shi Yue. Afterwards, the two went to the supermarket together, and Liang Yuan also bumped into the two in the supermarket. She found that Ren Ming and Shi Yue behaved intimately, and she guessed their relationship. Ren Ming saw that Liang Yuan was very nervous. After all, Liang Yuan was his competitor. He was worried that the company would make bad comments about him, so he said that his wife asked him to buy them. Shi Yue couldn't understand Liang Yuan, so she asked Ren Ming to wait for her in the car first, pretending that she was going to the bathroom, and then secretly stuffed the food next to Liang Yuan into Liang Yuan's pocket while Liang Yuan was not paying attention. When Liang Yuan checked out, she found the merchandise in her pocket, and realized that it was a prank played by Shi Yue.

Shen An'an and his colleagues from the car dealership came to the outdoor group building by car. It was supposed to be an open-minded thing, but Shen An'an was thinking about her husband and Shiyue. During the training, Lin Yao saw that Shen An was absent-minded, so he asked her to introduce herself to everyone. Shen An'an talked about her family. When asked about her dream, Shen An'an hesitated for a long time. She only hoped that her daughter would be healthy and study well. After the training, Lin Yao had a heart-to-heart talk with Shen An'an and asked her about her original intentions, and found that Shen An'an had no goals for the future at all. Lin Yao respects Shen An'an's ideas, but he feels that if there are others in her plan, others will face the danger of failure if they change their chances, so he hopes that Shen An'an will think more about himself.

In the evening, Shen Anan made a video call with Xinyi and found that Xinyi had been scratching her arms. After getting to know her, she realized that it was Shiyue who sprayed Xinyi with perfume and was allergic. Shen Anan wanted Ren Ming, who knew the location of the allergy medicine, to give the medicine to the child, but unexpectedly Ren Ming and Shi Yue are not at home. Shen Anan was worried about her daughter, so she hurriedly packed her things and went home. Lin Yao heard from Ren Fei that Shen Anan was going home, worried that it would be unsafe for her to go home alone, so he immediately drove her home. Shen An'an wanted to shirk, but finally agreed. On the way, Shen Anan lamented that her life has changed since she got married, and she has always revolved around her family.

Just when Shen Anan arrived home, she saw her husband's car, found Shi Yue got out of the car, hugged Ren Ming and kissed him, Shen Anan was very desperate, and Lin Yao was also very shocked when he saw the scene before him. Shen An'an understood clearly that although it hurts her heart to be betrayed, she also knew that she should face up to this relationship. Ren Ming and Shi Yue were shocked to see Shen An'an come back suddenly. Shi Yue said that she was going to get her mobile phone and left the house quickly, but saw Lin Yao who had just sent Shen An'an back, and that person was her ex-boyfriend.

Shi Yue hurried home and asked Shen An'an who sent her back, Shen An'an replied angrily that it had nothing to do with her. Shen Anan questioned the relationship between Ren Ming and Shi Yue, but Ren Ming still refused to admit that he had an affair with Shi Yue, but just came back and met Shi Yue. Talk to Ren Ming. Xinyi heard the two quarrel and ran out. Even Shen's mother heard the movement and came out to inquire. Shen Anan didn't want her mother to worry, so she didn't tell her the truth.

Shen An'an went to the study to find Shi Yue, and asked her to move out of the house tomorrow at the latest. Shen An'an couldn't accept that she taught Xinyi badly, and couldn't accept that Shi Yue ruined her family. Shi Yue and Shen Anan tore their faces apart, bluntly saying that a slap could not be slapped, and it was also her husband's cheating. When Shi Yue saw Lin Yao, she remembered the painful memories before, and was very worried.

The next day, Shen's mother found out what Shi Yue had done, and told Shen An'an that the husband and wife should learn to be tolerant, and if Ren Ming lost his way and found out, she had to learn to let go, even if it was for the sake of happiness, she must continue to maintain the family. Shen An'an couldn't accept it for a while, and said that she had to think about it before making a decision. In the morning, the family had dinner together, and Ren Ming came to Xinyi pretending to be nonchalant, and suddenly Shi Yue came to everyone with a suitcase, pretending to be innocent and apologizing for the trouble he had caused everyone.

Shen An'an decided to have a cold war with Ren Ming, to give each other time to think things through. The next morning, when Ren Ming woke up, Da Xin woke up late and was very annoyed. In the past, his wife would wake him up, but when he went downstairs, he found that he had no breakfast, so he drove out in the car in a panic. Chen Shanhai called Liang Yuan and Ren Ming to the office, saying that their business trip would be on the agenda, and they should discuss it with their family as soon as possible. Ren Ming said that he had family affairs to deal with, and he would postpone it for a few days.

When Shi Yue heard that Ren Ming was going on a business trip with Liang Yuan, she felt very uncomfortable. In the bathroom, she asked Liang Yuan angrily why she kept pestering Ren Ming. Liang Yuan admitted that she did have a story with Ren Ming, which made Shi Yue believe that Liang Yuan Yuan wanted to compete with her for Ren Ming, and she was very angry.


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