When Shen Anan arrived at the car shop, Lin Yao had been waiting there for a long time. Lin Yao knew that Shen Anan was not responsible for this matter, and promised that if she could testify, he would only complain to Ren Fei. At this moment, Lin Yao suddenly had a stomachache. Shen Anan saw that he drank too much coffee on an empty stomach, so he pressed the acupuncture points on Lin Yao's arm to help him relieve the pain. Lin Yao watched Shen An'an carefully help him relieve the pain, and his heart couldn't help but move. Lin Yao was relieved, forgiving Ren Fei's mistake this time, and by the way complained that Shen An'an's dress was too casual, but he didn't know that Shen An'an was not an employee here at all. Seeing that the matter was resolved, Shen Anan asked Ren Fei to reprint the contract and took Lin Yao for a test drive again. After hearing this, Ren Fei was very grateful.

Shen Anan left the sales shop, packed forty leek boxes, and brought them to Ren Ming's company, intending to distribute them to each of his colleagues. Chen Shanhai met Shen An'an downstairs in the company. He helped Shen An'an carry the meal with his own hands, and they came to Ren Ming's office together, and found that Liang Yuan was sitting next to Ren Ming to discuss work. Shen An'an put down the leek box and left.

Liang Yuan went out for a meeting and ran into Shen An'an on the road. Seeing that it was Liang Yuan, Shen An'an asked for a ride because it was not easy to take a taxi nearby. In the car, Liang Yuan deliberately told Shen An'an that the company would arrange for her to go on a business trip with Ren Ming, but what Liang Yuan said was calm, but Shen An'an felt uncomfortable. Ren Fei heard Wen Hao say that Liang Yuan and Ren Ming were getting close, so she reminded Shen An'an to beware of Liang Yuan.

Liang Yuan invited Ren Ming to dinner on the grounds of work. Ren Ming asked Liang Yuan who else would travel with them. Liang Yuan laughed and said that there were only the two of them. Only then did Ren Ming compromise, and before Liang Yuan left, Ren Ming asked Liang Yuan to take care of his wife's younger sister, Shi Yue, during the interview tomorrow. Ren Ming, who is bothered, accepts it.

When Shen An returned home, she was absent-minded while cooking. When Liang Yuan helped Shen An fasten her seat belt, Shen An found that the smell of perfume on Liang Yuan was not a style. Shi Yue's sudden appearance interrupted Shen An'an's conjecture. During the conversation between the two, Shen An'an found out that her husband had left contact information with Shi Yue, and also helped her arrange a job, and she would have an interview tomorrow. In the evening, Shen An'an asked Ren Ming about Shi Yue's work, and Ren Ming told Shen An'an that because he was worried about other people's gossip, he arranged Shi Yue to Liang Yuan's team, and he had already said hello, so he didn't have to worry.

The next day, Shi Yue dressed up carefully. She wore a professional attire. Ren Ming urged Shi Yue to hurry up, otherwise she would be late for work. Shi Yue changed shoes back and forth in the mirror, saying that she did not have suitable shoes to wear But time was running out, so Ren Ming asked Shi Yue to find a pair in Shen An'an's shoe cabinet. Seeing that the trick had succeeded, Shi Yue hurried to Shen An'an's bedroom to find out the pair of red leather shoes to wear. After Shen Anan sent Xinyi to the school bus, she saw Shi Yue wearing her shoes. Ren Ming said that he let her wear them, and advised Shen Anan not to take it personally. When Shen Anan returned to the bedroom, she saw that the shoe box had been turned over. It was a mess, and my heart was full of loss. In the car, Shi Yue hurriedly recited the content of the interview, Ren Ming reassured her, and Shi Yue expressed her gratitude for Ren Ming's help to her.

During Shi Yue's interview, Liang Yuan saw the red leather shoes Shi Yue was wearing, and couldn't help but mock her, even if they were sisters, it would not be appropriate to wear the same pair of shoes.

Shen An'an went to chat with Ren Fei, but met Lin Yao to make up the documents. Ren Fei accidentally mistyped Lin Yao's name, so she could only make up the documents in a panic, while Shen An'an was arranged to accompany Lin Yao for a test drive. Lin Yao felt that the car was easy to operate, and then asked Shen An'an what kind of job he had before. Shen Anan said that he was a sales manager before marriage, and became a housewife after marriage. Lin Yao pointed to his watch and said that he only Give Ren Fei ten minutes, if she doesn't show up again, I won't buy it. Shen Anan felt that he was too casual, but Lin Yao said this was his bottom line. Lin Yao said that if he was very important to her, Ren Fei would not have made such a mistake.

After Shi Yue's interview, she was angry and threw out the shoes that didn't fit her feet, but met Chen Shanhai. Chen Shanhai was amused by the young and beautiful Shi Yue. If this is the case, wouldn't college graduates have no jobs. Chen Shanhai felt that Shi Yue's words made sense, and thought she would be a good assistant, so he asked Liang Yuan to keep her, but Liang Yuan was very dissatisfied. Liang Yuan called Ren Ming and said that she would give Shi Yue a one-week adaptation period, and if she was not strong enough, the company would not keep her. When Shi Yue heard the news, she jumped on Ren Ming with the help of her injured foot, but Ren Ming was so surprised that she couldn't move.

Ren Fei sent Shen An'an to Xinyi's school. The school was going to celebrate the school, and the class teacher asked the parents to take care of some snacks. The parents recommended Shen An'an one after another. They thought the snacks she made were very delicious, and Shen Anan took the initiative to take over the task. The family of three originally planned to have dinner outside, but Ren Ming forgot about it while helping Shi Yue familiarize himself with the business. Shen An'an called Ren Ming, but Ren Ming was busy looking for information and didn't notice. Shi Yue saw his missed call and deliberately covered the file on his mobile phone.


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