Shi Yue told Shen An'an about her tragic experience, and asked if she could live here all the time. Shen An'an, don't drive yourself away. Shen An'an reassured her that she could live if she needed, but she would also start a family of her own.

Shen An'an came to the place where Ren Fei worked, and she told Ren Fei that Shi Yue was going to live forever. Ren Fei firmly disagreed with letting Shi Yue live at home all the time, and asked Shen An to be more careful about Shi Yue. She was abroad. After staying for so long, she doesn't necessarily want to look innocent, Shen An'an disagrees, and Ren Fei persuades Shen An'an to consider working out.

The two were talking and chatting, when a customer came to see the car, Lin Yao stood in front of the car for a long time, Ren Fei directly skipped him to receive another customer, which made Lin Yao very upset. Shen Anan noticed Lin Yao, and hurried to call Ren Fei, but Ren Fei couldn't leave for a while, so she asked Shen Anan to receive him. In desperation, Shen Anan took Lin Yao to look at several models, and expressed his opinion on the car based on his experience in reading car model magazines, which was recognized by Lin Yao. He immediately offered to pay the full amount. Ren Fei was very excited when she heard about it. This is something that is difficult for many salesmen to complete. Then she helped Lin Yao go through the formalities. Lin Yao regarded Shen An'an as a new salesperson, and in the contract Shen Anan's name was signed.

Ren Ming took a photo of the magazine cover for the company's publicity. Colleagues couldn't help but praise Ren Ming when they saw the cover. Liang Yuan became jealous when she saw the crowd surrounding Ren Ming. She said that it was not unusual for her to be on the cover many times. Turned around and left. After get off work at noon, Liang Yuan asked Ren Ming out for dinner, expressing that she wanted to discuss work. Liang Yuan took Ren Ming to the place where the two had dinner together before, and while Ren Ming was going to the bathroom, she answered Shen An'an's phone call to Ren Ming.

Shen Anan didn't find Shi Yue after returning home, but found that her bedroom door was opened. It turned out that when Shen Anan came back, Shi Yue was lying on the bed in Shen Anan's bedroom. She heard Shen Anan's voice and immediately ran away from the balcony, and then pretended to run back from the outside. Shen Anan did not have any doubts. When Shen An'an was cooking, she suddenly remembered that she didn't buy snacks for Xinyi, so she went out to buy some. When she just went out, she found that she didn't have her wallet, so she turned back. After returning home, she found Shi Yue in her bedroom, wearing headphones and dancing in the shoes that Ren Mingxin bought for herself. Shen Anan was very angry when she saw that the things she cared about were robbed. Shen An'an told Shi Yue that it was inappropriate to do so, but Shi Yue couldn't listen, and broke out completely emotionally, accusing Shen An'an of refusing to accept her like everyone else, so she ran out of the house in a fit of anger. Shi Yue remembered what Shen An'an said to herself, and viciously thought of taking away everything Shen An'an cared about.

When Ren Ming came home from get off work, he saw Shi Yue sitting at the door crying alone, so he comforted her that they were a family, and persuaded her to go home and apologize to Shen Anan. Just as Ren Ming was about to leave, Shi Yue rushed up and hugged Ren Ming. Going home at night, Shi Yue apologized to Shen An'an, and Shen An'an forgave her softly. Shen Anan wanted to ask Ren Ming about Liang Yuan answering his phone call today, but Ren Ming fell asleep from exhaustion. Shen An'an still insisted on trusting her husband, when she was packing his change of clothes, she smelled the perfume on his body, and suddenly panicked. The company arranged for Ren Ming and Liang Yuan to go on a business trip, which made Shen Anan feel uneasy.

Because Liang Yuan did not beat Ren Ming at the meeting, she told Chen Shanhai that she wanted to recruit people. When Ren Ming saw the recruitment information, he took a picture of it and sent it to Shi Yue. Shen An'an was making snacks at home, and suddenly received a call from Ren Fei. Ren Fei missed Lin Yao's car purchase procedures once, but now she couldn't pick up the car, and suddenly panicked. Wearing the red leather shoes that Ren Ming gave her, Shen An'an went to the sales shop to apologize to him with the snacks she had made.


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