Faced with doubts from her boyfriend Chen Shanhai, Liang Yuan directly offered to resign. Liang Yuan found Liu Weide and learned how Shi Yue got the key. After Liu Weide knew the truth, Liang Yuan told him to be smarter in the future and not to suffer from others. Ren Ming didn't understand the matter and asked Liang Yuan what happened. Liang Yuan told him that someone had secretly tampered with her financial data. At the same time, she couldn't help but sympathize with him, saying that what he thought was a little white rabbit was actually a poisonous snake, and warned Ren Ming If he chooses to be with Shi Yue, his life must be a tragedy.

Liang Yuan saw Shi Yue gloating in the bathroom. She pretended to be innocent and kept provoking Liang Yuan. Liang Yuan angrily grabbed Shi Yue's hair and pulled her in front of her company colleagues. She even slapped her for doing such a shameless thing. Chen Shanhai stopped Liang Yuan with her words. Liang Yuan said that from the moment she offered to resign, her behavior only represented herself. For the work during this period, she signed a big contract and punished those who framed her very much. satisfy. Liang Yuan also ordered afternoon tea for everyone, and said that she would meet you again if she had a chance. Colleagues all understood what Liang Yuan was doing, and after hearing Liang Yuan's words, they all applauded to see her off.

Wen Hao met the client in the morning and knew nothing about what happened in the morning, so he asked Ren Ming excitedly, but Ren Ming didn't reply him. Wen Hao asked Ren Ming what he really thought about his family. Not only did Ren Ming not repent, but he also blamed Shen An'an for driving him out of the house. After hearing this, Wen Hao was very disappointed in him.

Liang Yuan resigned, and the director naturally fell on Ren Ming's head. However, Chen Shanhai knew that Ren Ming had something to do with this incident, but he still chose not to pursue it. However, he asked Ren Ming and his wife to come to the company's activities next week. Celebrating his promotion, Chen Shanhai guessed about the affairs of Ren Ming's family, so he kindly persuaded him. Many times he would make wrong choices because of momentary confusion, but he hoped that Ren Ming would not be like this.

Ren Ming listened to Chen Shanhai's words, and decided to go home and discuss with Shen An'an about attending the event. At the door of the house, he heard Xinyi crying and asking her father to help him build blocks, because Ren Ming had accompanied Xinyi to build the building blocks before. Building blocks, Ren Ming couldn't help being worried when he heard his daughter's cry. When Ren Ming was kicked out of the house, she naturally lived with Shi Yue. Shi Yue saw that Ren Ming was worried about Xinyi, so she pretended to be considerate and said that she would pick up Xinyi in a few days and they would take care of her together. Slightly relieved. Shen Anan quarreled with Xinyi because of building blocks today, and felt very uncomfortable, so after coaxing Xinyi to sleep, she tried to build blocks again, so as not to let Xinyi down on herself.

The next day when Xinyi was out of school, Shen's mother went to the kitchen to cook after picking up Xinyi, while Xinyi stayed in the yard to play. Shi Yue knew that Ren Ming missed her daughter, so she secretly guarded the side of the yard, and took Xinyi away after Shen's mother left. Ren Ming rushed to the restaurant after receiving a call from Shi Yue, and was very excited to see Xinyi, but worried that Shen An'an would worry about Xinyi, so he planned to call her. Shi Yue stopped Ren Ming and said that he had made an agreement with Shen An'an.

After Shen's mother found out that Xinyi was missing, she hurriedly called Shen An'an. Shen An'an contacted the teacher but there was no news, and then contacted Ren Ming, but the phone was hung up by Shiyue. Instantly broke down and cried. At this time, Xinyi's voice sounded from behind, and Shi Yue came slowly with Xinyi, saying that her mobile phone was out of battery, so she didn't have time to tell her. Seeing Shen An'an's nervous Xinyi, Shi Yue persuaded her to give up Xinyi's custody. After all, she is just a housewife now and has no source of income. Faced with Shi Yue's provocation, Shen An was very angry.

Shen Anan came to the car dealership, but was three minutes late because he couldn't get a taxi, Lin Yao was very angry about this. Lin Yao decided to give Shen An'an another chance. He asked Shen An'an to participate in the company's study and training. If he failed the assessment, he would have no chance. Shen An'an was very excited after hearing this, combined with Lin Yao's help to him and his own efforts recently, Shen An'an lived a very fulfilling life.

Ren Fei asked Shen Anan what he thought of the couple, because Ren Ming refused to sign the divorce agreement, so Shen Anan had to give up and devote himself to work. Lin Yao asked friends to go to the bar together, unexpectedly met his ex-girlfriend Shi Yue, Shi Yue introduced Ren Ming and Lin Yao, Lin Yao couldn't bear to leave when he saw the two. When Shi Yue was drunk, Ren Ming took her home to take care of her. On the other side, Shen Anan was studying business, and Xinyi sat at the door thinking about the time with her father.

The next day, Shen Anan dressed formally. Seeing the red leather shoes given to her by Ren Ming, she resolutely wore them for the assessment. After passing the assessment, she immediately threw the red leather shoes into the trash can. She no longer needed shoes that were not suitable for her, just like I have let go of Ren Ming. Ren Fei took Shen An'an to buy new shoes. On the way, she couldn't help sighing. She heard Wen Hao tell herself that her brother Ren Ming had been late for work for several days in a row, and his clothes were sloppy. Yue Qingqing me in the office. Shen An'an also learned from Ren Fei that Ren Ming's promotion was due to Liang Yuan's resignation, and that Liang Yuan also had a bad reputation in the industry because of taking kickbacks this time, and almost no one dared to hire her, which surprised Shen An'an.

Ren Ming's life after leaving Shen An'an became a mess. He asked Shi Yue to help him wash his clothes, but Shi Yue said that he didn't want to become a yellow-faced woman like Shen An'an, and said that he would send the washed clothes to the dry cleaners, anyway. They are now earning enough money to spend. Ren Ren got a headache when he heard this, because Shen Anan helped him wash clothes and cook at home before, so he didn't need to worry about it at all. Because of the event, after thinking about it, Ren Ming still called Shen Anan and asked her to attend the event with him.


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