Liang Yuan confessed that she hated Ren Ming, but she sincerely thought that Shen An'an was a very good person. Ren Ming said that she was under a lot of pressure when she was with Liang Yuan, but she would be very comfortable with Shen An'an. Ren Ming knows that Shen An'an is a family-oriented person, and believes that she will forgive herself, and their family will be able to survive this storm. Liang Yuan finally reminds Ren Ming to stay away from Shiyue.

Shi Yue finds Liang Yuan's previous activities and finds out that Liang Yuan is actually Ren Ming's ex-girlfriend, so Shi Yue runs to Shen An'an's house. Shen An'an was washing dishes in the kitchen, when Shi Yue suddenly appeared at home and asked Ren Ming if he had called her, and started to check Shen Anna's mobile phone, Shi Yue pointed a knife and fork at her neck, forcing Shen An'an Call Ren Ming, pretend that Xinyi was in a car accident, and ask him to come back immediately. Shen An'an snatched the fork from Shi Yue's hand, but accidentally cut her hand. Shen Anan was worried that Shi Yue would affect Xinyi, so she drove Shi Yue out.

After Ren Ming left Liang Yuan's room, he saw many messages sent by Shi Yue to him, and called Shi Yue back. Ren Ming said that nothing happened between himself and Liang Yuan, and made her believe that she was the one he loved the most. Then Ren Ming told Shi Yue to keep a distance from him in the company, otherwise it would affect his promotion, Ren Ming simply agreed to Shi Yue to stay away from Liang Yuan.

In order to keep Liang Yuan away from Ren Ming, Shi Yue sneaked into Liang Yuan's office and modified Liang Yuan's file data.

Ren Ming and Liang Yuan came back from a business trip. During the meeting, Liang Yuan offered to invite everyone to dinner in order to celebrate winning the contract. Ren Ming was drinking and getting drunk because he saw Shen Anan sending a message asking him to take away his luggage. At this moment, Shi Yue called Ren Ming and said that he had a surprise for him. Shi Yue was now saying that he was sitting in his office.

Ren Ming refused to go home to take away his luggage, so Shen An'an took Ren Ming's luggage to his company, and happened to meet Shi Yue in Ren Ming's office having a romantic relationship. Faced with Shi Yue's provocation, Shen An'an pointed to the monitor in the office and angrily said that he wanted the whole company to see their actions. Shi Yue wanted to catch up and stop Shen An'an, but Ren Fei suddenly appeared and stopped Shi Yue, the two wrestled together, and finally Shen An'an pulled them apart.

Ren Ming chased home to ask Shen An'an for forgiveness, and let her give him another chance. Shen Anan locked the door and cried to Ren Ming through the door about the chance he had given him, but he kept making mistakes again and again, and Shen Anan An An was completely disappointed. Ren Ming was walking towards the company in frustration, Shi Yue suddenly hugged Ren Ming from behind, and she would accept him in the future.
Early the next morning, Shen Anan sent Xinyi to school as usual. The school teacher reminded Shen Anan to make snacks, and then she remembered what she had promised. Shen Anan didn't want to disappoint Xinyi again, but there were no ingredients at home, so she hurried out to prepare ingredients. Just as he was about to go out, Lin Yao rushed over and said he wanted to have a talk with Shen An'an. On the way to send Shen An'an to the supermarket, Lin Yao told Shen An'an that he had a brief relationship with Shi Yue, and that Shi Yue had mental problems, which affected his life, so he applied for personal imprisonment against Shi Yue. Lin Yao opened his sleeves, revealing the scars Shi Yue scratched him, and told Shen An'an to be careful about Shi Yue. When Shen An'an was making the cake, Lin Yao stared at her, and finally helped her send it to school. Lin Yao looked at Shen An'an who was playing with his daughter, and laughed belatedly.

In the evening, Chen Shanhai found an email from an account named Good-Wisher on the computer, which was evidence that Zheng Liangyuan took kickbacks. Chen Shanhai knew that this was a frame-up, but remembering Liang Yuan's arrogance and embarrassing himself repeatedly, he decided to teach her a lesson. Then I called the finance department to send the annual report tomorrow. Liang Yuan told Chen Shanhai that she was framed and applied for a personal investigation. Chen Shanhai insisted on going through the company's procedures. Seeing that she was not trusted by her boyfriend, Liang Yuan directly resigned.


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