Shen An'an (played by Yuan Shanshan) handed over the signed divorce agreement to her husband Ren Ming (played by Du Chun), and the two of them will never return to the past. Looking back on past happiness as if it happened yesterday. Ren Ming was promoted today, his wife Shen Anan sent him to the company early, at this time his younger sister Ren Fei (played by Chen Haoming) also sent her husband Wen Hao (played by Zhang Zhao) to work, the brother-in-law complained to his brother why your sister's temper is so different before and after marriage ? Uncle said it was because you had changed.

All the colleagues in the company were looking forward to Chen Shanhai, chairman and general manager of Yunhai Clothing (played by Baylor), announcing Ren Ming's promotion this time, but they didn't expect that another manager, Liang Yuan (played by Zhang Wen), would be on an equal footing with Ren Ming. Greet her politely. Sister-in-law Ren Fei complained to sister-in-law Shen An'an about her mother-in-law's urging to carry on the family line, complained to her mother-in-law, and hurriedly hung up the phone when the boss came to inspect. Liang Yuan made intimate gestures to Chen Shanhai in the elevator and told him that she had never lost.

Liang Yuan hasn't seen Ren Ming for many years. He loves to drink coffee with milk as before. She came here this time to target Ren Ming, to see how long he can be happy. Shen Anan is a housewife and anchor, teaching life skills to the audience every day. Liang Yuan's new official took office three fires, and asked her subordinates to get a 30% salary increase and a bonus as long as they completed the work I explained. This measure instantly excited everyone. The brother-in-law handed the tortoise to his elder brother Ren Ming and said that he would not go home for dinner tonight because of a party. At home, Ren Fei persuaded her sister-in-law, Shen Anan, not to give her brother too much freedom. In case your brother indulges himself in the future and you regret it, Shen Anan and Ren Fei are completely opposite in terms of training her husband. A husband and a godson keep themselves clean outside. Ren Ming's serious attitude towards work has won the favor of a female model, and she took the initiative to strike up a conversation with him in front of everyone; after Ren Ming politely refused, the female model still did not give up, and Liang Yuan came over to take Ren Ming's life.

At the company dinner in the evening, Liang Yuan deliberately got drunk and fell on Ren Ming. Ren Ming learned that she was still using the old number, so he took advantage of the opportunity to call a driver for her. Ren Ming received a call from his younger sister, asking him about Wen Hao's whereabouts, but his brother helped his Huaxin brother-in-law to cover up, and finally Ren Fei decided to find him in person. At this time, Wen Hao was talking big in the bar, showing masculinity in front of everyone, and taught him how to avoid his wife's pursuit, but he didn't know that his wife was behind him, so he was led out of the bar by the ear by his wife. The two quarreled and Ren Fei cried and left.

Sister-in-law Shen Anan comforted sister-in-law Ren Fei at home, saying that what he saw with his own eyes may not be true, besides, he just went to the bar to drink, and the lipstick marks on his face did not mean anything, besides, he was just afraid that you would not agree with him going out to go clubbing. Intentionally concealing from you. The sister-in-law realized that she was too impulsive when she heard the big truths said by her sister-in-law.

Shen An'an blamed her husband Ren Ming for not being able to do this, how can a brother help his brother-in-law to deceive his own sister, you have to apologize to Xiaofei. Ren Ming told his wife that the promotion was unsuccessful, and that the leader had hired a high-ranking official from outside, who probably chose one of us.

Wen Hao was notified by his wife, Ren Fei, that he must go to his brother’s house tonight to resolve what happened in the bar. Ren Ming told Wen Hao that everything should be honest with each other in the future. If you take her to the bar this time and don’t lie to her, nothing may happen. there is none left.

Shi Yue (played by Yang Ruijia) came to Sister An'an's house as soon as she returned to China, just in time to meet Wen Hao who came to his uncle holding flowers to apologize to his wife, Wen Hao saw Shi Yue outside the door and invited her in, the two of them While chatting, she was misunderstood by Ren Fei, even though the two of them didn't believe Ren Fei's explanation, and even threw flowers at Shi Yue, finally, Sister An An came back and recognized Shi Yue when she had grown up.


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