Kicking up a fuss
Kicking up the mud in my face
Pick another fight
This one'd be a great mistake

To be honest, I just can't be indulging
in your need
For rage
So leave me be

Find another
One to bother
Because I would become your worst
Once you've started
All this heartache
Every vein in your body will run scared
Pain will be all you know
Once it's too late

Now I've had enough
Gonna call your bluff and step up
You been in my face
You done in this case messed up

Don't you know I had no desire
To play with your rage
And free
Mine from its cage

Now it's out there
You found out, yeah
That you made the mistake of a
Now you suffer
Like no other
Every breath feels like fire as you pray
Please let it end, but you know...
It's too late

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