Takers never let us take it back
You don’t give a damn
The truth hidden inside anyway
You hide yourself behind the shield from us
Your flimsy justice
Don’t you laugh so hard
as you slowly strangle us to death

Never underestimate us
We will open the way for what we want
Our will and soul
Something irreplaceable
What if we told you we won’t give in
With a simmering flare in our hearts
Nothing lasts so long
Our time is soon to come

Givers never let us give it back
My face stings in pain
And you’re to be blamed
I realize what love is all about
I’ve figured it out
It all starts with myself
No more burden on someone compassionate

We wanna love our future
It’s a story we’ll be writing
Catch a ray of light
Ignite it
Now we will add a new rule
Nobody knows how it goes, nor do we
Fleeting dreams, please don’t fade away from me

Holding on to hope we don’t know
We just can’t seem to let it go
That is how we can find another day
We call it tomorrow

Things come and go
Cherry blossoms, where did they go without telling us?
Hold our lives in a tight embrace
Don’t let go
Don’t let it end, no
Happy ending is what we all want

Never miss out
Come look closely now
It’s our time
We make it move around
Proud of the chaotic patchwork
Proof of our lives
For countless times, we’ve fallen and rose up
Heed the call
Change the shattered reality now


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