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Zhong Xiu couldn’t wait for Lu Pei at the Hongkou Cafe. Just as she was about to leave, Lu Pei came. Zhong Xiu was angry that Hongkou had been occupied by the Japanese, so she would not make an appointment here in the future. Lu Pei told her that she might also be bombarded at home. Xiu refuted that the concession was safe, with British and American garrisoned troops, it was impossible for the Japanese to come in. Lu Pei apologized to Zhong Xiu for the missed appointment last time. At this time, a woman with glasses came in to say hello to Zhong Xiu. After Lu Pei went out, he shot and killed two Japanese soldiers.

The lady said to Zhong Xiu: Ying Si Zhongyi is secretly planning to kidnap Mr. Yu and force him to be the president of the Shanghai Citizens Association. Zhong Xiu will tell Zhong Yu to be careful that Ying Si Zhongyi comes back to trouble her. Zhong Yu has better eyes than himself. Mr. Tang is a good husband. No matter where she is, he will bless her. After Lu Pei returned to the cafe, Zhong Xiu found blood stains on his collar, and suddenly splashed Lu Pei with coffee and scolded him for being obscene. She turned around and ran out of the cafe. Lu Pei stepped forward to apologize and escaped Japan. Soldiers' search.

When Zhong Xiu went home, he went upstairs, and the servants reported to Huang Yingru: Everyone said that the Liu family went to Hong Kong ahead of schedule before the fall of Nanjing City, and his wife and Ji Yu also followed.

Wang Jianlun asked his subordinates to send the order: the action team sneaked into the Japanese area in civilian clothes immediately, and whoever encountered Japanese military uniforms killed, after a blow, no matter whether it was successful or not, they would immediately evacuate and not be allowed to fight. Huang Yingru told Wang Jianlun to leave the Yi family immediately after hearing these words outside the door. Zhong Jie went to the kiln to find his mother and explained that Mr. Wang killed an aggressor. His mother should not blame him. In a whole city, no one can protect themselves during the war. Huang Yingru emphasized that she does not allow anyone to engage in political activities in her home, including Zhong Jie. After she left, Zhong Jie reminded Wang Jianlun that his people should not be seen by his mother anymore, she couldn't stand it.

Huang Yingru returned to the room and immediately burned Zhong Jie’s book. Zhong Jie complained that her mother did not respect her political beliefs. Huang Yingru was angry that the Japanese had occupied Shanghai. Keeping these books would cost Zhong Jie’s life. It was agreed that Zhong Lai and Qing Fen should get married as soon as possible. In the future, Zhong Jie would become a doctor and stop going to the relief society. She didn't understand national affairs, but only knew that she had lost her husband and must never lose her son again. Facing his mother's tears, Zhong Jie lied that he came back this time to discuss the matter of the two families' exchange of gifts. From now on, he would not let his mother worry anymore. Huang Ying laughed through tears.

Zhong Yu came back from get off work wearing a white lab coat with a disgraceful face, which made Wang Bingwen laugh. Land, do something for the people of the country, Zhong Jie and Qing Fen get engaged on Laba Festival, and he will accompany Zhong Yu home.

Tang Fengwu went to the safety area to inspect. Wang Bingwen told him that Zhong Yu had hired a master, and in two days, skilled female workers had built her own factory. Now she has started to do manual work and is angry. Although Zhong Yu has a bad temper, she has a good heart. Tang Fengwu saw that Zhong Jie and Qingfen were giving patriotism lessons to the refugees, and instructed Wang Bingwen to find someone to guard outside, and notify them immediately if any suspicious people came in.

Wang Jianlun promised Huang Yingru to leave tomorrow, but thought that the brothers who stayed behind the enemy to fight against Japan, although they would not leave their traces in history, they are worthy of the people of the country and their own conscience, and all Chinese who sacrificed for the resistance against Japan can be heroes Two words, Huang Yingru said that everyone has their own aspirations. As long as her family and children are safe, it is not a pity to die for this. Now that the Japanese outside are investigating closely, Wang Jianlun does not have to leave, because if he is found, he will implicate the Yi family. . Wang Jianlun told Huang Yingru: Xi Wei'an is coming back, but they will hope that he will die on the battlefield.

Zhong Yu returned home, and A Yuan was about to go out to hide. Zhong Yu said that she had waited for Zhong Jie for so many years and had to give herself an ending. Whether it was happiness or sadness, she had to face it bravely. With Zhong Yu's encouragement, A Yuan stayed.

When Shen Bin hurried to the Yi Mansion, Zhong Xiu lied that the second sister had just returned from France, and Shen Bin explained to Zhong Yu that if it wasn’t for Zhong Jie’s wedding, he would have been on the boat long ago. After Tang Fengwu saw Shen Bin, the conversation between the two was full of gunpowder.

When Huang Yingru went out to buy gifts, the servant led someone to quietly take out the batch of firearms, and was going to send the guns out when the Liu family gave the dowry gift. Zhong Jie asked him to just deliver the box to the Liu family and leave the rest alone.

At the engagement banquet, Ying Si Zhongyi came uninvited, and Huang Yingru brought Zhong Jie to the door to greet them. When the two sides were talking, Ying Si stopped the dowry gift that was about to be shipped out and went forward to check. Fortunately, Ying Si did not find anything unusual. Huang Yingru told the Chinese that the invitation to be hired was the Road of Good Luck, which was filled with close relatives, so it was not convenient to entertain foreign guests. Huang Yingru was angry that if she hadn't helped Zhong Jie adjust the bag, he was already in the gendarmerie, and she angrily entered the room, not allowing Zhong Jie to say more.

At the dinner table, Shen Bin and Lu Pei were arguing over the Shanghai Citizens Association, but Tang Fengwu didn't say a word. Zhong Yu said that they were going to send sick refugee children in the safe zone to Shanghai Children's Hospital for treatment. Zhong Xiu satirized Shen Bin's contention. But Tang Fengwu, let's do something practical. Tang Fengwu suddenly got up to leave, Zhong Yu also wanted to go out, Shen Bin wanted to catch up, Zhong Yu told them to wait until he got back, Ayuan asked Shen Bin to send her to the shooting scene, and the four left .

At the door, Tang Fengwu let Zhong Yu get off the bus. Zhong Yu explained that she had promised Miss He to help her build the refugee zone economy. Tang Fengwu said that even without her in the safe zone, the work could be completed smoothly. Zhong Yu said that he had told himself that he should put down the national disaster. Personal feelings, then they should forget about the relationship between the two from now on.

When Xi Wei'an came back, Zhong Ling was surprised and delighted, and hurriedly sorted out his headdress and went out to greet him. Lu Pei was afraid that Commander Xi would beat him, so he got up and said goodbye.


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