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On the evening of New Year's Eve, Yi Zhongyu left home because of a bickering with his father, and was kidnapped on the street.

Adjutant Lv asked Xi Wei'an for instructions, and Shangfeng ordered a massive purge of the Communist Party in the concession within a month. Do you want to arrange it immediately? Xi Wei'an was dissatisfied with Chiang Kai-shek's efforts to beat his own people, and he told him that he was okay. This time, Zhong Ling came to help her husband for the kidnapping of her sister. Xi Wei An held Zhong Ling's cold hand in pain and learned that the kidnappers asked for $300,000. safe trip home.

Adjutant Lu felt that Zhong Yu didn't give the commander face last time, and suggested that Xi Weian take the opportunity to teach her a lesson. He analyzed that the Yi family did not buy government bonds, and took the lead in opposing special taxes. The Ministry of Commerce and Economics of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce was not satisfied with him, so this kidnapping case would not just be the work of the gang, so he arranged for Lieutenant Lv to prepare with both hands and lead people around the city. Search and search within the Security Department. He reminded Adjutant Lv that the Yi family was known to the public, and the kidnappers could rob people under the eyes of the government, so they should start from the vehicle.

Soon, Adjutant Lu found out that the garrison headquarters had lent a car during the day, and the driver was Director Liao's person, and he was seen haunting near Yi's house. Xi Weian ordered the driver to be tied up, and called Director Liao overnight. Deputy Director Lv shot the driver in the leg. Xi Weian gave Director Liao ten minutes to find out the result. Seeing that he was perfunctory, Xi Weian shot the driver and killed Liao. The director broke out in a cold sweat and immediately changed his mind to find out within ten minutes.

When he went out, Director Liao was angry and knew that Xi Wei'an was not easy to mess with, but the Ministry of Industry and Commerce used himself as a gunman. Now he can only explain that it was done by Qing Gang's men, and the garrison headquarters rescued her. Director Liao confessed to his subordinates and chopped off Zhongyu's hand, which was considered an explanation to his superiors.

Shen Bin tied Zhong Yu to the boat. Zhong Yu told him about her identity and relationship with Xi Weian, and persuaded him to let him go so as not to cause trouble. She could give him all the jewelry and cash on her body, and Shen Bin remained unmoved. At this time, the two brothers outside the cabin came and said that they wanted to tie Yi Xinghua, and Zhong Yu found the door by himself. Now the whole city is searching for people, saying that someone has been arranged on the shore to respond. He took off the necklace on Zhong Yu's neck, and then killed the two brothers. He told Zhong Yu: the plan changed, and someone took them as scapegoats. He took Zhong Yu's ring and let her find a way to go. Otherwise, let them receive the ticket that may be torn, and push Zhong Yu down the river after speaking.

In the Yi Mansion, Zhong Yu didn't come back, and the family was restless. Zhong Ling suggested to wait. Zhong Jie thought that his brother-in-law was a speculator and couldn't be trusted, and Zhong Ling told him that he had never lost his trust in himself.

In the early morning, after the boat docked, Shen Bin lied that the two brothers had stolen the ransom and ran away with them. After Zhong Yu climbed ashore from the river, she was found. She stopped a car in a panic and asked the owner to be robbed. The owner was a young man who was very loyal. He got out of the car and grabbed a stick to deal with the pursuers. Zhong Yu took the opportunity to drive. Get out.

Seeing Zhong Yu come back wet and embarrassed, Zhong Ling took his sister into his arms distressedly, and Xi Weian also came and told the second sister to be clever and escaped by himself. , claiming that Zhong Yu has just returned and lost his way. Zhong Yu cried and threw herself into his father's arms to admit his mistake, promising not to contradict his father and eldest sister in the future. Yi Xinghua and Zhong Ling were relieved that Zhong Yu was sensible after the disaster, and Zhong Ling helped his sister go upstairs to rest. Zhong Yu asked her brother-in-law to find her savior. After the two went upstairs, Yi Xinghua thanked his son-in-law for his great help, and Zhong Xiu also confessed to his mother for what happened last night.

Early in the morning the next day, Fan Yanqiu brought a pair of children to Yi's house to pay New Year's greetings. By the way, he inquired about Zhong Yu's kidnapping. Zhong Ling lied that his sister had just invited a friend to play cards, and she had a misunderstanding because she got lost. Fan Yanqiu said that the two children were here to ask the sisters to go there together. Zhong Ling asked Zhong Xiu to go with them, saying that she and Zhong Yu didn’t like the fun, and Ji De said without hesitation that the eldest sister should go, maybe she would welcome her. Going in the direction of the God of Joy, if you can bump into Luo Zihan, seeing the embarrassment of the elder sister, Zhong Xiu urged Ji Yu and herself to leave quickly.

When the four of them passed the street in a car, Zhong Xiu's neck was injured by firecrackers on the side of the road. Ji De wanted to get out of the car to check on his sister's injury, but the passersby watched and couldn't open the door. Lu Pei saw this scene, and he was anxious. Standing on the top of the car and throwing money to wish everyone a happy New Year, everyone was quickly led away, and Zhong Xiu and their car had to leave smoothly.

After returning home, Ji Yu suggested that Mr. Lu helped them out of the siege, and he should find an opportunity to thank them. Ji De warned his sister not to interact with the Lu family. A concubine, Lu Pei must also be a prodigal lover, and my sister must not provoke her. He took out the news that shocked Shanghai Tang in the newspaper and warned his sister, went up to the Huang family and accused the servant Lu Genrong of seducing his daughter Huang Huiru, causing her to be six months pregnant. When Ji Yu and his brother and Zhong Xiu were discussing the news, Zhong Yu Quietly told Ayuan to do something.

Zhong Xiu talked about the marriage of the eldest sister from the news in the newspaper. Zhong Ling told the younger brother and sister that life is not only about love, but also responsibilities to the country and society.

After a while, Ayuan came back and told Zhong Yu that the Shanghai Trademark Office said that Huang Huiru's name had been registered. Zhong Xiu lamented that Zhong Yu was full of business experience.

During dinner, Ji Yu proposed to spend another night at his uncle's house, and Huang Yingru stayed warm. Zhong Yu went downstairs and specially prepared a side dish of water radish for his father, saying that his father's throat was uncomfortable, and it was the most suitable to eat. Zhong Ling explained that this was a snack bought by the lady of the British mansion, and Zhong Yu made a special call to give her some. Yi Xinghua laughed and said that as long as Zhong Yu didn't cause trouble, he was already very happy. Zhong Yu said that the envoy's wife brought a lot of delicious cakes. She specially kept some for Zhong Xiu and sent someone to her room later. In addition, I heard that Zhong Jie respects Professor Deng of Xiehe very much. He is an old friend of grandpa. Said that he had plans to open in Shanghai next year, and he could help Zhong Jie to meet him at that time. Zhong Jie was very grateful, and Zhong Yu said that the family is not polite. She suggested that she would be bored at home and thought of the department store's help to her father, Yi Xinghua was stunned for a moment, saying that she would consider it.

After dinner, Zhong Ling went to the room to see Zhong Xiu. Zhong Xiu wondered why the second sister suddenly changed her temper, which made her feel very uncomfortable. She was pestering Zhong Ling to change her clothes. When she saw the maid coming to urge her, she persuaded the eldest sister to go back early. Seeing that the eldest sister refused, Zhong Xiu didn't understand that the eldest sister was always hiding from her brother-in-law. Since she hated him, why should she marry him? Zhong Ling told her sister that she and Xi Weian met on a rainy day. He hid in the car, sent an adjutant to invite him to the car, and asked for the address. She ignored it at the time and left after the family car arrived. Zhong Xiu was angry that Xi Wei'an was rude and rude. He was a robber. How could his father agree to the eldest sister marrying him? Zhong Ling sighed that maybe his father had his own difficulties.

In the corridor, Ji Yu saw Xi Wei'an coming towards him, so he quickly hid in the corner and looked in the mirror to dress up. Zhong Yu apologized to her brother-in-law for the New Year's Eve dinner and thanked him for saving his life. Xi Weian laughed and said that even if her sister wanted to pick the moon from the sky, he had to do it. Ji Yu was heartbroken when he heard this.


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