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At the wedding scene of Yi Zhongyu and Tang Fengwu, Ying Si Zhongyi came uninvited. Mrs. Tang was grateful to Su Yin for helping her organize furniture, and praised her as an understanding girl. The next person came to the report office and could not find the third lady. The wedding was missing a bridesmaid. Madam Tang emphasized that things should be done in pairs, so she invited Su Yin to replace her in a hurry.

At the wedding ceremony, Mrs. Tang was dissatisfied with the bride’s appointment of a witness. Huang Yingru explained that Zhong Yu asked President Liu to be the witness because President Liu was the only one who witnessed her father’s death. Pass.

After the newlyweds exchanged rings, Mrs. Fu suddenly broke into the wedding scene and pushed Su Yin to the ground, and sprinkled intimate photos of her and her husband on the ground, accusing Tang Fengwu of taking in abandoned women for her husband when she was young Dirty places, or maybe he and Su Yin had an unspeakable relationship, even when they got married, they did not forget to make her the bridesmaid. Tang Fengwu asked Mr. Fu to take his wife away from the scene. After the two pushed away, Zhong Yu also left in a fit of anger.

Zhong Xiu couldn't help walking out of the room when she heard the news upstairs, but Lu Pei was not allowed to follow. Tang Fengwu caught up with Zhong Yu and complained that Su Yin and Director Fu's affairs were private. Zhong Yu should not have sent the photo to Mrs. Fu to cause such a farce. Zhong Yu stated that she did not do it, but whether Tang Fengwu believed it was not important now . This Zhong Ling came over. Zhong Yu admitted that she had received these photos before, but she threw them away after seeing them. The person who mailed the photos must have also sent them to Mrs. Fu. Mrs. Tang came to accuse Mrs. Fu of being uneducated, Zhong Yu should not listen to her, Zhong Yu asked Mei Xiang to take the letter in the drawer of the dresser to herself, Father Tang asked his son to apologize to Zhong Yu, Tang Fengwu explained that there was only work between her and Su Yin There is no personal friendship whatsoever. Zhong Yu casually picked up a stack of letters in his hand and read it. Su Yin ran in crying and snatched the letter and protected it in front of her chest. Zhong Yu questioned that the letters were placed in the Yi family's guest room, and Tang Fengwu insisted that the two of them had nothing. dating? Su Yin cried and said that she never thought about fighting with Zhong Yu, why did she treat herself like this? Zhong Ling refuted that Zhong Xiu had read these letters long ago, but they did not spread it. Zhong Xiu asked Tang Fengwu, knowing Su Yin's identity, why did she insist on keeping her by her side? Tang Fengwu explained that Miss Su is a secretary stationed by the government. If she is dismissed rashly, she will not be allowed to take up relevant positions as usual, which will affect her future. He believes that Su Yin will know how to deal with this problem rationally. Zhong Yu believes that this is not the real reason. Tang Fengwu Pulling Zhongyu to talk privately, Zhong Yu shook off his hand, angry that he never gave up those principles for himself, even if he occasionally accommodated himself for no reason. Mrs. Tang was dissatisfied with her son's dedication to work. Where did he get his thoughts of love and romance? They were making too much of a fuss? Zhong Ling said that when her father forced Zhong Yu to marry, she was forcing her to make a decision. The Tang family needed a wife who was always obedient, who would take her husband's career as her career, and always put her husband's joys, sorrows and joys first. From then on, their wedding anniversary Her husband will ask his secretary to buy flowers and gifts. If Zhong Yu can accept it, they will go out now, and the wedding is not over yet. Zhong Yu took off the ring and said that he would not marry Tang Fengwu. His father was very right and he was not suitable for him. Tang Fengwu wanted to chase out, but was stopped by his parents.

Mrs. Tang asked her son to immediately cut off contact with Yi Zhongyu. What the Tang family needed was a virtuous and considerate lady, not a willful and domineering woman. If she married Zhongyu's son, she would regret it. Tang Fengwu said that Zhong Yu was his wife no matter whether the wedding took place or not. From the moment he proposed, he had decided to take responsibility for her with his whole life. The mother is angry that the son has never violated her words, and today is so irrational for a woman. Tang Fengwu said that what he has decided will never change, and this is the end of the matter. Seeing that his son had made up his mind, Father Tang advised his wife to go back to the room to rest first.

Su Yin went to the office to apologize to Tang Fengwu, explaining that the interaction with Director Fu was just a show, and she never betrayed herself. Tang Fengwu knew that Su Yin was the one who had been supporting him all the time. Su Yin was surprised that he did not drive her away. Does the representative also want to meet him? she? Tang Fengwu claimed that she had misunderstood. When Su Yin’s brother was serving as the military attache at the embassy, ​​he passed away in an accident. The Su family’s life was unsustainable. Su Yin didn't want to believe it, thinking that Tang Fengwu had returned her letter, and Tang Fengwu had to tell the secret of the year: that year, Su Yin's brother was coerced and sold diplomatic documents to other countries. If the truth is leaked, many people will be involved, so he reported it as a traffic accident. Su Yin could not accept the truth. Tang Fengwu said that he could write a letter and ask Su Yin to ask the original Minister Gao. Su Yin cried and begged Tang Fengwu to let her stay by his side. She was satisfied as long as she watched him quietly. Tang Fengwu said that he had never read the letter Su Yin wrote, and only replied politely after being reminded by Secretary Wang. I wrote a letter. I left her to consider her future. Keeping the secret for the Su family is not willing to involve the secret and bring harm to the innocent. He didn't care how Su Yin got today's position. He stopped Zhong Yu because he didn't want her to waste time with things she didn't want to do. It was irrational and unnecessary. Tang Fengwu asked Su Yin not to disturb his wife in the future. Su Yin Covering his face and crying, he ran out.

The war was fierce. Huang Ying dreamed that Zhong Jie was covered in blood on the battlefield and broke out in a cold sweat. After a while, Yi Jide came to inform Zhong Jie's companion that the Volunteer Army was besieged by the Japanese army in Yilan. Jay is dead! Zhong Xiu was angry that his brother was missing or not dead, and Ji De asked that this matter be kept from publicity and not allowed to have a funeral, otherwise the Japanese would know and they would have to be buried with them. Liu Qingfen said nothing. Zhong Yu accused Yi Jide of being elated when he saw Zhong Jie’s misfortune. Ji De claimed that Zhong Jie was gone, and the whole Yi family had to support themselves. Zhong Yu dismissed it.

When it was delivered to the door, Liu Qingfen asked Zhong Xiu to tell her mother that their family would go to the Northeast every year to collect ginseng and deer antler. He came forward to inquire about Zhong Jie's news, and as long as he was still alive, he would be brought back safely. Qingfen comforts Zhong Xiu: The country is suffering from bad luck, not to mention the individual? I hope she will be strong no matter what happens in the future.

Yi Jide ordered Mei Xiang to collect the antiques in the living room, and said that he would be the master of the house in the future! Wang Zhu waited behind the doorpost and dragged Ji De to tell him that he hadn't had a menstrual period for a long time.

Zhong Yu told Ying Si Zhongyi that she had sent a telegram to her grandfather, but her reply to Sino-Japanese cooperation needs to be carefully considered. In addition, the Zhou family’s ship is now leased to the United Kingdom, and may not be able to provide services to the Japanese side for the time being. Upon seeing this, the employees of Xinghua asked Mrs. Song how to cooperate with the Japanese. Manager Song sighed that if he didn't cooperate, the boss would end up. If he cooperated, he would wear the hat of a traitor. The second lady was also in a dilemma.

Zhong Yu explained to Eagle Division: The short-term rental of major shipping companies is a single settlement with high freight, while the Zhou family's ship is outsourced for a long time, with a lease period of three to ten years. At present, there will be a lease agreement in three months and six months. period, and then can cooperate with them. Eagle Division asked to attend the opening ceremony of Xinghua in three days. Zhong Yu reminded him that the anti-Japanese sentiment in the country was high. For safety reasons, he hoped that he would not attend, but Eagle Division emphasized that their cooperation with Xinghua had nothing to do with politics.

After Zhong Yu sent Ying Si Zhongyi away at the gate of Xinghua, he was attacked by patriotic students. Tang Fengwu rushed to protect Zhong Yu in time. He warned that the students who were making trouble had violated the regulations of the concession management and could be sent to prison for two days. In 2008, the students accused Zhong Yu of being a profiteer. Zhong Yu was angry that he had the ability to rush the Japanese, so he was sent to the patrol room, but Tang Fengwu stopped him and let the students go.

Tang Fengwu chased Xinghua and explained that he was just a student and hoped that Zhong Yu would not be angry. Zhong Yu was angry that she was a victim and had the right to make a decision. Tang Fengwu reminded her that if she handled it improperly, it would anger the anti-Japanese team and make Xinghua besieged. Zhong Yu was angry that they had nothing to do with them. Tang Fengwu was not qualified to point fingers at himself. Tang Fengwu told him that Su Yin had been transferred. I hope Zhong Yu explained to herself for five minutes, Zhong Yu said that it was his own business, and she no longer cared.

Zhong Xiu took the newspaper to Zhong Ling in the kitchen and asked her to take care of Zhong Yu. Zhong Ling said that now Zhong Yu has Japanese support, and even Xi Weian advised her not to go to Xinghua. She was going to the hospital to deliver meals to her eldest uncle. Zhong Xiu The eldest sister was not allowed to go, saying that her father's own death was inextricably linked to Uncle Liu. Zhong Ling explained that it was a trap of the Japanese, and she couldn't do this to her close relatives.

After Wang Zhu reported the situation of the Yi family to Yi Ji De, Ji De was impatient that several women could not make waves, and his father was too worried, there was no need to keep him here to monitor, Wang Zhu urged Ji De to tell his mother about their affairs , the child in her stomach can't wait, and Ji De promises not to treat her badly.

Wang Jianlun sent ginseng to Huang Yingru. Huang Yingru asked the maid to throw things out and ordered him not to step into Yi's house. Wang Zhu saw Huang Yingru coughing up blood, and hurried to send a report to De.

Zhong Ling boiled soup and gave it to the eldest uncle, complaining that half of the uncle's illness was because of Zhong Yu, but she never came to visit once. Going to the door, for fear of being labelled a traitor, Zhong Yu, relying on his relationship with Yingsi, wanted to dominate Xinghua alone, and hoped that the uncle would recover quickly and hold Zhong Yu well, so that Xinghua would not fall into her hands. In the absence of his father, Xinghua had to rely on his uncle to take charge of the overall situation. Yi Shuye couldn't ask for it, so he quickly stated that after he was discharged from the hospital, he would definitely take charge of justice.


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