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Yi Shuye diligently sent Ying Si Zhongyi to the door, promising that he would persuade his second brother to cooperate with them, but Ying Si said that Yi Xinghua was very stubborn, and he was afraid that his wish would fail.

Zhong Yu went to the study to explain to his father that he knew Ying Si because he grew up in Shanghai and arrived in Japan when he was a teenager. He concealed that he knew Japanese because he was afraid of misunderstanding by his father. Zhong Xiu also helped the second sister to intercede, Yi Xing Only then did Hua calm down. Zhong Ling advised the gentleman not to stand under the dangerous wall. Even if his father did not agree, he would not be angry. , will invite him to be a guest at home, Zhong Ling pointed out that they invaded other countries, just to be polite, Yi Xinghua told Zhong Yu, the greatest wealth left to them is this house, must be well guarded.

Adjutant Lu reported to Xi Wei'an: The kitchen drain was blocked, and they found a small poison gas bottle. Do you want to give them some color? Tang Fengwu advised that China and Japan are negotiating, and Commander Xi's every move will become the other side's handle. It is recommended not to act rashly. After Adjutant Lv went down, Xi Weian asked Tang Fengwu when he would marry Zhong Yu. Zhong Ling was already choosing a date, so Zhong Yu would be fine. He went to Nanjing in the past two days and heard good news from him when he came back.

Zhong Yu spent a lot of money to get through the relationship and helped A Yuan win the heroine of a movie. When the film started, she personally went to the scene to cheer up A Yuan, and Shen Bin graciously brought a cake to Zhong Yu, but Zhong Yu refused in public, and after Shen Bin entangled She reluctantly accepted it, but handed it over to Manager Song, telling him to hand over to Ayuan to invite the director to eat. Nie Fu felt jealous when she saw this. Ayuan was overjoyed to see her sister, and quickly pulled her into the set.

Tang Fengwu bought a bunch of lilies to formally apologize to Zhong Yu. Zhong Yu had already forgiven him in his heart, but his expression changed immediately when he saw the card in the flower. The father felt that the current situation was not good, and urged Zhong Yu and Tang Fengwu to get married as soon as possible, but Zhong Yu disagreed, Yi Xinghua persuaded the Tang family to urge countless times, and the date was chosen on the tenth day of April. If Zhong Yu did not agree, he would The newspaper broke away from the father-daughter relationship.

Back in the office, Tang Fengwu reminded Su Yin: This time she was transferred to China, and she was only responsible for meeting minutes and data collation, not her personal secretary. In the future, she didn't need to worry about his private affairs. Su Yin quickly stated that what she did wrong must be corrected. Tang Fengwu affirmed her ability to work, but told him that he would stay in Shanghai after the negotiation and would recommend Su Yin to the mansion in France. Mr. Gu was involved in the official business of the investigation team. After he left for Paris, she and Mr. Gu joined him. Back in France, Tang Fengwu asked her to go to work before Su Yin asked. Wang Bingwen watched Su Yin leave sadly, knowing that there was a problem with the flowers ordered, Tang Fengwu warned him: I don't want to have a next time.

Huang Yingru didn't understand why Yi Xinghua knew that there was something wrong with Zhong Yu and Tang Fengwu's relationship, so why did she force her to get married, Yi Xinghua told her: No matter what happens, the wedding will be held as scheduled. Yi Xinghua had an ominous premonition when he remembered the scene in the morning. Yi Jide showed Xinghua the photo of the Japanese kidnapping the members of the chamber of commerce, and persuaded him to attend the meeting invited by Yingsi. As long as the factory in the northeast was sold, it would be exchanged for real money. Yi Xinghua called A Zhong and asked him to hand over a letter to Tang Fengwu. Don't ask anything now, he will understand later.

Huang Yingru sent a servant to deliver food to Yi Xinghua upstairs. Only then did she know that Yi Xinghua had a toothache and had been visited by a German doctor, but now he was accompanied by Yi Jide and the soldiers. Huang Yingru was shocked. Sure enough, halfway through the journey, Yi Jide handed over his uncle to the Japanese.

Yingsi Zhongyi hoped that Yi Xinghua would serve as the chairman of the Japan-China Peace Chamber of Commerce and cooperate with the Japanese side to develop Manchuria mining. On the route, someone in the chamber of commerce couldn't hold back their anger and slapped the table, and was immediately put on the head by the Japanese soldiers with guns. Yi Xinghua said that there was only one chairman, and since Yingsi invited himself, there should be no idlers and so on. , Yi Shuye was overjoyed, thinking that Yi Xinghua had compromised, so Yingsi had the others lead him down.

Huang Yingru heard from the servant that the second lady came out of the master's room angrily just now, and verified that the master did not go to the German clinic. She panicked for a while, and hurriedly told Zhong Ling.

Yi Xinghua tore up the contract in public, accusing the Japanese of plundering factories in the northeast and turning their guns on the Chinese. Under each of their mines are buried the bones of the Chinese. If their ultimate goal is achieved, the land will be There will be no more Chinese, only the servile and obedient Shunmin. Ying Si does not understand why Yi Xinghua is unwilling to cooperate with them. Yi Xinghua shot and killed the two soldiers present, explaining that he was here for his children. They had too much and would not be a traitor, but they did not have the determination to sacrifice everything, but from today, they would rather lose their lives. He will never bow his head to the Japanese invaders, so he can rest his eyes.

Yi Jide ran home and told Huang Yingru that her uncle, Yi Xinghua, wanted to assassinate Ying Si Zhongyi and died under the gun, and Huang Yingru fainted. Tang Fengwu found Zhong Yu outside and told her about the evil. Zhong Yu went home to see his father. Ji De claimed that the Japanese side would not return the body, saying that his uncle was a stubborn anti-Japanese militant, and his father was also injured.

The grief-stricken Zhong Yu stumbled out the door and fell to the ground. Tang Fengwu persuaded her to calm down. Zhong Yu did not want to believe all this. She cried that she had lost her temper with her father this afternoon, and wanted to break away from the father-daughter relationship with him. , As long as her father can come back, she doesn't want anything, and won't make him angry again. Tang Fengwu held Zhong Yu in his arms distressedly, comforting that it was not her fault and everything would pass.

Fan Yanqiu cried and said that Yi Xinghua is gone now, and the book business is still lying on the hospital bed. It is better for them to pack up and go to the countryside to escape. Her noise made Huang Yingru's pain even worse.

It was raining heavily outside. Downstairs, Zhong Yu fell into Tang Fengwu's arms and cried bitterly. Tang Fengwu sat on a chair and guarded Zhong Yu all night.


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