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Zhong Yu was negotiating with the lawyer, and Shen Bin brought Ayuan over. He lamented that Zhong Yu had found a lawyer so quickly to discuss how to get back the property, but her mother had not formally divorced her father, so she used and managed the property and home she married. The right should belong to Mr. Yi, and Mr. Yi made it clear that he would not divide the property while he was alive. The lawyer said that the real estate is now an inheritance, and Zhong Yu also has the right to ask for the division, but Zhong Yu wanted it all, so she asked the lawyer to go out first.

Shen Bin told Zhong Yu that the cheque that Mr. Yi gave her is not now, and she will not come back in the future. There are so many beautiful villas in Shanghai, and Mr. Yi insisted on living in Yi's Garden. In his opinion, he was waiting for Zhong Yu to return. Family. Zhong Yu was angry at his father's betrayal of his mother. Shen Bin thought that Mr. Yi was a very qualified father. Everyone could see that he was waiting for Zhong Yu to go back and admit his mistake. This was his last bottom line. Mrs. Zhou probably knew everything she had done in Shanghai, and he hoped that Zhong Yu would deal with this matter calmly. After Shen Bin left, he told Ayuan to stay and take good care of the second lady, but he didn't expect Zhong Yu to faint as soon as he left, so Shen Bin hurried back to pick up Zhong Yu and rushed to the hospital.

After returning to Yi's house, Shen Bin reported to Yi Xinghua: The doctor checked that Zhong Yu had a slight concussion and her leg was injured. Now she is forced to stay in the hospital for observation. Yi Xinghua instructed Shen Bin to keep an eye on her, Zhong Yu is too much like him When I was young, I was stubborn and didn't understand the meaning of home and family. He told Shen Bin to rush the shipment from Hong Kong, and it was already half a month too late.

Despite Yi Xinghua's repeated attempts to keep him, Tang Fengwu decided to move out. Xi Wei'an satirized that he wanted to slip away when he messed up the spring water. The clock show came over to explain to Tang Fengwu that she had troubled the second sister on a whim, but she never framed her. It was a misunderstanding, but she didn't regret it, because only the second sister left the house to be harmonious. She was just sorry that this incident made Tang Fengwu embarrassed. She hoped that Tang Fengwu would not leave the Yi family, and the marriage could not be negotiated, and they could still be friends.

Lu Pei sneaked out of the room while his mother was asleep at night. After that, he ran to Zhongxiu's window and flew a kite to show her. Later, he was found by the housekeeper and threw him away.

Yi Zhongyu didn't listen to the doctor's advice and insisted on being discharged from the hospital. She drove to the downstairs of Xinghua by car. She unexpectedly found that a lot of leaflets were scattered on the roof. Soon, the police arrived and arrested the people who distributed the leaflets. Liu Qingfen ran halfway and was rescued by Lu Pei.

Yi Xinghua received a call and learned that the ship in Hong Kong had sunk and all the cargo and crew on it were gone. He immediately arranged for Shen Bin to count the crew members to distribute pensions, and contacted Huanmei Insurance purchased by the Hope to go through the formalities. . At this time, Wang Jianchi led people into Xinghua, saying that anti-government leaflets were distributed on the roof of Xinghua Building. They suspected that Xinghua was harboring fugitives. Shen Bin asked that only the patrol house has the right to arrest people in the concession, and they were only responsible for extradition. Why did Wang Jianchi not act according to the rules? ? Wang Jianchi knew that he was able to cross the line of law because he bribed the patrol house. Yi Xinghua pointed out that Wang Jianchi's father was a well-known scholar and was widely respected by all walks of life. Same thing, Wang Jianchi pointed out that his father must not have thought that his life was lost because of a marriage, and he never thought that the marriage of the Yi family was just a speculative business. Yi Xinghua explained that he was strongly opposed to the old lady's marriage proposal. Why would he give his precious daughter to a man who could not protect his family in troubled times? Wang Jianchi asked Yi Xinghua to hand over the anti-government elements, otherwise he would go with himself. He was ordering Yi Xinghua to be captured, and Xi Wei'an led his troops over. Adjutant Lu knocked Wang Jianchi's so-called witnesses unconscious, and Xi Wei'an pointed out. Wang Jianchi's arrest without evidence is against the rules, and he wants to detain the person who falsely accused. Wang Jianchi had no choice but to give up, and reminded Xi Wei'an when he left. After he left, Xi Wei'an told his father-in-law that he came to see the beauty pageant, but he encountered a smasher.

The next day, as soon as Fan Yanqiu entered the house, he was arguing that Xi Wei'an was going to host the beauty pageant in Shanghai, but he actually wanted to choose the second wife! Ji Yu did not believe that her brother-in-law was such a person, nor did she believe that a serious girl would participate in such a competition. At this time, Yi Xinghua and Xi Weian came in to confirm the matter. Yi Xinghua also said that he would use the sky garden as a venue and provide sponsorship. Zhong Ling was dissatisfied that such a grandstanding competition should be in a ballroom and a hotel, and Xinghua was a department store. She complained that Sylvia should not embarrass her father. Tang Fengwu explained that all the money from the competition was used for disaster relief, and he did not take any money. Because the government had no actual action against the disaster-loving people, Commander Xi could only raise money under the guise of a beauty pageant. Jiyu proudly knew that his brother-in-law was not that kind of person. , Fan Yanqiu sneered and apologized to Xi Wei'an, Xi Wei'an worried about expanding the influence of the beauty pageant, but now none of the famous ladies in Shanghai have signed up, no girl dares to make fun of her personal and family reputation, this clock show is lame Tell everyone that she dares, although her personal strength is weak, but she can call on her classmates and friends to participate in the competition, Yi Xinghua laughed and said that Tang Fengwu really spoke. It turned out that they had guessed that Zhong Yu would attend, so they deliberately came here to discuss. Yi Xinghua said that he had always opposed Zhong Yu's ostentation in the past, but this time he agreed with her to go. Fan Yanqiu, who was on the side, also urged Yi Jiyu to sign up. Huang Yingru suggested The winner of this year's competition is Miss Shanghai, and everyone praised her.

Wang Benchu ​​came to the hospital to see Zhong Yu with a shy face with a bunch of flowers, and said that he wanted to discuss business with her, and Zhong Yu asked him to talk to the boss. Unexpectedly, it was Zhong Yu's uncle Yi Shuye who appeared. Zhong Yu didn't expect that his uncle voted for Changlong. Yi Shuye provoked Zhong Yu to be expelled from Xinghua. He couldn't bear it. Zhong Yu asked to see Changlong. The real boss, Yi Xinghua knew that he couldn't hide from Zhong Yu, and explained that the behind-the-scenes boss has companies in Australia and Shanghai. If Zhong Yu is willing to cooperate, he will give her a 20% stake in Xinghua and Yijia Garden. They are going to open up a new route, and Zhong Yu won't be able to take advantage of it alone in Shanghai. Zhong Yu asked the eldest uncle why. He said that the old lady had no son and brought him into the Yi family. When she had a biological son, no one would remember his surname as Yi.

Shen Bin reported to Yi Xinghua: The sunken ship was salvaged, and it seemed that it was sabotaged. The person who made the declaration revealed to him that tomorrow’s headline would be the news that Xinghua Department Store deliberately defrauded insurance. Yi Xinghua decided that it would be better to block it. The news that Xinghua Company will hold the Miss Shanghai beauty pageant is advertised with large-scale advertisements.

Aunt Gu asked Zhong Jie to send something to Zhong Yu, but Zhong Yu avoided seeing it. Seeing that Zhong Jie had nothing to do, Tang Fengwu taught her to show Zhong Yu the newspaper, and she would come back naturally.

On the other side, Wang Benchu ​​told Zhong Yu about the sinking of the Hope, and they were going to let Huanmei Insurance formally sue Xinghua for defrauding insurance. Zhong Yu reminded him that if all the crew members were killed unfortunately, there was still something to do if their families were activated. Wang Benchu ​​laughed. Zhong Yu was too ruthless, Zhong Yu retorted that they were ruthless, and did not hesitate to create a shipwreck in order to defeat Xinghua. Wang Benchu ​​did not admit it, and Zhong Yu reminded him to watch the crew who caused the sinking accident. Wang Benchu ​​sneered and said that all the crew members were killed in the accident.


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