The monster attacked Miss Yang and Hu Bayi, and was knocked down into the abyss by Hu Bayi. The two were about to go up, but they were hugged by the monster again, and cracks began to appear in the snow hole during the fight. Grab it, shoot the monster on the first day of the new year, the monster fell to the bottom again, Hu Bayi also successfully came up, and the hole collapsed as soon as he came up.

Everyone was guessing whether it was Han Shuna who changed, but the monster's face was white, but Han Shuna was burned to carbon. On the first day of the first day, I remembered that there was a snow monster called Xue Maitreya on the snow-capped mountains. Xue Maitreya, who lived under the ice, would always steal the corpse that had just died. called Snow Maitreya. Fatty Wang was a little scared in his heart, but he was stubborn and deliberately expressed that he was not afraid. These were just legends, but Ah Xiang stared at the back of Fatty Wang, showing fear. Fatty Wang was so frightened that he did not dare to move. A figure appeared in the tent, and climbed up and down the tent. Everyone chased and attacked Xue Maitreya, but he quickly fled.

At this time, Miss Yang suddenly found that she could not find the direction of the nine-story demon tower. After looking at the stars in the sky, Hu Bayi thought of the scriptures. After getting the scriptures from Lei Xianming, he locked the direction with the stars. The next day, a few people rushed over in the locked direction and began to cut through the ice on the ground. Sure enough, a hole was opened. Hu Bayi looked through the hole and guessed that it should be the top layer of the nine-story demon tower.

Fatty Wang looked at the crystal clear ground and wanted to dig out a piece and take it back, but he was opposed by Lei Xianming and Miss Yang. It was recorded in the scriptures that if he had to chisel it, it would trigger a curse. A Xiang also followed at this time, feeling suffocating fear, but she did not say it. Miss Yang also expressed her opinion at this time, thinking that there must be no Lei Xianming's father in the nine-story demon tower. I hope Lei Xianming could go up, but Lei Xianming looked for reasons, thinking that maybe his father would walk the same path as them. On the first day of the new year, I also came down to tell everyone that there may be a blizzard at night. The wolves will also come. Miss Yang arranged for Ah Xiang and Lei Xianming to stay in the underground palace to be safer, while they were preparing for battle outside. Lei Xianming gave Ah Xiang his dagger for self-defense, and Miss Yang took her own The pistol was shown to Ray.

At night, everyone lit torches and surrounded the wolves to shoot at the wolves, but I didn't expect that these wolves turned out to be like sperm. They could always keep the distance at about 35 meters, and suddenly attacked, but then They launched a close attack again, fighting and biting at close range. The guns of these people didn't work much. Gesang was bitten by the wolf and killed his neck. The angry Chu pair slayed the wolves with red eyes, avenging his dead brother. But at this moment, White Wolf's footsteps are approaching.


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