At the most dangerous time, Han Shuna pushed Lei Xianming away to save his life. Seeing the woman he loved died in front of him, Lei Xianming was sad and weeping. Fatty Wang also sighed that life is impermanent, and life and death are only a matter of moments. Miss Yang felt sad, she took out the blanket and put it on Lei Xianming's body. Hu Bayi also asked Lei Xianming to leave. He promised to find Lei Xianming's father's ashes and bring them back, but Lei Xianming refused.

Lei Xianming thought that Han Shuna sacrificed her life to keep him, just to fulfill what he was going to do, and he could not quit no matter what, Hu Bayi and Fatty Wang no longer persuaded them and agreed to continue with Lei Xianming. Lei Xianming privately told Axiang that if he died, he would follow Hu Bayi and the others out of here. Axiang hurriedly shook his head and reassured Lei Xianming that she did not feel any danger from Lei Xianming and was certain that he would not die.

At night, Hu Bayi sat around the fire and fell asleep, dreaming that Han Shuna's corpse had changed in front of him, and he wanted to shoot Han Shuna with a gun, but he couldn't move, so he woke up from the dream. Hu Bayi was a little worried and went to check on Han Shuna's body, but suddenly saw the signal lift off and the wolves came.

The wolves had already surrounded the tent in front of them, and a few wolves rushed over tentatively. Hu Bayi hurriedly shot with the first day of the first day. The wolves quickly fell to the ground, but more and more wolves attacked. The signal bomb in the middle suddenly fell, and the wolves suddenly began to retreat. The wolves that escaped slowly have been killed. In the first day of the first year, it was concluded that these wolves will definitely come again. Initiating an attack, the first day of the school proposed to catch them by surprise.

On the first day of the new year, everyone was asked to smear wolf blood on their foreheads to hide the human breath. Hu Bayi saw Miss Yang motionless, and took the initiative to smear her on her forehead.

Next, everyone concentrated on ambush, waiting for the arrival of the wolves. Suddenly, they saw the bodies of several wolves. Everyone stepped forward to check and found that they were killed by the white-haired wolf king. On the first day of the new year, it was concluded that the wolves would not attack today. , and Miss Yang thinks that this may be the sacrifice of the wolf king. The long poem mentioned that the white wolf king is the demon slave of the demon country, and the nine-story demon tower is nearby. When the wolf king knew that the evil god of the demon country was enshrined in this place At the time of the demon tower, he may be forced to terminate the plan and kill the same kind for sacrifice.

When everyone rushed back, they found that Han Shuna's body was gone. There was a deep pit where Han Shuna's body was originally placed. From above, it seemed that the figure was shaking. A mask, but wearing Han Shuna's clothes. The fright shocked everyone. Hu Bayi and Miss Yang went down the rock together, but the gap below was getting narrower and narrower. Fatty Wang was a little worried and shouted Hu Bayi loudly, but he almost shocked Xue Beng, Hu Bayi He had no choice but to use a flashlight to signal that Fatty Wang was not allowed to shout.

When I got to the bottom, I needed to leap to the opposite side to check, and I vaguely saw the figure. Miss Yang was worried about the accident and urged Hu Bayi to hurry up. But as soon as the two of them went up, the man caught up and made a roar.


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