Shi Miaomiao brought Pan Jun to trade with Ouyang Yanyun. When Ziwu saw Shi Miaomiao, she told her Master's message and pleaded guilty to the water department on behalf of the elders of the four departments. Pan Jun also hoped that Shi Miaomiao would give up hatred and live a normal life, even if they let them People can sacrifice their lives. None of them wanted the Zerg treasure to fall into the hands of Yaxinhui. Pan Jun hoped that Shi Miaomiao would go with them to Mount Bamen to find the truth.

Matsui came with his men, and Kobayashi told Shi Miaomiao that Matsui had come out in full force at this time, and if Shi Miaomiao couldn't get the secret treasure, Matsui would definitely bring people in. Shi Miaomiao asked Xiao Lin to help delay for fifteen minutes, and she planned to use this time to save Pan Jun and others to leave.

Boss Jin heard that Matsui led people to besiege the Zerg, so he specially asked his subordinate Miss Luo to come here. They Yaxin Pharmaceutical wanted to retrieve the experimental subject infected with Yersinia pestis, and Miss Luo ordered the experimental subject Ziwu to be caught alive. The two forces entered the warehouse to search for Pan Jun and others. Fortunately, Ziwu ignited the enchanting herbs in advance, allowing them to take the opportunity to leave the warehouse.

Shi Miaomiao originally wanted Pan Jun and others to leave, but Pan Jun insisted on taking her along. Ouyang Yanyun directly knocked Shi Miaomiao unconscious, and the others took Shi Miaomiao to grab a car and drove directly to Fuzhou Mountain. On the way, Miaomiao woke up and told Pan Jun and others that the Yaxin Society wanted to open the treasure, and wanted to use thousands of poisonous insects in the treasure to make weapons and create more disasters like pneumonic plague. Only then did Pan Jun know that the culprit of the pneumonic plague was Yaxinhui.

Several people abandoned their cars and took a detour into the mountains. In order to protect the successors of the water system, Ziwu handed over the secret treasure of the earth system to Yan Yun for safekeeping, and turned around to draw Songjing and others away. Ziwu showed up, because he was the experimental subject of Yaxin Pharmaceuticals, naturally Ms. Luo would not shoot him, but let Ziwu be taken away, and Matsui had to take him away temporarily.

Ouyang Yanying heard the gunshots and took Xiao'e to find Pan Jun and others in the mountains. Boss Jin came to visit Matsui and told him that he planned to take Ziwu to the R&D center next week as long as he confirmed that Ziwu was in good health. Boss Jin also told Matsui Shangfeng that he planned to give him 30% of the shares, so that Matsui would become the second largest shareholder of Yaxin Pharmaceutical. Boss Jin came to Ziwu and told him that he would take him back to Lingcheng. Ziwu didn't want to be tortured by Toyotomi Jun anymore, but he was helpless when he was arrested.

Knowing Shi Miaomiao's identity as the descendant of the water system, Xiao'e warned her not to make trouble in Fuzhou Mountain now. Shi Miaomiao was originally full of hostility from the gold system, and wanted to force Jin Wuwu to come forward, so she simply started fighting with Xiao'e. After hearing the fighting, Jin Wuxin finally appeared. Back then, the Qing government forced the five Zerg tribes to gather in Bamen Mountain. Shi Shiyu, a gentleman of the water family, told everyone that this trip was extremely dangerous and the Qing court was insidious and cunning. If any accident happened, she would take the lead in stopping it and sacrificing herself. I also hope that all races will protect themselves, and the Zerg race will be safe for a long time. After listening to the past, Shi Miaomiao burst into tears.


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