Shi Miaomiao told Pan Jun that he had issued a military order, and if Yan Yun could not get the secret treasure within three days, he would willingly die. And if Yan Yun and others brought the secret treasure, he would also avenge his mother. Shi Miaomiao worried that Matsui and others would kill Pan Jun secretly, so they simply killed Pan Jun, so that even if Pan Jun was let go, Pan Jun would not dare to leave him too far.

Shi Miaomiao arrests Jinshun and asks about the whereabouts of the Zerg sacred object Heluoshi, and threatens Jinshun with Feng'er and Fusheng from Chunxianglou. Jinshun told Shi Miaomiao that the reason why senior Shi Shiyu died madly and tragically when the gentlemen of the five families were escorted to Bamen Mountain by Mr. He was because at least one of the river stones and Luo stones was fake. In addition to the secret treasures of the five lines, the ancestors of the Zerg race gave the river stone and the Luo stone to the Xue family for safekeeping. The Xue family lost the Luo stone, and Mr. He found Luo stone twenty-four years ago before taking the five lines to Mount Bamen. If you want to enter the forest of Bamen Mountain, you have to go through three barriers to seize the Zerg treasures. The secret treasures of the five races enter the forest, the fog is filled with the barrier bridge, and the river and rocks are carried across the corridor. At that time, Shi Shiyu was afraid that the Zerg treasure would fall into the hands of others, so he followed Mr. He into the tunnel, but after he came out, he went crazy and killed innocent people indiscriminately. In those days, the gentlemen of the four lines also joined forces to kill Shi Shiyu out of desperation. There was a problem with He Luoshi, and the fire element, the highest among the five elements, passed on its anger to Mrs. He's daughter, the mother of Ouyang Yanyun and Ouyang Yanying, who suffered the bone-eating punishment of thousands of insects back then. The real Heluo Stone should be in Lingcheng, and Matsui showed up to let Jinshun get the Heluo Stone within a month. Shi Miaomiao gave Jinshun a golden silkworm and asked him to get the Heluo stone back within a month.

In order to make Shi Miaomiao the real Mrs. Matsui, Matsui arranged for Xiao Lin to drug Shi Miaomiao, but Shi Miaomiao was not on guard against Xiao Lin and drank the wine he brought. Shi Miaomiao said that after her mother died, her aunt took her to live, but later she was hunted down by the so-called four elements of gold, wood, fire and earth. Pan Jun thought this was absolutely impossible. When the medicine took effect, Shi Miaomiao fainted, and Matsui appeared and took him away. Pan Jun realized that there was something wrong with the alcohol, and chased him to the room to stop him, but he was controlled by Matsui. Fortunately, Kobayashi beat Matsui and rescued him at a critical moment.

Pan Jun asked Xiao Lin to take Matsui away, and he used golden needles to detoxify Shi Miaomiao. The next day, Miaomiao woke up and saw Pan Jun who was guarding him, and quietly took out the mother and child worms in his body. After seeing the medicine brought by Xiaolin, Shi Miaomiao inquired and learned that Matsui drugged herself last night in order to force herself.

After Matsui woke up, he took Pan Jun away to teach him a lesson. Shi Miaomiao came to stop him, but Matsui was no longer willing to give in. Shi Miaomiao said that the two of them had been working partners for Shangfeng for so many years, and Mrs. Matsui was just doing it for the convenience of activities. False names, there is no need to entangle each other.

Yanyun and Ziwu secretly brought dizzying herbs from the Cordyceps Hall, and wanted to meet with Shi Miaomiao for negotiation. Knowing that Yanyun and Ziwu are willing to exchange the two series of secret treasures for Pan Jun, Matsui let Shi Miaomiao take Pan Jun away. Shi Miaomiao told Pan Jun that the secret treasure Shangfeng wanted would definitely be obtained, and she would definitely investigate the truth about her mother's tragic death back then. Pan Jun hopes that Shi Miaomiao will leave with him, and he will protect Shi Miaomiao in the future.

Kobayashi reported Shangfeng's letter to Matsui, and Shi Miaomiao accidentally heard that pneumonic plague was a small mistake in the research and development of Yaxin Pharmaceutical Factory, but the effect of Yersinia pestis was satisfactory. Shangfeng asked Matsui to gather all the secret treasures as soon as possible to find the treasure, and to research a strain of bacteria more powerful than Yersinia pestis. Shi Miaomiao didn't know until this time that Yaxin Pharmaceutical was not a pharmaceutical factory for saving lives, but a biochemical base.


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