Pan Jun, Ouyang Yanyun, and Ziwu arrived at the location agreed upon with Fang Rude, but Fang Rude did not arrive. They were chatting and were surrounded by Yin and Yang people, and Shi Miaomiao also appeared at this time , publicly admitted that he is a descendant of the water system. Twenty-four years ago, when the Zerg race killed each other, the Four Great Gentlemen killed Shi Shiyu, and now she, as the only descendant of the Yunzhu water system, is here for revenge.

Ouyang Leihuo and Ouyang Yanying were waiting for Jinshun outside. At this time, there was a change in the warehouse, and the two were also surrounded and assassinated. In the warehouse, Ouyang Yanyun pre-emptively fought with Shi Miaomiao, allowing Pan Jun and Ziwu to take the opportunity to leave. But Pan Jun and Ziwu were hard to get out of the siege. At this time, Fang Rude also brought people to the warehouse. Pan Jun released the cotton wool from the burden to make Fang Rude suffer from an asthma attack. The police had to temporarily stop arresting them.

Shi Miaomiao accidentally saw the letter paper that fell from the package, only to find that Pan Jun and the others had agreed on the share of the treasure, thinking that the other four clans were indeed coveting the treasure, and angrily tore up the letter paper. Pan Jun said that only he can save Fang Rude now, and asked Shi Miaomiao to let Yanyun and Ziwu leave. Under the pressure of the police station, Shi Miaomiao had to let them go first.

After Ouyang Yanyun and Ziwu left the warehouse, they did not find Ouyang Leihuo, so they planned to try to rescue Pan Jun first. On behalf of the Mu family, Pan Jun solemnly apologized to Shi Miaomiao. All four of their families owe Shi Miaomiao an apology for the death of Shi Shiyu. Although she knew that Miaomiao had lived a hard life for more than 20 years, Shi Miaomiao also had difficulties in what happened back then. Shi Miaomiao didn't think so. She only knew that the four families wanted to monopolize the treasure back then, and her mother was killed to stop it.

Fang Rude was rescued by Pan Jun at the last moment, but it also caused most of his body to be immobilized, and he was completely useless. Yanyun and Ziwu planned to take a risk to rescue Pan Jun. Xiaolin found them and said that Shi Miaomiao wanted to make a deal with them to see if they dared to enter the council hall. When Yanyun and Ziwu came to the council, she thought that Shi Miaomiao was also looking for the treasure, but Pan Jun once promised to give her a grand Zerg wedding if he found the treasure, which also made Shi Miaomiao jealous.

At this time, Pan Jun asked to see Shi Miaomiao, so Shi Miaomiao had to go to see Pan Jun first. Pan Jun believes that Shi Miaomiao has been used by others for so many years, and those who told her the cause of Shi Shiyu's death may be the ones who really want to get the treasure. The person who took Shi Miaomiao to Japan back then and gave her the name of the director's wife, on the surface, was helping her to avenge, but in fact, she was secretly plotting. Pan Jun saw Shi Miaomiao take out poisonous insects to save people, and knew that she was not as ruthless as she pretended. Knowing that Yanyun and Ziwu were also in the council hall, Pan Jun asked Shi Miaomiao not to hurt them. Shi Miaomiao thinks that human relationships are as thin as paper, and the Zerg's friendship is not indestructible at all, so she makes a bet with Pan Jun to verify this matter.

Later, Shi Miaomiao came to see Ouyang Yanyun and told them that he had poisoned Pan Jun and asked Yanyun and Ziwu to exchange the secret treasure for Pan Jun's life within three days. Yanyun and Ziwu couldn't find Ouyang Leihuo now, they wanted to rescue Feng Wanchun first, but when they came to the place where Feng Wanchun was being held, they couldn't find Feng Wanchun anymore. Feng Wanchun used the soil method to leave a message to Ziwu. There had never been a traitor in the fifth department, so he should not listen to any rumors to avoid falling into a trap. The gentlemen of the water element, Shi Shiyu, the pioneers, and the soldiers regard death as home. If the water element has a future, they should resolve the conflict. The five clans work together to prevent the treasure from falling into the hands of others.

In order to avoid being chased by Yin and Yang Tao, Ouyang Leihuo took Yanying and Pan Pu to Fuzhou Mountain, but was accidentally rescued by Duan Xiaoe, a descendant of the Jin family, and took him to Jifangwu to escape. Ouyang Leihuo inquired about the whereabouts of Duan Xiaoe's master, Jin Wuwu, but Duan Xiaoe admitted that it was his duty to save them, but he didn't want to be involved any more because of the Zerg disturbance.

Ouyang Yanying asked Ouyang Leihuo why his father insisted on going to Bamen Mountain twelve years ago, which resulted in being expelled from the Zerg race, the water system was destroyed, and the gold system retired. What is the reason for all this? Ouyang Leihuo said that during the Battle of Bamen Mountain, Jin had no intention of being injured by Shi Shiyu, resulting in a disabled leg. Now it is reasonable to not want to face the old man with a disabled body.

Matsui accused Shi Miaomiao of arbitrarily letting Ouyang Yanyun and Ziwu go, but Shi Miaomiao thought that as long as she got the secret treasure, she also believed that the two would come back for Pan Jun.


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