Fang Rude came to Pan Jun to see a doctor, but he didn't want to line up. Pan Jun thought he had to queue up when he came to Cordyceps Hall to see a doctor. But Pan Jun has worked hard to practice medicine for so many years, and he has always adhered to the words left by his father. The practice of medicine in the Cordyceps Hall must distinguish who is superior and who is inferior. Because of this, Fang Rude said that sooner or later, Pan Jun would realize who is superior and who is inferior.

Ouyang Leihuo learned from Jinshun that Feng Wanchun was imprisoned in the Northern Zhou Dynasty. Ouyang Leihuo decided to rescue Feng Wanchun with all his strength, but Jinshun didn't want to interfere with the Zerg affairs. Ouyang Leihuo gave Jinshun some money to stop doing those evil things, Disastrous thing. The situation is critical, and the Zerg matter cannot do without the gold system. Jinshun felt sorry for Fusheng's mother and son because of his family background, and vowed to make money to bring them out of the brothel. Back then when Jinshun was Fusheng's age, his father fell ill and died, and his mother sold himself to a brothel in order to pay off the debt. He didn't want Fusheng to experience what happened when he was a child like himself.

Fang Rude is responsible for the security of the Pre-Qin Cultural Relics Exhibition. Shi Miaomiao met with Fang Rude and gave him a sum of money. Shi Miaomiao knew that Pan Jun and the others would desperately search for the secret treasure, and she wanted to use the water system secret treasure to lure the snake out of the cave. Shi Miaomiao hopes that Fang Rude can use the secret treasure of the water system to lure Pan Jun and others out of the Cordyceps Hall, and take them to the train station warehouse to trade the secret treasure.

Under Pan Jun's persuasion, Yan Yun, Yan Ying, and Zi Wu decided to join the five clans' treasure hunt, and Pan Jun was willing to give all his belongings to support the treasure hunt in order to succeed in the treasure hunt. Ouyang Yanyun asked Pan Jun to promise that after they found the treasure, he would go to Basong to propose marriage in person and hold the biggest wedding of Zerg for her. In desperation, Pan Jun had no choice but to temporarily agree to fulfill the marriage contract. Because the legend says that only by collecting the secret treasures of the five major families can the treasure be found, the fire secret treasure "Moyu" and the earth secret treasure "magic key" in hand, so Pan Jun began to inquire about the whereabouts of the water secret treasure, the water secret treasure Xuanbing Ancient Iron It looks like bronze. Pan Jun decides to split into two groups, Ziwu and Yanying go to the ghost market to inquire, while he and Yanyun go to Wachang Street to find gold and stone players for information.

But a few people searched for the whereabouts of any water system treasures all afternoon. Ouyang Leihuo found out in the newspaper that a pre-Qin cultural exhibition was going to be held in the city, and there were water system treasures among the cultural relics on display. Ziwu was worried that this matter was a trap of the Yin-Yang Dao, but Pan Jun still decided to check the authenticity of the secret treasure first. Although a few of them did not have an invitation letter for the cultural exhibition, Pan Jun succeeded in sneaking into the cultural exhibition through some disguise, but he didn't know that Fang Rude had arranged to let them in on purpose.

Pan Jun was surprised to find his father's book "Cordyceps and Miscellaneous Diseases Post" in the cultural exhibition. This book disappeared with his father back then, but now it appears at the exhibition, which makes Pan Jun worry about his father's whereabouts. Later, the group of them also discovered the secret treasure of the water system, Xuanbing Ancient Iron. After passing Ziwu's verification, Pan Jun learned that it was indeed a secret treasure of the water system. Pan Jun took Ziwu away and was discovered by Fang Rude. Fang Rude deliberately leaked the news to Pan Jun, saying that these things would be shipped back to the British Museum after the exhibition. Fang Rude said that he could keep the things he valued through his relationship, which moved Pan Jun's heart. Knowing that Yaxin would also buy Xuanbing Gutie, Pan Jun finally agreed to exchange the Cordyceps Hall for the secret treasure of the water system.

In order to make the treasure hunt go smoothly, Pan Jun took all his possessions to support everyone in the treasure hunt, which made Ziwu and others admire Pan Jun's courage. But in a blink of an eye, Pan Jun, who is obsessed with money, thinks that he will spend all his belongings, and he will take the majority of the distribution ratio when he finds the treasure. Ouyang Yanyun and Ziwu did not argue about this. Sister Hua is going to stay in the Cordyceps Hall and wait for Pan Jun and others to come back, for which Pan Jun is very reluctant.


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