Seeing Ziwu's abnormality, Pan Jun knew that Ziwu might have a shadow about the blood drawing, and persuaded Ziwu to have the courage to face it if he wanted to overcome the shadow. Under Pan Jun's reassurance, Zi Wu calmed down and accepted the doctor's blood test.

Shi Miaomiao brought candied haws to Pan Jun to reward him for finding Ziwu, bringing hope to the people of Beizhou City. Pan Jun guessed that Ouyang Yanying's poison was poisoned by Shi Miaomiao, but he didn't know why Shi Miaomiao used the ghost beauty to harm people, was it to frame himself and the Pan family? Shi Miaomiao thought that if Pan Jun had understood his previous experience, he would understand what he did.

Ziwu's blood test results proved that he was indeed different from ordinary people. The immune cells in his body could quickly kill Yersinia pestis. Dr. Smith asked his staff to quickly isolate and cultivate the serum to save people. After some treatment, the first batch of patients had high fever and all disappeared, and they will recover soon. Jin Shun from the Jin Department also received a letter from the Water Department and came to Beizhou City, where he met with Ouyang Leihuo. In the battle of Bamen Mountain, the gentleman Shi Shiyu died, and almost all of them disappeared. Now he suddenly appeared in the Northern Zhou Dynasty, so he naturally had a conspiracy. There are still a few months before the Zerg treasure is opened, Ouyang Leihuo is anxious for the descendants of the five clans to discuss matters, and bribes Jin Shun to let him represent the Jin clan to attend.

The five clans gathered together, and Ouyang Leihuo told them that he came to Beizhou City only after receiving the notification from the water system, and Shi Shiyu was dead, and she had a daughter back then, but he has not found her trace for so many years. Ouyang Yanyun guessed that it was Mrs. Matsui Shi Miaomiao who poisoned his younger brother. Pan Jun denied this, thinking that Shi Miaomiao had been doing his best to help them fight the plague. Ziwu and Ouyang Yanying think that Shi Miaomiao belongs to Yaxin, and that is their enemy.

On the other side, Shi Miaomiao also learned that people from the five ethnic groups gathered in the Cordyceps Hall, and Matsui planned to take the opportunity to catch all these people, but Shi Miaomiao avoided starting to startle the snake because he was not sure whether these people were gentlemen of various ethnic groups. Matsui saw that Shi Miaomiao was soft-hearted towards the five races, and couldn't bear to do it, and also questioned Shi Miaomiao's determination to deal with the Zerg race.

Ouyang Leihuo told everyone that the Zerg people were really helpless back then. Seeing that Shi Shiyu went crazy and killed innocent people indiscriminately, he had no choice but to join forces to kill Shi Shiyu. In the end, Ouyang Leihuo announced the marriage between Pan Jun and Ouyang Yanyun, and also produced the marriage contract of the year as proof. Pan Jun violated the marriage contract, which made Ouyang Yanyun very angry, and he did not want to marry Pan Jun when he expressed his anger.

Shi Miaomiao chats with his subordinate Xiao Lin, Xiao Lin sees that Shi Miaomiao has not been easy these years, and also thinks that Shi Miaomiao has changed, but he believes that meeting someone who can make him gentle is the rarest thing in the world, so this A change of identity is not necessarily a bad thing for her. Pan Jun thought there was a conspiracy in the marriage, and also saw that Ziwu liked Ouyang Yanyun, so he found Ziwu and wanted to steal the marriage certificate for inspection.

In the middle of the night, Pan Jun and Ziwu sneaked into Ouyang Leihuo's room to steal the marriage certificate. On the other side, Ouyang Yanyun and his younger brother also came here to get the marriage certificate. Ouyang Leihuo found out. Ouyang Leihuo took out the marriage letter, and both Pan Jun and Ouyang Yanyun recognized that the marriage letter was indeed a letter from their fathers, and the marriage contract was true. After the failure of the treasure hunt that year, the Zerg race was not as good as before. The Bamen Mountain forest was regarded as a forbidden area, but Ouyang Yanlei and Pan Yingxuan ignored the ban and broke in together. Back then, the two were willing to be punished, and thought that the fire and wood eras were good friends, so Ouyang Yanlei betrothed her daughter to Pan Yingxuan's son, Pan Jun. The two were punished with the punishment of eating bones by thousands of insects, and it was Pan Pu's help to resist in the end that allowed them to save their lives. But the death penalty of the two was exempt, and the crime of living was inevitable, and the two were subsequently expelled from the Zerg.

Pan Jun went back to the Cordyceps Hall to find Pan Pu, and thanked him for saving his father's life, but Pan Pu thought it was worth everything he had done for Pan Yingxuan and his son and the Pan family. Pan Jun wants to find the treasure with Ziwu, and also wants to find his father. And Ziwu didn't want Yaxin to find the treasure, so he was naturally willing to find the treasure with Pan Jun. The two found Ouyang Leihuo, hoping that the fire department would work together to find the treasure. Ziwu said that the master had asked him to find Jin Wuwu, a gentleman of the gold department, and let him witness that the two became gentlemen of the two departments. The fire-type gentleman is currently Ouyang Yanyun, and now only the water-type gentleman is missing. Pan Jun decided to go find him.


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