After Pan Jun woke up, he knew that he had been stunned by the medicine master Ziwu, but he also wondered why Shi Miaomiao knew such a strange knowledge of pharmacology. Ouyang Yanyun came to ask Pan Jun to see a doctor for his younger brother, and Shi Miaomiao asked Pan Jun to hand over the matter of finding Ziwu to himself.

Under the guidance of the poisonous insect, Ziwu successfully found the master who was imprisoned by the Yin and Yang Dao. Ziwu told the master that he had hidden the secret treasure in Jifangwu in Fuzhou Mountain as instructed. Jun, let the two go to Fuzhou Mountain to retrieve the secret treasure, and also find Jin Wuwu, a gentleman of the gold family. Let Jin, a gentleman of the Jin family, testify to the two of them, and formally appoint them as the new gentlemen of the Earth and Wood families. Ziwu knelt to say goodbye to Master, and followed Master's instructions to leave here as soon as possible to find Pan Jun.

Pan Jun checked Ouyang Yanying and concluded that he was poisoned. Ouyang Leihuo recognized that Pan Jun was a descendant of the wood family, and believed that Pan Jun poisoned Ouyang Yanying because the poison was the wood family's green silk poison. Although Ouyang Leihuo didn't believe Pan Jun, Pan Jun said that it was his duty to cure diseases and save lives, and he would definitely cure Ouyang Yanying.

As soon as Pan Jun left, the police came to the inn to search for people with fever and pneumonic plague. Ouyang Leihuo responded to the police and asked Ouyang Yanyun to leave as soon as possible with his younger brother. There are more and more people in the isolation area of the hospital. Pan Jun needs to prepare more medicinal materials and more poisonous insects. He knows that the poisonous insects were raised by Shi Miaomiao, and he also knows that when they first met, the other party dropped on him. Golden silkworm poison. Facing questioning, Shi Miaomiao did not deny it.

Shi Miaomiao followed Matsui to leave. Although she thanked Shangfeng for giving her the identity of Mrs. Matsui to help her avenge herself, she and Yaxin were not in the same way and would not treat all life as worthless. Shi Miaomiao finally came to Pan Jun with the poisonous cloud candle. In order to thank Shi Miaomiao for her help, Pan Jun was going to buy candied haws to thank her.

Ouyang Yanyun came to look for Pan Jun and wanted to take him to save his younger brother, but when Shi Miaomiao stopped him, the two women had no choice but to do it. In the end, Pan Jun had no choice but to agree to rescue Ouyang Yanying first, and asked Shi Miaomiao to take the poisonous insect to Dr. Smith to make a prescription.

Pan Jun gave Ouyang Yanying a diagnosis and treatment. Ouyang Leihuo always believed that Pan Jun coveted the fire-type secret treasure, but Pan Jun said that although he wanted to find the secret treasure, it was only because his father said that the treasure would return when it was opened. Ziwu followed Pan Jun and found that he was embarrassed by Ouyang Leihuo, so he took the opportunity to take Pan Jun away. Ouyang Yanyun followed and wanted to take Pan Jun away. Pan Jun heard about Ziwu's master's order, so he only asked Ziwu to find the secret treasure first, and he went to get the medicine to heal Ouyang Yanying first.

Ziwu took Pan Jun to Jifangwu in Fuzhou Mountain to retrieve the earth-type secret treasure. Pan Jun also successfully detoxified Ouyang Yanying and asked Ouyang Yanyun to take good care of his younger brother. Pan Jun took Ziwu to go back to Beizhou City to save people. He happened to meet Pan Pu, the old housekeeper who came to Fuzhou Mountain to pick him up. I was told by the master not to use the Zerg secret technique, and the wound caused by the black hair is similar to the water cloud candle poisonous insect. Ouyang Leihuo knew that he had misunderstood Pan Jun, so he could only remain speechless.

Pan Jun took Ziwu to the isolation area of the hospital and asked Dr. Smith to check Ziwu's body, but when faced with a blood test, Ziwu resisted abnormally.


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