In this fairyland-like place, the treasures of the Zerg clan finally appeared, and countless treasures of gold and silver were in front of him. Wan Hushan was amazed, and he wanted to take the treasures away. Pan Jun tricks the last two Wanjia soldiers to also carry the treasure, but Wan Hushan finds out, Wan Hushan kills his men, and fights with Pan Jun and Shi Miaomiao, but Pan Jun and Shi Miaomiao are not as powerful as Wanhushan , the two were wounded. Wan Hushan wanted to kill Pan Jun. At a critical moment, Shi Miaomiao thought of the chaotic female worms in the Moyu bracelet. It will be restless and attack the host, and the host will weaken and die in a short period of time. In order to save Pan Jun, Shi Miaomiao released the worms in the Moyu bracelet to kill Wanhushan, while she was being attacked by the female worm, seeing Wanhu Shan died instantly, and Pan Jun and Shi Miaomiao embraced each other for the rest of their lives.

Wan Hushan killed countless people for the treasure, and now he is to blame for his fate. Shi Miaomiao believes that the ancestors who were able to build Zerg institutions must have been indifferent to life and death. Only by being indifferent to life and death and seeing through the glitz can one not be confused by worldly greed. Pan Jun and Shi Miaomiao went deep into the treasure chest and saw a Zerg runestone. He put his hand on the runestone. Seeing Pan Yingxuan leading the soldiers of Ouyang's family to fight against the Wan family army, and Yan Yun and Yan Ying, whom he was familiar with, teamed up to kill Wan Chaozong, but unfortunately died. Died one by one. Pan Jun, who was awakened, thought it was an ominous object. Shi Miaomiao told Pan Jun to take good care of herself after going out, but she finally fell down due to the poison of the mother-child insect in the Moyu bracelet. It is said that the ancestor Wuluo mother-in-law died suddenly on a small boat by the Wuluo River. Before she died, she once said that if the dead tree is in spring and the begonia blooms again, she will return from another world. Shi Miaomiao thinks that every day with Pan Jun is the happiest day, and she would not be reluctant to leave without Pan Jun. The banks of the Wuluo River are where the people of the water system came from and where they went. Shi Miaomiao asked Pan Jun to take him home, and then Shi Miaomiao passed away with regret, and Pan Jun, who had lost his lover, couldn't cry.

Pan Jun carried Shi Miaomiao onto the small boat by the Wuluo River, recalled the scenes of acquaintance, acquaintance, and love with Shi Miaomiao in the past, and watched the small boat leave reluctantly. Pan Jun, who walked out of the treasure, dropped the five series of secret treasures on the barrier bridge. He hoped that people from the outside world would never again slaughter their lives for the treasure. Pan Jun, who walked out of Bamen Mountain, saw the figures of Pan Yingxuan, Yanyun, Ziwu, Yanying and Xiao'e, but found that they had all disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Time flies, and in the blink of an eye, Pan Jun has become a gray-haired hospital director. He has been obsessed with watering a dead tree for many years. On this day, a boy came to the Cordyceps Hall, holding Pan Jun's old wooden nameplate, Asked whether as a partner of Treasure Hunting, he could receive free medical treatment for generations, and Pan Jun admitted that this was true. Then the boy handed over a wooden box to him. Pan Jun saw the ink jade bracelet in the wooden box and realized that he had finally waited until the dead tree came back in spring and the old man returned from another world.


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