Pan Jun, Ouyang Yanyun, and Zhang Keyuan searched the source of the pneumonic plague all night. Pan Jun accidentally turned to the "History of Hundred Years of Insects". Patients buy time. The poisonous insects recorded in the book are native to Yunnan and feed on ghosts and beauties.

Pan Jun knew that Yaxin Pharmaceuticals could find such poisonous insects. Staff member Zhang found Shi Miaomiao and hoped that she could help save tens of thousands of people in Beizhou. However, Pan Jun had already found a cure for the plague, but he needed poisonous insects for medicine. I can go to see Pan Jun and help him. Shi Miaomiao finally came to the Cordyceps Hall, and she also knew that it was Pan Jun's deliberate design to let her come here. Shi Miaomiao learned from Pan Jun's mouth that he wanted to use poisonous insects as medicine to prevent and control the plague, and also knew his ambition of benevolence as a doctor, saving lives and healing the wounded. Find poisonous bugs.

When I was young, my aunt put the bracelet on Shi Miaomiao's hand, and told Shi Miaomiao that her mother's name was Shi Shiyu, a gentleman from the previous generation of the water system, who was brutally killed by gentlemen from other four lineages of the Zerg in the Bamen Mountain Forest. Since then, Shi Miaomiao has always regarded the four races of the Zerg race as enemies, but for so many years, she may subconsciously prefer to believe that there is something hidden about the tragic death of her mother back then.

Ouyang Yanyun didn't believe that Shi Miaomiao would be willing to help them find poisonous insects, because there was a killer organization under Yaxin, the Yin Yang Dao, and the source of infection this time might be the Yin Yang Dao. If this plague came prepared, then Yin Yang Dao is very suspicious. In order to save innocent people, Shi Miaomiao finally made up his mind to send the poisonous insects to the Cordyceps Hall. Both Pan Jun and Ouyang Yanyun hugged Shi Miaomiao to thank her, which made Shi Miaomiao surprised by the other party's behavior. Pan Jun finished dispensing the medicine with the poisonous insect, and several people came to the quarantine area. Pan Jun used the prescription to temporarily save the dying Chunxiang, and learned from Chunxiang that she rescued Ouyang Yanying and Xiaojiu that night, while the other two died The people were transported away by the coachman and exposed to the wilderness.

The next day, Pan Jun and others approached Fang Rude, saying that as long as they found the corpse and prevented the corpse from contaminating the water source, they could prevent the spread of the plague. With the help of the police, they came to the coachman's house to inquire. The coachman had died of pneumonic plague. They learned some information from the coachman's family. From the information, they deduced the location where the coachman dumped the body. Pan Jun led people to find the body quickly. , ordered people to burn the corpse as soon as possible to destroy the source of pneumonic plague infection. Ouyang Yanyun concluded that the corpse was a person of the yin and yang way, knowing that they were thinking about the treasure of the Zerg race, and the plague might have been deliberately caused by them. Soon Pan Jun and others discovered that one of the corpses was missing. Based on the traces at the scene, it was speculated that the missing person should still be alive. Pan Jun guessed that this person was Ziwu.

Pan Jun came to the police station to draw the portrait of Zi Wu and asked the police to help find him. Ouyang Yanying, who was resting in the inn, was besieged by insects. Ouyang Leihuo concluded that they were being plotted against, and Ouyang Yanyun hurried to find Pan Jun to rescue his younger brother. Zi Wu was recognized on the street, he didn't want to be arrested by the police, he just wanted to save Master, so he ran away desperately, Pan Jun found out his whereabouts, tried to persuade him but was knocked into a coma instead.


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