Ouyang Yanlei left a letter to Yan Yun, and he left without saying goodbye again, and told his children not to look forward to his return. Life is unpredictable, and he cannot accept his wife's death. He doesn't want to have anything to do with the treasure, the Zerg, and all the love and hatred in the past. He hoped that Yanyun and Yanying could let go of the struggle and entanglement between fame, fortune and ideals, and find someone who truly loves each other to spend the rest of their lives together. He will pray for the children in a corner of the world, hoping that they will be safe in this life.

Wan Chaozong sent a letter to invite Pan Yingxuan to go to Bamen Mountain on the day of the Waking of Insects, and then explore the dangers of the sky, and he will surely find the treasure. Faced with the opponent's declaration of war, Pan Jun decided to go to the appointment to meet the battle. He arranged Yanyun and Xiao'e to prepare the clan soldiers, and asked Pan Yingxuan to lead them to contain the Wanjia army in the city, while Pan Jun and Shi Miaomiao entered the city together with the secret treasures of various departments. Treasure hunting in Bamen Mountain.

Yan Yun is ready to meet his younger brother Yan Ying in battle, and the soldiers of the Fire tribe are also ready. Some villagers in Basong volunteered to help them fight against the Wanjia army. Pan Yingxuan worried that Pan Jun would lose his mind because of hatred, but because of the treasure, Ziwu died tragically, Yan Ying changed, and Jin Sumei also left. Pan Jun believed that the original intention of the Zerg was hatred, and he insisted on fighting Wan Chaozong to avenge Ziwu in this battle.

Yan Ying returned to Ouyang's mansion, and saw that the mansion was in a mess and the flag of Ouyang family fell to the ground, he did not regret it. He set the flag on fire, remembering that his grandfather secretly ordered him to shoot himself at the wedding banquet before the wedding banquet, and asked Ouyang Xi to announce his death to the world, and asked Yanying to lead the soldiers of the fire department The Tiger Talisman pretended to be cast under the Wanchao sect. The Wanchaozong is very scheming and the city is extremely deep. Only when Yan Ying is reused by the Wanchaozong can he find a way to completely defeat the Wanchaozong.

Wan Chaozong has coveted the treasure for a long time, and he will do whatever it takes to get it. Pan Yingxuan is worried about Pan Jun's safety, and Shi Miaomiao promises to protect Pan Jun. Cheng meets her and Pan Jun. Ouyang Xi told Yan Yun that if he encountered Yan Ying on the battlefield, he must show mercy. Ouyang Xi said that Yan Ying was not a traitor, and informed Yan Yun of Ouyang Leiyun's previous plan. But what Ouyang Xi didn't expect was that Ouyang Leiyun didn't want to wear the dragon scale soft gold armor from the very beginning, he wanted to use his life to atone for his sins.

Yan Yun told Xiao'e about this, and Xiao'e never thought that Yan Ying was pretending to seek refuge. For the sake of the overall situation, Yan Ying was misunderstood as a traitor who killed his own grandfather, and Yan Yun didn't know what his brother was feeling at that time . But she also believes that Yanying will definitely subdue Wan Chaozong, and when the enemy is destroyed, it will be the time when relatives return.

After going through so many hardships along the way, now that Pan Jun and Shi Miaomiao are in love with each other, Yan Yun also understands their relationship. She gave Pan Jun and Shi Miaomiao a handkerchief as a token of love from the fire department, hoping that the lovebirds on the handkerchief can give Bless them, bless them to be together forever, and hope that they can return safely tomorrow.

Wan Chaozong said that tomorrow he would involve all the troops of Ouyang's family and let Wanhushan go into the mountain to find treasures. He told Wanhushan that a herdsman was needed to lead the way in and out of the treasure, so Pan Jun could not be injured. And if there are gold and silver treasures in the treasure, ask him to mark the location, and arrange for someone to go in and carry them after reporting. Wan Chaozong believes that the value of Zerg treasures is not the gold and silver itself, but that it can command the world. He has been planning this matter for more than 20 years, and he must be careful this time.

Pan Yingxuan believes that he has no regrets as a doctor and a gentleman of the wood family, but he has always had a shame about his son, he is not a good father. Pan Jun has been determined to find his father for so many years, but he has walked all the way, walked the path his father walked, and he began to understand his father, so he will not blame his father for his absence for many years. Pan Yingxuan laments that his son has grown up, and now he has righteousness in his heart. He tells his son that he will wait for him to go home in Basong City tomorrow.

In the early morning of the next day, Pan Jun and Shi Miaomiao bid farewell to the crowd and walked into Bamen Mountain. Wanhu Mountain followed with Wan Jiajun. Under the guidance of the five series of secret treasures, Pan Jun slowly went deep into the forest of Bamen Mountain and came to Zhanmu Bridge. , Wanhushan let Pan Jun, who is a human grass master, go first, and he leads people to follow. After passing through the barrier bridge, Wanhushan continued to force Pan Jun to take Shi Miaomiao into the cave, but as they went deeper into the cave, more and more poisonous insects attacked, and many Wanjia soldiers died here. Pan Jun continued on with the few remaining people, and finally came to a place full of spring.


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