Wan Hushan brought Wan Jiacheng, who had betrayed him, in front of Wan Chaozong. Wan Jiacheng knelt in front of Wan Chaozong, and confessed that he was grateful for the kindness of the old man's upbringing, and devoted himself to the Wanjia Army for decades. The grace and virtue have been repaid. I just hope that I can be completely removed from the Wan Family Army. He was originally an orphan, and he was used by the Wan Family all his life. Immediately stabbed Wan Jiacheng to death.

Pan Yingxuan told Pan Jun that he left for 12 years because of the trial of the herbal master, but he never thought that the medicine he developed was for his son. Pan Jun was not afraid of the trial and drank the auxiliary medicine brewed by his father without hesitation. . Pan Yingxuan officially handed over the wood-type secret treasure, the Spirit Pivot Needle, to Pan Jun, the successor of the wood-type.

Yan Ying told Wan Chaozong that the place where the grass master was tested was Zixu Huai'an Cave, and that the tester would never return or become a madman. Wan Chaozong said that once the treasure is opened, the entire Basong will be under the management of Yanying, and he also hopes that Yanying will become a nail buried in the southwest by the Wanjia Army. Yan Ying said that the refugees were not suitable for the trial, they just let these people die in vain, but Wan Chaozong said fiercely that if 10,000 people failed the trial, he would find 100,000 or even a million people to try. Continue the game.

Pan Yingxuan visited Wan Chaozong in person, and said that Pan Jun, a gentleman of the wooden family, would go to test the human grass master, and hoped that the Wanjia army's trial of the human grass master with refugees would be suspended. Pan Yingxuan said that as long as the trial of the grass master is successful, the Mu family is willing to lead the Wanjia army to enter Bamen Mountain to explore treasures. Wan Chaozong is very satisfied with the conditions proposed by Pan Yingxuan.

Because the black jade bracelet can prevent some poisonous insects in Zixu Huai'an Cave, Shi Miaomiao specially gave the black jade bracelet to Pan Jun to help him test the human grass master. Although Pan Jun was also afraid in his heart, he still comforted Shi Miaomiao that this was just an ordinary day in the rest of his life, and he would return safely to give Shi Miaomiao a home.

The next day, Shi Miaomiao sent Pan Jun outside the Huai'an Cave in Zixu. Pan Jun told Shi Miaomiao that if he failed to get out of the cave for a day, he would leave immediately, and if he went crazy after coming out, he would let Shi Miaomiao shoot himself. After the two embraced and bid farewell, Pan Jun resolutely walked into the trial cave.

On the other hand, Wan Chaozong arranged for Wan Hushan to take over Mu Dong, he wanted to be a grass teacher alive, and he would kill anyone who obstructed him. Pan Jun entered Zixuhuai'an Cave, and the deeper he went into the cave, more and more poisonous insects attacked. Under the attack of poisonous insects, Pan Jun accidentally dropped the black jade bracelet, but he tried his best but couldn't resist the magnetic field and poisonous insects He picked up the Moyu bracelet again due to the interference of the police, and he fell into a coma after being tortured. While sleeping, Pan Jun met his good brother Ziwu. Ziwu teased Pan Jun, who loves to swear, for failing to fulfill a vow, but today he must fulfill his vow once and get out alive. Encouraged by his good brother, Pan Jun regained his fighting spirit, took back the ink jade bracelet after waking up, and tried his best to fight against the infestation of poisonous insects.

Waiting outside the cave, Shi Miaomiao finally saw the scarred Pan Jun walking out of the cave step by step, and saw Pan Jun holding up the black jade bracelet and smiling at herself. Shi Miaomiao knew that he had finally passed the trial and became a grass master. Embrace, enjoy the joy of the rest of your life at this moment.

Shi Miaomiao brought Pan Jun, Xiao'e and others to meet up, but then they were surrounded by Yanying and the Wanjia army. Seeing the tens of thousands of troops pressing on at every step, Yanying couldn't bear the death of Xiao'e and others. He shot and killed several Wanjia soldiers, and covered Pan Jun and others to leave. Mu Dong led people to chase him, lost his way in the forest, but was surrounded and killed by Ouyang Xi. After a day of anxiously waiting, Pan Yingxuan finally waited for Pan Jun to come. Seeing her son come back alive, Pan Yingxuan and Pan Jun showed smiles after the catastrophe.

When Wan Chaozong learned that Pan Jun had become a real cursive master, he planned to write a letter to Pan Yingxuan. Knowing that Yanying deliberately let Pan Jun go, she concluded that Yanying couldn't let go of her children's affair, and dared not shoot her lover, so it would not be a big deal. But Yanying didn't want to do big things at first, and knew that the only person who could end his life was Wan Chaozong. Wan Chaozong believes that no matter whether it is Yanying, Pan Jun, or Shi Miaomiao, if the love continues, how can there be a gentleman in charge of the Zerg tribe in the Huo family, and how can he talk about dominating the Southwest.

Yan Ying came to convey the oral message of Wanchao Zong. Since Pan Jun succeeded in training the grass master, he hoped that Pan Yingxuan would abide by the agreement and go to the gate mountain together on the day when the treasure was opened. Later, Yan Ying conveyed Wan Chaozong's letter, and said that after her mother passed away, no one related to the past had anything to do with her. Seeing such a cold-hearted Yanying, Pan Yingxuan was very disappointed, so she had to hand over the things left by Ouyang Yanlei to Yanying.


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