Yan Yun swore to his grandfather that he would kill Wanhu Mountain with his own hands. Ouyang Leiyun explained to Yan Ying that the grandfather and grandson had many misunderstandings before. After tomorrow, he hoped that Yan Ying could go to Langshui to sit in the town, and he would give half of his troops to Yan Ying. In the future, Yanying can assist Yanyun in managing the fire department. Yanying plans to go to Wan Chaozong tomorrow to avenge her mother.

Wan Jiacheng came to Ouyang Mansion to discuss the matter of getting married, and Pan Jun received Wan Jiacheng as the master of ceremonies, and the two shared each other's arrangements with each other in a few words, hoping that tomorrow's plan can go smoothly.

Pan Jun arranges Xiao'e to protect Yanyun as a bridesmaid, while Yanying, as Ouyang's family, is responsible for getting the company commander and platoon leader drunk, Shi Miaomiao is in charge of the front door, and Luo Xiu is in charge of the back door. Pan Jun said that tomorrow's battle will be a crucial battle for their Zerg descendants.

The next day, Wan Hushan brought Wan Jiacheng to the Ouyang Mansion to welcome the relatives, and Wan Hushan secretly arranged a float to the back door of the Ouyang Mansion without telling Wan Jiacheng, preparing to receive the elders of the Ouyang Mansion, but he also wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. Luo Xiu, who was guarding the back door, checked the float and found nothing unusual.

Pan Jun presided over the wedding ceremony as the master of ceremonies, and Yan Yun appeared at the wedding scene accompanied by Xiao'e. Wan Hushan asked to see Ouyang Yanlei and Jin Sumei, but Ouyang Leiyun refused because they were unwell, which made Wan Hushan very angry. Sitting down to drink, Ouyang Leiyun took the opportunity to hold Wanhushan with a dagger, so that Wanhushan did not dare to act rashly. And Wan Jiacheng also held a gun against Wanhushan in private, threatening him to leave Ouyang Mansion as soon as possible.

At this time, Yan Ying directly stated on the scene that the death of his mother had something to do with everyone, and the person he hated the most was Ouyang Leiyun. Yan Ying directly shot and killed Ouyang Leiyun, and Wan Hushan took the opportunity to get rid of Wan Jiacheng. Clamp. Outside Ouyang Mansion, Luo Xiu led people to fight against the Wanjia Army that surrounded Ouyang Mansion, but was shot and died in the end. Seeing that the situation was out of control, Pan Jun took away Yan Yun who was immersed in the pain of losing his grandfather, and they fled to Bamen Mountain by car. Seeing the pursuers hot on their heels, Pan Jun and others abandoned their car and fled. Fortunately, Pan Yingxuan led someone to cover them and successfully rescued them. However, Wan Jiajun also left a message for five days before talking to Pan Yingxuan about the five-element secret treasure and human grass master.

After the Wanjia army withdrew, Pan Jun found out that Ziwu had been shot several times in order to protect himself. Ziwu handed over the earth-type secret treasure to Pan Jun, and asked Pan Jun to become the human grass master instead of him. Ziwu told Yanyun that he really liked her and wanted to be with Yanyun very much, but now he was sorry, and then Ziwu passed away with regret.

The Wan Family Army issued an order in the city that within ten days, Basong would implement a closed city curfew, and the people would not be allowed to enter or leave the city gate. Because of betrayal of Ouyang's family, Yan Ying was appointed as the major battalion commander of the Basong Garrison Battalion, assisting Wan Hushan, the new deputy commander of the Southwest Garrison Division, to lead the Basong military affairs and appease the people.

Pan Jun blamed himself very much for Ziwu's death. Shi Miaomiao knew Pan Jun well and knew that he would definitely go to try the human grass master. Shi Miaomiao asked Pan Yingxuan how likely Pan Jun was to succeed in the human grass master test. Twenty-four years, but I'm not sure enough, even with the help of the black jade bracelet, it only increases the chance of success by one out of ten.

Pan Jun was afraid that everyone around him would leave one by one because of the Zerg Treasure. Shi Miaomiao comforted Pan Jun. Hope is the most important belief in their hearts. normal. Shi Miaomiao promised to protect herself and never leave Pan Jun.


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