Wan Jiacheng came in from the side door of Ouyang Mansion, and came to meet his benefactor Pan Yingxuan. Wan Jiacheng directly expressed his worries. He came to Ouyang Mansion to propose marriage during the day, but after thinking about it after returning home, he was still worried that Ouyang Mansion would set up a Hongmen Banquet to assassinate Wan Hushan. him.

The old handsome is a person who never apologizes to others, but today he apologizes for keeping Wan Jiacheng a secret; he is also a person who never discloses his itinerary, but today he told Wan Jiacheng that he is going to the Northern Zhou Dynasty. Wan Jiacheng speculated that the old man would not go to the Northern Zhou Dynasty, and he might have already killed himself. But Wan Jiacheng supports Pan Jun and others to continue to hold a Hongmen banquet, but the plan has to be changed.

Pan Yingxuan saw his son Pan Jun's affection for Shi Miaomiao, and said that he would talk to Ouyang Yanlei about canceling Pan Jun's engagement. Pan Yingxuan learned about her many years of experience from Shi Miaomiao, and told her that the person who burned down her house was a member of the Yin and Yang Dao, and the person who gave the order was Shangfeng Wan Chaozong of the Yaxin Society. Twenty-four years ago, when the Qing government escorted the Zerg people to Mount Bamen, Wan Chaozong was by his side. This man was full of tricks and used Shi Miaomiao and Jin Sumei as pawns all the time. The stage goal of Wanchaozong is treasure, and the real goal is to win the world.

Wan Chaozong came to the Bamenshan camp to see Yanying, and said that the day after tomorrow would be the wedding of Yanyun and Wanhushan, and also the funeral of Jin Sumei and Yanying. Jin Sumei is now a useless person and a burden to Yaxinhui. Wan Chaozong provoked Yanying's desire for power with a few words, bluntly saying that what Pan Jun and others have been doing to exclude Yanying, saving Jin Sumei is false, and the ambition to treasure the treasure is true. Wan Chaozong asked Yanying to figure it out and come to the battalion commander at night The government is looking for itself.

Pan Jun and others brought Pan Yingxuan to treat Jin Sumei. Jin Sumei thanked Pan's father and son for their diagnosis and treatment, and also told her son Yanying to respect Pan Jun like his elder brother in the future. Jin Sumei said that she has never regretted anything in her life, and she doesn't want to leave any regrets, but regrets that she can't help her daughter Yanyun who is about to get married to dress up. Jin Sumei hopes that Pan Jun and others can take care of Yanyun and Yanying after she leaves, and also hopes that they can forget their grievances and treasures and leave Basong as soon as possible.

The human herb master's antibody can save Jin Sumei, Pan Yingxuan intends to let Pan Jun try the human herb master, but Ouyang Yanlei disagrees, and he plans to go in person. At this time, Pan Jun brought Shi Miaomiao and Yanying to come. Pan Jun said that Ziwu was unable to test the human grass master because of his physical injury. At this time, the most suitable candidate for the human grass master was Pan Jun himself. Yan Ying said that for more than 20 years, he grew up alone without his parents to take care of him. He has no grievances or treasures in his heart, and only wants to reunite his family. Even if he sacrifices his life to save his mother, he thinks it is worth it. Pan Yingxuan persuades Yanying to focus on the battle with the Wanjiajun, and he will continue to recuperate Ziwu's body. But Yanying saw that everyone only cared about Wanjiajun and treasures, and no one could guarantee that Jin Sumei would be saved, which made him very disappointed.

The people in Wanhushan Nabasong tried human grass masters, and ordered people to shoot and kill people who saw madness walking out of the trial place, which made Wan Jiacheng extremely unbearable. Jin Sumei heard Yanying's daily practice of gunfire, and knew that her son was easily impulsive, so she asked Pan Jun to help watch her son. Shi Miaomiao came to deliver meals to Jin Sumei, and Jin Sumei talked to Shi Miaomiao alone. She knew that it was impossible for Pan Jun and her daughter Yanyun to get together. Shi Miaomiao is very much like himself twenty-four years ago, with only revenge in his heart. But now that she is reunited with her husband and children, she realizes that revenge is not important at all, and the time spent with her family is the most cherished.

Pan Jun told Yanying that all of them were inseparable from Ziwu's injury, but the instigator of all this was Wan Chaozong. Pan Jun made Yanying think clearly that it was Wan Chaozong's gun in his hand that injured Ziwu, and he also said that he would go to test the grass master, not only for Jin Sumei, but also to give Yanying an explanation.

Jin Sumei's medicine was surreptitiously replaced with poison. Fortunately, Ouyang Yanlei found out, and Pan Yingxuan checked and found that it was a kind of potent poison that had been blended, and she would undoubtedly die within six hours after taking it. Jin Sumei knew that Wanchaozong sent people to kill her, Wanchaozong was too ruthless, and these children were not opponents at all. Now Yanying is terrified every day, she is afraid that her son will make people and take advantage of her. Now that she thinks time is running out, she only hopes that the children can unite and speak out as one.

Ouyang Yanlei took a portrait of his wife in the forest, and Jin Sumei passed away peacefully on the way. Yan Yun hurried over after learning of her mother's death, Ouyang Yanlei confessed his wife's last words, and Jin Sumei hoped that the children would unite and unite with the fire department to defeat the Wanjia army. Ouyang Yanlei told the children that they must leave Basong immediately regardless of the outcome of the battle tomorrow. If the Zerg can escape this catastrophe, Pan Jun and others will go to Northern Zhou or go to London with Pan Yingxuan. And he planned to accompany Jin Sumei here, Yanyun and Yanying all expressed that they would bring Ouyang Yanlei back to Basong.

In the end, Pan Jun brought Yan Yun and others back to Basong, Wan Jiacheng packed his luggage and prepared to leave, Wan Hushan said that he wanted Wan Jiacheng to be the best man for tomorrow's wedding, and also said that this was the old man's suggestion, Wan Jiacheng had to agree .


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