The old man called Wan Jiacheng and asked him to convey to Wan Hushan that he was unable to attend the wedding due to something in Kuncheng. Ouyang Leiyun hosted a banquet for Pan Jun and asked him what he had in mind. Pan Jun said that he could take down Wanhushan on the day of the wedding, and at the same time let Jin Sumei's people cooperate to take down the battalion commander's mansion. Pan Jun also put forward his own conditions. First, he hoped that Ouyang Leiyun would not trouble Jin Sumei again from now on;

Wan Jiacheng prepared a dowry gift for Wan Hushan to marry Ouyang Yanyun, but Wan Hushan was not satisfied with the prepared gift. The men came down to report that Gao Huaiyuan was coming to Basong, and Wan Hushan planned to kill Gao Huaiyuan. Wan Jiacheng had a different expression when he heard the news.

Pan Jun waited for Wan Jiacheng on the street and wanted to unite him to deal with Wanhushan. When Wan Jiacheng saw him, he said that he could not help Pan Jun anymore and asked them to leave Basong as soon as possible. Pan Jun learned from Ouyang Yanlei that his father Pan Yingxuan was about to come to Basong, but at the same time he also learned that his father was being targeted by the Wan Jiajun, so he planned to make preparations to save his father.

Yanying takes care of her mother, Jin Sumei. Jin Sumei said that these days are her happiest days. She can see her husband and son by her side every day, which makes her very satisfied. She imagined that if her health really recovered, her family would move to Beizhou and live a peaceful life. In order to welcome his father back, Pan Jun made candied haws by himself and taught Shi Miaomiao how to make them together.

The old man arranged for Wan Hushan to go to the train station to ambush Pan Yingxuan. Domestic and foreign reporters were all staring at the documents on Pan Yingxuan. As long as these documents are exposed, the things Wan Jiajun has done in Basong these years will be known to the world. On the other side, Ouyang Leiyun said that tomorrow he will negotiate with Wanjiajun in Fuchu, and he will use Zerg treasures as bait to check and balance the opponent's wolf ambition. He asked Pan Jun and his party to rescue Pan Yingxuan.

The next day, Shi Miaomiao waited for Pan Yingxuan at the pier. She approached Pan Yingxuan with the candied haws made by Pan Jun. Pan Yingxuan chose to believe in Shi Miaomiao. But when the two were walking on the street, they found that Wan Jiajun was searching for Pan Yingxuan, so they had to take advantage of the chaos to hide secretly.

Wan Jiacheng came to Ouyang Mansion to propose marriage and convey the sincerity of the old commander. Basong will continue to be led by Ouyang Leiyun, and he will be in charge from Bamen Mountain to Langshui. No matter how many soldiers and horses are recruited, the Wanjia Army will provide guns and ammunition. The dowry brought by Wan Jiacheng is Zhucheng’s tax revenue for the whole year. The old man also said that after the treasure is opened, 30% will go to Ouyang Leiyun. Agree to the marriage.

Pan Yingxuan encountered many assassinations along the way, but they were all resolved one by one by Pan Jun and others secretly. Pan Yingxuan saw the Moyu bracelet in Shi Miaomiao's hand, and inquired that she turned out to be Shi Shiyu's daughter. Yan Yun picked up Shi Miaomiao and Pan Yingxuan to the entrance of Xianhengtai Restaurant. At this time, Wan Jiajun also led people to chase after him. Pan Jun led Xiao'e to control the Wan Jiajun who was ambushing in the restaurant, and took the opportunity to blow up the restaurant with explosives. . Yan Yun borrowed Pan Yingxuan's coat to lure away the Wan Jiajun, and Shi Miaomiao took the opportunity to take Pan Yingxuan away safely.

Wan Jiacheng reported to the old man that the marriage between Wan Hushan and Ouyang Yanyun had been decided, and Ouyang Leiyun had agreed to their conditions, but he felt that Ouyang Leiyun was lying, and the old man expressed his willingness to believe Wan Jiacheng's judgment. Pan Jun returned to Ouyang Mansion and successfully met his father whom he had not seen for many years. The father and son embraced. Pan Yingxuan saw her grown son and felt guilty for not contacting him for so many years. up. Pan Yingxuan apologized to Shi Miaomiao for Shi Shiyu's death in Bamen Mountain due to her incompetence. Shi Miaomiao said that she already knew the truth and knew that they had no choice.


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