Ouyang Leiyun originally wanted to have a drink and talk, and both sides took a step back, but He Xinmei said that as early as 24 years ago, when she crawled out of the dead, she never gave herself a way out.

Ouyang Leiyun always believed that Master He's sacrifice of Luoshi back then was a conspiracy to uproot the Zerg Race, the blood flowed into rivers in Bamen Mountain, and the withering of the Zerg Race today is also thanks to Master He. The situation between the two sides is tense, and Yan Yun hurriedly shows the letter that Pan Jun handed over to her grandfather, in which Xue Gui tells the truth about 24 years ago. At this time, Yanying came to point a gun at Ouyang Leiyun to protect her mother. Ouyang Leiyun was angry and wanted to kill Yanying with a gun. Use your body to hold a gun. The two sides fought in a scuffle, causing heavy casualties. Ouyang Leiyun learned that He Xinmei was heading towards the arsenal, and led his men to chase after him.

Seeing that Ziwu was shot and injured, Pan Jun blamed Yan Yun for the current situation, which made Yan Yun blame himself even more. He Xinmei took control of the arsenal, and settled decades of grievances with Ouyang Leiyun alone. Yan Yun and Yan Ying came to stop the grievances between grandpa and mother. They saw Ouyang Leiyun and He Xinmei and persuaded them that they would lose both sides, and only Wan Jiajun would benefit. Yanying knelt down and begged her mother to give up her hatred. He only wanted a complete family. Yanyun also said that although she promised to protect Basong as a fire-type gentleman, if grandpa killed her mother today, she would rather not have anything.

Seeing that her children were in such a difficult situation, He Xinmei said that the grievances with Ouyang Leiyun in this life had been written off, but then her body vomited blood and fainted due to the withdrawal of medicine. Xiao'e comforted Yanying, and then came to Ouyang Mansion to ask Pan Jun for help. Wan Hushan came to take over Basong with Wan Jiajun. Seeing that Ouyang Mansion suffered heavy losses, he was very happy to be able to reap the benefits of being a fisherman.

After Pan Jun's timely treatment, Ziwu finally woke up successfully, and learned that Ouyang Leiyun and everyone were fine, and Ziwu promised that he would never leave Yanyun again, which moved Yanyun very much. At this time, Xiao'e came to tell everyone about He Xinmei's situation, and Yanyun also learned that the Wanjiajun had taken over Basong. Pan Jun asked Yanyun to stay and guard Basong, and he went to treat He Xinmei.

Wan Jiacheng came to visit Ouyang Leiyun and said that because Yanyun agreed to marry Wan Hushan, he would come to propose marriage soon. Ouyang Leiyun said that he would discuss this matter with his son Ouyang Yanlei, and Wan Jiacheng said that Ouyang Yanlei had been sent to Jin Sumei's camp. Faced with such a situation, Ouyang Leiyun had no choice but to agree to the marriage temporarily.

Ouyang Yanlei came to visit He Xinmei. At this time, Pan Jun was treating her. Pan Jun believed that the toxins in He Xinmei's body must be excreted as soon as possible. After Pan Jun's diagnosis and treatment, He Xinmei successfully woke up and saw her husband Ouyang Yanlei was by his side, the couple embraced and wept after a long absence.

Wan Hushan's subordinates came to report that someone had exaggerated the disaster situation in the newspaper and was suspected of insulting officials at all levels. This person is Gao Huaiyuan, a Chinese doctor living in Great Britain, who slandered them in various foreign newspapers. Wan Jiacheng guessed that Basong had someone to take care of this person, otherwise he would not know Basong's situation so well. But the subordinates said that Gao Huaiyuan's close friend in Basong is Ouyang Yanlei, and Gao Huaiyuan is very likely to be Pan Yingxuan, a gentleman of the wooden family.

He Xinmei's toxin spread, and Pan Jun had no better way. Shi Miaomiao said that the blood of the Herbal Master can cure all kinds of poisons, so maybe you can try it, but there is no record of the successful case for the time being. Wan Jiacheng received the order from the old man, ordering him not to keep Pan Jun alive.

Ouyang Leiyun asked Yan Yun why she agreed to marry Wan Hushan. Yan Yun said that she agreed to the marriage at the beginning was just a tactic to delay the attack, just to keep Ouyang Mansion. Yanyun wanted to recommend one person to his grandfather to deal with the Wanjia army. At this time, Pan Jun and Shi Miaomiao also came to visit Ouyang Leiyun.


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