Ouyang Leiyun knew that the real Wanhushan would come to Basong on the day of the birthday banquet, and Jin Sumei would also come. No matter how scary the swords and swords were that day, he would rather the children complain and hate him, and protect the children.

Pan Jun, Yan Ying and others returned to the Wanjiajun camp, where they saw Ouyang Yanlei, who played the flute from before, and Yan Ying recognized his father, and the father and son hugged each other, which made Pan Jun and Shi Miaomiao very happy. envious.

Wan Jiacheng persuaded Wan Hushan not to deal with the Ouyang family rashly, and asked him to join forces with Jin Sumei to deal with Basong's Ouyang family, but Wan Hushan refused to listen to the dissuasion, so Wan Jiacheng had no choice but to tell the old man's order. This made Wan Hushan have to succumb to the military order.

The Ouyang family and the Wan family army are about to fight, Pan Jun wants to take Yan Yun and others to leave temporarily, but Yan Yun insists on staying to protect his grandfather, and Ziwu also insists on staying to protect Yan Yun. Because Yanying must stay to help Jin Sumei, Xiao'e is unwilling to leave, and even Shi Miaomiao is unwilling to leave.

Wan Hushan and Wan Jiacheng visited Jin Sumei and gave her two guns to deal with Ouyang's house. Jin Sumei said that Ouyang Leiyun is a ruthless person who can sacrifice his son and daughter-in-law. She hopes that tomorrow she will have no worries. Wan Hushan promised to send Yanyun and Yanying to Basong safely tomorrow, and Wan Jiajun will support Jin Sumei later.

Pan Jun approached Ouyang Yanlei and asked his father who was expelled from the Zerg together with him back then, and where is his father now? Ouyang Yanlei just received a letter from Gao Huaiyuan, and he told Pan Jun that he would see his father next month. Because Gao Huaiyuan is Pan Yingxuan.

Shi Miaomiao found Yanyun, and Yanyun knew Pan Jun's affection for Shi Miaomiao, but also said that even if the engagement was canceled, it should be her Ouyang Yanyun who proposed it. It is Zerg rule to enter into a marriage contract, but at this time the overall situation should be focused on. Shi Miaomiao told Yanyun that tomorrow's war will be dangerous, and the Wan family army has been playing tricks behind the scenes, with Jin Sumei on one side and Ouyang Leiyun on the other. Although the rules are important, it is more important not to let yourself regret it.

Yan Yun found Wan Hushan and said that he agreed to his marriage request, but Wan Hushan needed to find his grandfather Ouyang Leiyun to propose marriage in person. Yan Yun wanted to go back to Basong first, and Wan Hushan also agreed to send her back home. Knowing that Yanyun insisted on going back to Basong, Pan Jun had no choice but to go with him to protect him. Shi Miaomiao said that she would always be with him.

The next day, Jin Sumei came to Basong. Yanying saw her mother and told her about the reunion of father and son. Jin Sumei knew that Ouyang Yanlei was with Wan Jiajun, and knew that Wan Chaozong's reinforcements would not come, but she was afraid that she would not go to Ouyang Mansion. They deliberately took Ouyang Yanlei hostage. Jin Sumei asked Yanying to protect herself and Xiao'e, and she must go to today's appointment.

Ouyang Yanyun, a gentleman of the fire element, was established as the 67th generation gentleman of the fire element of the Zerg under the witness of the people. From today, Ouyang Yanyun is not only a gentleman of the fire element, but also the leader of Basong, who will lead everyone to defeat the demons , drive away evil spirits, and protect the safety of one side.

The birthday banquet started, and the Ouyang Mansion was crowded with congratulators. Jin Sumei brought people to celebrate Ouyang Leiyun's 70th birthday. Jin Sumei publicly stated that she was He Xinmei, the daughter-in-law who was tortured by Ouyang Leiyun. Separation of flesh and blood, life is worse than death, all these are thanks to Ouyang Leiyun, now Ouyang Leiyun still wants to attribute the process of 24 years ago to himself, Yan Yun persuaded his grandfather not to let the 20-year-old The tragedy of four years ago was repeated.


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