Pan Jun came to take over Basong as the battalion commander. Huo Bu, a Basong man who followed Pan Jun, told Pan Jun that when he entered the city, he saw the Basong man who had captured the loggers, but he followed them and did not find them. Shi Miaomiao asked him to Describe the appearance of this person, and I have to help draw it.

Yan Yun came to see his father Ouyang Yanlei. Ouyang Yanlei felt sorry for not growing up with his children. In order to find out the truth about the battle at Bamen Mountain, he seemed crazy and wanted to go to Bamen Mountain. Ouyang Leiyun drove him away out Zerg. For these years, he has been researching in Great Britain and writing the history of the centenary bug, and he also wants to find out the truth and return his wife's innocence. Yan Yun said that he saw his mother, but the trouble was that his mother wanted to kill grandpa for revenge.

Wan Jiajun was ambushed in the forest of Bamen Mountain, and Wan Hushan asked Ouyang Yanlei to investigate. Yanyun and Ziwu also came to check. Yanyun was worried about the safety of Pan Jun and Pan Jun. Ziwu persuaded Yanyun that there are some things that cannot be forced. No matter what happens, he will be by her side, but Yanyun hopes that Ziwu can be true to himself , doing what he likes to do.

Shi Miaomiao drew a portrait according to Huo Bu's description, and Wan Jiacheng arranged for his subordinates to find people according to the portrait as soon as possible. Ouyang Yanlei brought Wanhushan and others to the mountain, followed the trail and found a lot of clothes of the local people in Basong. Ouyang Yanlei judged that this is the place to test the grass masters. At this time, a group of poisonous insects attacked, and Zi Wu led people to evacuate the place in a hurry.

Because of Pan Jun's marriage contract, Shi Miaomiao is always hot and cold towards him, which makes Pan Jun feel uncomfortable. Shi Miaomiao said that it was because of Pan Jun that she felt weak and wanted to feel depended on, which made her feel scared. But his past was too complicated, Yan Yun was naive and innocent and had a marriage contract with Pan Jun, so he was actually more suitable for Pan Jun. Pan Jun directly expressed his thoughts with actions, and kissed Shi Miaomiao, expressing that the only person he wanted to choose was Shi Miaomiao.

Pan Jun took Shi Miaomiao to the Archives Bureau to check the files, and learned from the files that year that almost no one who went to the Bamen Mountain Forest could return as usual, and most of them had no bones left. Pan Jun saw a few pages missing in a file, and asked the filer to learn that it was torn up by Ouyang's family. Shi Miaomiao wanted to go to Ouyang Mansion to understand the situation, but Pan Jun told her to be careful.

Shi Miaomiao came to Ouyang Mansion as the wife of the battalion commander and asked Ouyang Leiyun why he used bran instead of rice to satisfy the hunger of the people, but Ouyang Leiyun said that if rice was not used to satisfy the appetite of the Chamber of Commerce, more people would starve to death. In the year of great chaos, it is more important to keep Basong stable than anything else, that's why he let the people of Basong pin their hopes on slaying demons. Shi Miaomiao asked again if it was Ouyang Leiyun who took away more than 20 loggers? Ouyang Leiyun brought Shi Miaomiao to meet the carpenter's family members, and learned from them that it was Mu Dong who took them away, and it was Ouyang Leiyun who rescued them. Mu Dong is nominally the highest official of Basong, but his prestige is far less than that of Ouyang Leiyun. But for so many years, he has been doing bad things in the name of Ouyang's family and pouring dirty water on Ouyang's family. Ouyang Leiyun also answered Shi Miaomiao, the reason why he took Ah Hei and other carpenters away was also for the grass master.

Pan Jun asked Wan Jiacheng if he arranged for him to come to Basong as a scapegoat for Wan Hushan, but Wan Jiacheng said that he would never harm Pan Jun. Back then, when he was fighting with the old commander Wan Chaozong, he encountered the plague. It was Pan Yingxuan who saved him, so the Pan family is his benefactor.

Ouyang Yanlei told her daughter Yanyun that someone in Basong was secretly testing human grass masters. Ziwu suspected that it might be Yaxinhui or Ouyang Leiyun. Ouyang Yanlei also suspected that his father Ouyang Leiyun would test human grass masters, but Yan Yun didn't believe that grandpa would be so careless about human life. He ran out angrily, and accidentally ran into a crazy clansman in the forest. Yan Yun wanted to rescue him, but this person chased Yan Yun closely. Yan Yun was chased and attacked by this person, but fortunately Ouyang Yanlei and Zi Wu came to subdue him at the critical moment.

The person who captured the logger was found, but Wan Jiacheng let him go and threatened the other party not to disclose the arrest. Ouyang Yanlei helped his daughter treat the wound, and also concluded that the person who attacked Yanyun was a victim of a human herb master who was tested. Although Ouyang Yanlei could not help Ziwu become a human herb master, he knew that there was someone who might be able to.

Shi Miaomiao told Pan Jun that Mu Dong coveted the treasure, captured the carpenter's trainer, and blamed it on the Ouyang family. They are also looking for a grass teacher.

Wan Jiacheng received a call from the old handsome, who wanted to take advantage of Jin Sumei's desire for revenge, use her to deal with Ouyang Leiyun, and let him wait and see. The old man also said that after Ouyang Leiyun's birthday banquet is over, he will come to Basong to clean up the mess, and let Wan Jiacheng stabilize the Zerg juniors, especially Ziwu. Yanying and Xiao'e found Pan Jun, and just as they got to know each other's situation, Wan Jiacheng came here to take them away.


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