Luo Xiu found Wan Hushan in Bamen Mountain, caught him by surprise, and asked Yan Yun's whereabouts. Wan Hushan was also chasing Yanyun, and wanted to take Luo Xiu away. There were too many regular troops around, so Luo Xiu had no choice but to find a chance to leave. Wan Hushan ordered Luo Xiu to be captured alive.

On the other side, Pan Jun and others heard gunshots, and Ziwu went out to investigate, and learned that Luo Xiu was in danger, and finally Yan Yun decided to help save people. Yan Yun played the song and called out the insects and birds in the mountains to besiege the regular army. Seeing such a strange situation, the regular army retreated and pursued Luo Xiu and the others.

Pan Jun and the others also planned to evacuate, but they were met by Wan Hushan. Ziwu and Wanhushan fought. Shan shoots and wounds Shi Miaomiao, and Pan Jun flees with Shi Miaomiao in a hurry. Yan Yun originally wanted to use the piccolo to lure the wild beasts in the mountain. People brought him a residence in the mountains, and brought medicines to help treat Shi Miaomiao.

Wan Hushan brought people after him, and Ouyang Yanlei revealed that he was the son of Basong's Ouyang family, which made Wan Hushan give up arresting Yanyun and others. Pan Jun took good care of Shi Miaomiao all night, and Shi Miaomiao was also very moved after waking up. Yan Yun came to visit Shi Miaomiao, and when she heard the conversation between Pan Jun and Shi Miaomiao, she felt very sour.

Yan Yunlai told Pan Jun that the person who rescued them yesterday was his father Ouyang Yanlei, and Pan Jun wanted to find out about his father Pan Yingxuan. Although Shi Miaomiao is awake, her high fever persists, and Pan Jun needs to go out as soon as possible to find antipyretics for her. Now Ouyang's family is garrisoned by the Wanjia Army, Wan Hushan finds Ouyang Yanlei and expresses his desire to marry Ouyang Yanyun, but Ouyang Yanlei expresses that marriage should not be hasty.

Wan Jiacheng came to convey the old man's will, the old man didn't want to rush into Basong, the old man's idea was to ask Pan Jun to pretend to be Wanhu Mountain to find out the details of Ouyang Leiyun. Wan Jiacheng came to convey this idea to Pan Jun, because both Yanyun and Ziwu were in the hands of the other party, Pan Jun had to agree to cooperate with them.

Pan Jun and Shi Miaomiao left with Wan Jiacheng, and Ouyang Yanlei asked the people around him to take them out of the mountain. Pan Jun found out in the car that this person was also from Basong, and that Ouyang Leiyun was the guardian of the settlement, but he would To make black-hearted money from them, Shi Miaomiao judged that Ouyang Leiyun was good to the villagers and needed their help to keep the secret of Bamen Mountain.

Pan Jun pretended to be Wanhu Mountain and came to Basong. Ouyang Leiyun came to meet the battalion commander. Facing the reporters around, the two exchanged greetings and inquired. , will also thoroughly investigate the case of the disappearance of the Nici Luomo logger, and then Pan Jun leaves on the grounds that his wife is unwell, and he takes Shi Miaomiao to the hospital for treatment. Both Pan Jun and Shi Miaomiao knew that Wan Hushan asked Pan Jun to pretend that he was a scapegoat. Pan Jun directly recruited a group of reporters to continue the interview in the hospital. Wan Jiacheng accused Pan Jun of acting without authorization. But Pan Jun also said that he just wanted to let the public know about their actions, so that the Wanjia Army would have nothing to do with them.

Ouyang Leiyun came to visit the battalion commander's wife. He noticed that Shi Miaomiao looked like an old friend. Pan Jun dismissed Ouyang Leiyun because his wife was a famous singer in Shanghai. Yanying saw the whereabouts of Pan Jun and Shi Miaomiao from the newspaper, worried that they would be in danger if they met their grandfather Ouyang Leiyun, and planned to take Xiao'e to help. Jin Sumei finally agreed to her son's request and asked Yanying to bring a message to Ouyang Leiyun, on the day of Ouyang Leiyun's birthday, he will definitely go to celebrate his birthday.

After returning home from the hospital, Ouyang Leiyun concluded that "Wanhushan" in the hospital was a substitute, and knew that Wanhushan's move was for self-protection. He sent someone to investigate the details of the "Wanhushan" couple who came here.


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