Pan Jun and his party were walking on the street, and victims could be seen everywhere begging for food. When Yan Yun returned home, he found many regular soldiers stationed at home. In the end, Sha Yi took Pan Jun and his party into their home on the grounds that they were witch doctors.

Sha Yi told Yan Yun that a battalion commander from Wanhu Mountain came to Basong to help the disaster. He has been living in Ouyang's house for three days, and many witches here have been bullied. Yan Yun wanted to teach this person a lesson. , was stopped by Shi Miaomiao, who said that he had a way to teach others.

Soon Shi Miaomiao used poisonous insects to control Wanhushan and slapped himself. Pan Jun, as a witch doctor, told Wanhushan that he had been hit by an evil spirit. To drive away the evil spirits, Shi Miaomiao took the opportunity to take away the poisonous insects. But Wan Hushan took the opportunity to uncover Yanyun's witch doctor's mask and was very interested in him. Pan Jun found an excuse to take Yanyun away quickly.

Wan Jiacheng, the Wan Jiajun next to Wan Hushan, recognized Pan Jun's identity, and came out to persuade Pan Jun to be careful in everything and not to be smart. And Shangfeng will come here soon, reminding them that the Zerg and others should be careful. At this time, a villager came to report the case, and the family members were taken away by the fire priest to make a float, and disappeared in the mountains.

When Shi Miaomiao heard about this, the villagers who followed the report came to the ruined temple. After being discovered, she pretended to be the person arranged by the battalion commander to investigate. Because of her female status, she pretended to be the battalion commander's wife and gave some money to These villagers supplement their families. The villagers thanked her and asked her to help save the family. It turned out that 20 carpenters were taken away a month ago to build the floats. They suspected that it was related to the curse of the Nether Demon.

After Shi Miaomiao went back, he told everyone about the matter. Yan Yun denied that it had anything to do with his grandfather. Pan Jun asked Shi Miaomiao to take them to the villagers and ask them where the carpenters disappeared. But when they came to the ruined temple, they found these Villagers also disappeared. Shi Miaomiao thought that the villagers might have been arrested because they reported the crime.

Shi Miaomiao remembered that Wanhushan was the son of Wan Chaozong, the boss of Yaxinhui, and told Pan Jun about it. Pan Jun was curious about the "Shangfeng" that Wan Jiacheng called, but Shi Miaomiao said that he had never seen Shangfeng before. People, after all Yaxinhui has a strict system, the less you know, the safer you are.

Thinking that Pan Jun has come to Basong, he wants to take the opportunity to break off his engagement with Yan Yun. Yan Yun sees that Pan Jun doesn't like him, and expresses his love for him, that is, his younger sister's elder brother. At this time, Wanhushan led people to surround the Zerg, and Pan Jun and his party immediately packed their luggage and left. They hid in a car in the mountain and happened to be taken away.

In the car, Ziwu guessed that Shi Miaomiao was on her mind, and told her not to care about Yanyun, as the fire-type girl has a straightforward personality, and she will put Pan Jun down quickly. Shi Miaomiao also saw that Ziwu likes Yanyun, but Ziwu said that Yanyun is a future gentleman of the fire element, and he has many responsibilities on his shoulders, and he has not yet passed the trial of the human grass master, and the result is unpredictable. Very satisfied.

Luo Xiu told Jin Sumei that Wanhu Mountain had come to Basong, and Jin Sumei didn't intend to avoid it. Ouyang Leiyun's 80th birthday would be in a few days, and she had waited too long for this day. Jin Sumei arranged for Luo Xiu to protect Yanyun. Yan Ying hoped that her mother would give up revenge, and he only wanted to reunite the family, but Jin Sumei believed that as long as people did something wrong, they should pay the price.

Soon the car came to a standstill, passed a round of inspections successfully, and drove to the forest of Bamen Mountain again. Shi Miaomiao found "A Hundred Years of Insect History Volume II" in the box in the car, and Pan Jun guessed that these people knew the whereabouts of his father Pan Yingxuan.


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