Dr. Smith found Pan Jun in the isolation area. Pan Jun believed that many of these patients had urticaria and should not be kept in the isolation area. Once the disease became more serious. Dr. Smith said that the hospital will investigate and disinfect in real time, so that innocent people will not be implicated.

Shi Miaomiao learned that Pan Jun was locked up in the isolation area of the hospital. She is still not sure whether Pan Jun is a descendant of the Mu family. In order to prevent Pan Jun from having an accident, she had to rush to the hospital to rescue him.

Shi Miaomiao came to the hospital to care about the epidemic as Mrs. Matsui, the director, and took the opportunity to find Pan Jun in the quarantine area. Pan Jun was anxious to go out to prepare more anti-epidemic medicines, so he successfully walked out of the hospital using Shi Miaomiao's identity.

Uncle Pan, the housekeeper, accidentally found a box in the soil of the yard. Pan Jun found a pile of battle reports and medical books in the box. He also accidentally discovered that a symptom recorded in the book was very similar to his current symptoms. He suspected that someone had poisoned him. , Simply treat yourself according to the symptoms.

Shi Miaomiao came to Cordyceps Tang to find Pan Jun for cooperation, saying that Yaxin Pharmaceutical intends to take a stake in Cordyceps Tang, and Pan Jun, who is a fan of money, quickly decided to accept the other party's investment cooperation. Then Pan Jun took Shi Miaomiao to visit the backyard of Cordyceps Hall, where he raised a lot of flowers and plants. On the way, Shi Miaomiao was bitten by a ghost beauty butterfly. This kind of butterfly is relatively poisonous, and Shi Miaomiao soon became dizzy. Jun had no choice but to suck out the blood from the wound on Shi Miaomiao's neck with his mouth, and Pan Jun's mouth was poisoned and swollen because of poisoned blood.

At this time, the person Pan Jun rescued suddenly woke up and came to the yard. Pan Jun performed acupuncture for him again. When Shi Miaomiao saw Pan Jun's silver needles, he was sure that he was a descendant of the wood family. Silver Needle, whose real name is Qingsi, is a unique hidden weapon of the wood clan. Qingsi can save people with acupuncture and moxibustion at ordinary times, and it is also a murder weapon when necessary. The needle body can quench poison and kill people invisible. Director Matsui thinks that Shangfeng is looking for treasures, and the secret treasure of the wood system must be in Pan Jun's hands.

The nurse told Fang Rude that the pneumonic plague was more deadly than that of fifteen years ago, and among the thirty-seven patients diagnosed in Beizhou City, the germs in the body of staff member Zhang from the health department had disappeared, and the bacteria in Ouyang Yanying's body had also disappeared . Fang Rude secretly ordered his subordinates to deal with all the patients immediately if the disease could not be controlled.

Ouyang Yanying came out of the isolation area of the hospital and told her sister that he and Xiaojiu were following the Dongyang people that day, and he was seriously injured after fighting with them, and he was already in Chunxiang Building when he woke up. He suspected that the two were from the Eastern Yin and Yang Tao, and Ouyang Leihuo knew that the other party must be coming for the Zerg treasure.

The patient rescued by the housekeeper was Ziwu. After some treatment by Pan Jun, he successfully regained consciousness. Pan Jun learned that the other party had no money to pay off the medical expenses, so he asked him to directly work as a long-term worker to deduct the medical expenses. Ouyang Yanyun came to look for Pan Jun, because he knew that only Pan Jun could cure pneumonic plague. Now people in Beizhou City died of pneumonic plague every day. Ouyang Yanyun and Zhang Keyuan persuaded him to go to save people. Pan Jun ordered Uncle Pan and Sister Hua to pack up their things and leave Beizhou City as soon as possible, and he packed up his things and prepared to go to rescue people, but he also had no confidence in curing the epidemic.

Pan Jun came to check on Ziwu's injuries, wondering that he was the same as the patients in the hospital, but Ziwu's pneumonic plague healed on his own. But Pan Jun didn't get an accurate answer after asking, so he had to tell Ziwu to leave here as soon as possible. Pan Jun sent Uncle Pan and Sister Hua out of the city gate, while he went back to the city alone to enter the hospital to save people.

Seeing the people around him die from pneumonic plague one by one, the patients in the isolation area rioted and wanted to get out of the hospital. Xiao Jiu hijacked the doctor and wanted to leave. Pan Jun appeared to persuade Xiao Jiu to let go of the doctor. He was confident of curing these diseases people. Under the persuasion of Ouyang Yanyun and Pan Jun, Xiao Jiu had planned to let go of the doctor, but Fang Rude shot and killed Xiao Jiu, which made the patient even more panicked. Pan Jun told Fang Rude the source of the plague fifteen years ago, thinking that even if Fang Rude killed all the patients, as long as the source of the plague could not be found, the entire Beizhou City would die. Pan Jun and Fang Rude agreed that as long as he finds out the source of the plague at this time tomorrow, Fang Rude will not kill innocent people indiscriminately.


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