Feng Chenjun has lost his humanity, but Pan Jun hopes that he can be a human being in his next life. Pan Jun breaks the liquid tank in the laboratory and freezes Feng Chenjun in the laboratory. But Shi Miaomiao was worried that even if Toyotomi Jun died, the virus on his body would not be eradicated. Jin Sumei arranged for his subordinates to burn Feng Chenjun's body as soon as possible.

After Toyotomi Jun died, everyone was full of hope for the future. Pan Jun told Ziwu that the method of testing human grass masters was recorded in "Tiangong Zaiwu Ji". Although this is what Master expected from Ziwu, Ziwu didn't know whether he wanted to become a human grass master. He only knew that the soil system was the best It is suitable to be the choice of human grass teacher.

Xue Qing persuaded his father to hand over the Heluo Stone. Although the Heluo Stone is a key to the treasure, it is a shackle to the Xue family. Pan Jun also came to persuade Xue Gui when he learned of the dispute between Xue's father and daughter. Pan Jun believes that although the Xue family settlement is sincere to the Zerg race and has made great contributions to protecting the treasure, as long as He Luoshi is in the Xue family, there will always be enemies who will come to snatch it. If the treasure is seized by the enemy one day, it will not only harm the settlement of the Xue clan, but also the Northern Zhou Dynasty and even the whole of China. Under the persuasion of everyone, Xue Gui agreed to consider handing over Heluo Stone.

Yanyun came to find Jin Sumei, she hoped that her mother would not go to Basong. Jin Sumei knew that her daughter didn't want her to seek revenge from her grandfather, and she also knew that her daughter was a child who listened to her grandfather. Jin Sumei does not expect her daughter to accept her gift, but she also does not want her daughter to interfere with her decision. Yan Yun called Jin Sumei "Mother" and begged her mother not to go to find her grandfather, but Jin Sumei couldn't give up lightly in the face of the pain of thousands of worms and the pain of parting from life and death. Yan Yun said that she would not let her mother hurt her grandfather, turned around and left .

Xue Gui thought about it, and wrote in a letter 24 years ago that he had faked Luo Shi's past, hoping that in the future, when the Zerg race would have a rift over this matter, they would open the letter and reveal the mystery of He Luo Stone to the world. He is willing to bear any price for what happened back then. Shi Miaomiao promised that they would not disturb Xue's peaceful life unless it was absolutely necessary. Then Xue Gui handed Heluo Stone to Pan Jun as the suzerain of the Xue family, hoping that he would help the world and save people after he got the treasure.

Pan Jun and Ziwu studied how to become human cursive masters. Xiao'e explained that in "Tiangong Zaiwu Ji", there are rare poisonous insects, deadly miasma, and strange magnetic fields in the trial cave. If a person enters and finally survives, a kind of Antibodies that can resist all kinds of toxins in the world. Since then, he has become a herbal master, invulnerable to all poisons. Master Xiao'e once said that the chance of success in the trial is one in ten thousand. Pan Jun thought it was too dangerous and wanted Ziwu to give up, but as the only successor of the earth system, Ziwu was willing to take the risk.

Xue Qing once learned about other magical uses of Mo Yubracelet from Xue Zimo, although she couldn't verify it, she also told Shi Miaomiao about it. It is said that it is extremely difficult to test human herb masters, and the black jade bracelet has the same effect as Heluo stone, which can strengthen the prevention of the interference of thousands of strange insects.

Shangfeng was furious when he learned that Toyotomi Jun was dead. Toyotomi Jun had superb medical skills and could not find a replacement for the time being. Jin Sumei knew that Shangfeng would do everything in order to get the treasure. Ouyang Huo is in charge of Basong, Jin Sumei knows that this trip is a tiger's mouth, and they should not be underestimated.

Ziwu bid farewell to Master Feng Wanchun, Pan Jun and others bid farewell to Xue Qing and others, and embarked on the road to Basong. Jin Sumei was waiting for Pan Jun and his party at the station, and wanted them to go together so that they could take care of her, but Yan Yun flatly rejected it. Pan Jun asked Yanying to take Xiao'e to accompany Jin Sumei, and the rest of them accompanied Yanyun to Basong.

After a few days of driving, Pan Jun and others came to Langshui Town where the Ouyang clan lived for generations, but then they discovered the strangeness of the town, and after inquiring, they learned that this year the town suffered first from drought and then from pests, and the grain harvest was also low. , and the leader is not the former leader. When Yan Yun learned about this, he was so angry that he wanted to find someone to reason with.


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