On the day of the beginning of spring, Xue's sacrificial ceremony was held as scheduled, and Pan Jun was ready to assist High Priest Xue in fighting Toyotomi Jun. Feng Chenjun brought Xue Qing to preside over the sacrifice of thousands of insects. Pan Jun and Shi Miaomiao brought the Xue clan to come, expressing that they would avenge Uncle Pan, Senior Jin and others, and would not let Feng Chenjun set foot in the Zerg treasure.

Feng Chenjun ordered to kill Pan Jun and others, and the people of Yin Yang and the Xue clan launched a fierce battle. Pan Jun and others took the opportunity to take away the Heluo stone. People wanted to escape from the altar, but they were controlled by Yin-Yang Taoists in the cave. Seeing them set fire outside the cave, and the smoke in the cave smoked people, Pan Jun and others needed less and less oxygen.

Feng Chenjun is dragged by Pan Jun to the Altar of Thousand Insects, and Yaxin Pharmaceutical's defense is empty. Yanyun and Xiao'e plan to take the opportunity to rescue Ziwu. Ziwu learned that Feng Chenjun went to the Altar of Thousand Insects today, intending to subdue the left-behind doctor and escape, then Yanyun and Xiao'e came to assist, successfully knocked out the doctor, and prepared to take Ziwu away. Ziwu also released Master Feng Wanchun, Yan Yun and Xiao'e also took the opportunity to release the female workers captured by Feng Chenjun, but at this time Jin Sumei brought people to kill the people left by Feng Chenjun, and asked Yan Yun to take them to Xue's settlement.

When Pan Jun and others were on the verge of death, he told Shi Miaomiao that he loved her very much. At a critical moment, High Priest Xue led people to push open the stone gate to rescue everyone. Looking at the clansmen who died tragically outside the cave, High Priest Xue planned to take advantage of the opportunity to kill them when Yin Yang Dao was seriously injured, so he asked Xue Qing and others to go back. Pan Jun asked the Xue clan to take He Luoshi back, and he decided to stay and fight with High Priest Xue.

High Priest Xue brought Pan Jun and others back to the altar, and started a fight with Taoist Yin Yang. High Priest Xue was unable to defeat the opponent in a gun battle, and was finally shot dead. Seeing that Pan Jun and others were unable to fight, Feng Chenjun was triumphant. At this time, Luo Xiu brought people to support, and Yanying pretended to hold Jin Sumei hostage, and asked Feng Chenjun to let Pan Jun and others leave. Knowing that his laboratory was destroyed, Toyotomi Jun hurried back to find that Ziwu had been rescued, and insanely planned to bring more people to the experiment.

Pan Jun returned to Xue's settlement, and was very happy to see Ziwu who was rescued. Although they took back the Heluo Stone, Feng Chenjun was not dead. Ziwu wanted to return to the laboratory and destroy Feng Chenjun's laboratory. The pneumonic plague recurred in the Northern Zhou Dynasty.

Shi Miaomiao and Yanyun lead people to contend with Matsushita and others, Shi Miaomiao persuades them to surrender, because once the virus spreads, no one can escape death. The Yin and Yang people put down their guns one by one. Seeing that Matsushita was unwilling to surrender, Luo Xiu directly shot him dead.

On the other side, Jin Sumei found Feng Chenjun, saying that Ziwu had already escaped, and his experiment could only end in failure. But Toyotomi Jun did not admit defeat, he took out a mixture of all his germs, which can make people feel miserable, and can be quickly infected, but as long as there is one person who can carry it, then that person is the prototype of a human grass master. Pan Jun pushed Yanying and Jin Sumei out of the door, and locked himself and Feng Chenjun in the laboratory. Pan Jun said that he knew Toyotomi Jun. His father committed suicide on the battlefield, but his mother later abandoned him. He lacked love since he was a child and never enjoyed happiness like others, so he was selfish and self-willed. Pan Jun told Feng Chenjun that no matter how great a work he has researched and how great a scientist he has become, he should forget the past. But if you want to become a real doctor, you must first learn to be a human being.

Stimulated by Pan Jun, Toyotomi Jun was completely irritated. In order to let Pan Jun witness his work, he injected a collection of germs into his body, and wanted to kill Pan Jun under the madness. He controlled Toyotomi Jun and wanted to kill him, but Toyotomi Jun told him that every breath and every drop of his blood is a deadly poison.


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