Yan Ying was addicted to the painkillers given by Feng Chenjun after the operation, and once the medicine was stopped, she would suffer unceasingly. The son is off the medicine.

Pan Jun met with Jin Sumei and conveyed that the old patriarch of the Xue family wanted her to help rescue the young master of the Xue family. Jin Sumei thought that Pan Jun brought Yan Yun to threaten her to help. Yan Yun said that Pan Jun and the others were her friends, and Jin Sumei, a mother who had abandoned her child for more than 20 years, would not worry about her own safety. Back then, the Zerg race was persecuted by Master He, and the treasure of the Zerg race was also what Jin Sumei and his daughter wanted. Abandoning her father caused her father to be bewildered for more than ten years. She and her younger brother had no father or mother since childhood. It was Jin Sumei who killed her second grandfather and senior Jin. Hearing her daughter accuse her so much, Jin Sumei was extremely disappointed and wanted to beat her daughter in anger. Shi Miaomiao stopped her and told Jin Sumei that Old Sovereign Xue promised to reveal the truth 24 years ago.

Jin Sumei took Pan Jun and others to visit Yanying. Seeing Yanying's unbearable pain, Pan Jun tried all the methods he could think of, but it was his own willpower that could finally help Yanying. It was only through her willpower that she overcame her dependence on drugs that Yan Ying was able to wean herself off the painkillers.

Jin Sumei came to drink with her daughter with wine. She told Yan Yun that the deaths of Jin Wuwu, Pan Pu and Ouyang Leihuo had nothing to do with her. irrelevant. Twenty-four years ago, his father, Mr. He, accidentally got a piece of Luoshi lost by the Xue family at the end of Ming Dynasty. He was ordered to escort it with soldiers, and gathered the Zerg people in Mount Bamen in an attempt to open the treasure. Unexpectedly, the river stone that Xue's high priest took out was fake, which eventually led to a series of tragedies. Back then, Xue Gui insisted that Master He's Luo Shi was fake, and the Zerg tribe transferred all their hatred for Master He to themselves, and imposed the death penalty of thousands of insects eating her bones. Xue Gui felt guilty for Jin Sumei because of this, and later rescued her to see a doctor for treatment, and finally saved her life. And the bone-eating poison of thousands of insects tortured her every night, so she wanted to seek revenge on Patriarch Ouyang who pushed her out back then. Looking at his mother's scarred arm, Yan Yun regretted endlessly.

Yan Yun learned from Pan Jun that what Jin Sumei said was basically the same as what Xue Gui said, and Pan Jun also believed that love and hatred in the world are hard to distinguish between right and wrong, so Yan Yun should not take it too seriously. Although Shi Miaomiao was determined to avenge her mother before, only after she has experienced it will she know how important it is to cherish.

In her sleep, Yanying dreamed that she secretly found her imprisoned father when she was a child, and wanted to know the news about her mother from him, but her grandfather found out and beat him up, which became his childhood nightmare. After waking up, Yan Ying felt good physically, and was also very happy to see her mother and sister by her side. Feng Chenjun came to the hospital to find Pan Jun, and threatened Pan Jun that if he didn't want Ziwu and Xue Qing to die, all of them would come to the Thousand Insect Altar in Lichun. Because Pan Jun cured the pneumonic plague developed by Toyotomi Jun, Toyotomi Jun was very interested in him, but he also told Pan Jun that his newly developed work was more interesting than pneumonic plague.

Pan Jun and Shi Miaomiao came to the Xue clan to find a way to deal with Feng Chenjun on Lichun Sacrifice Day. The members of the Xue clan unexpectedly learned that the Yinyang Taoist presided over the Thousand Insects Sacrifice on Lichun Day, and they expressed their dissatisfaction. They learned that it was because the young master Xue Qing was arrested. , also wanted to fight to the death with Yin Yang Taoist. Pan Jun appeases the members of the Xue family and promises that Xue's sacrifice will be completed satisfactorily.

Feng Chenjun said that this time, in order to solve the mystery of the Zerg treasure and let him reach the peak of medical research, he will not be soft on the Xue family in the sacrifice. Treasure and fulfill selfish desires, the name of injustice has been confirmed. And Pan Jun can let go of personal grievances and have righteousness in his heart, which is something Toyotomi Jun will never understand. Feng Chenjun plans to take Xue Qing to the Thousand Insect Sacrifice tomorrow, and let her see how vulnerable it is when barbarism meets civilization.

Yanying said that she wanted to find her father when she got better. Jin Sumei told her children how she and her husband knew each other and loved each other. They were sweet at that time, but after the First World War in Bamen Mountain, all the good things disappeared. Yanying begged her mother to help rescue Ziwu and Feng Wanchun. Only in this way can the Zerg race work together to find the treasure, and as long as the treasure is reopened, her father will come back and their family will be reunited.


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