Toyotomi Jun tested the Key of Destiny with water-based secret treasure Xuanbing Gutie and found that there was no response at all, thinking that Pan Jun deceived him with a fake secret treasure.

Jin Sumei saw that Yanying was abnormal, and in a few words, she found out that Yanying was lying. Jin Sumei didn't know what Yanyun and others were hiding from her, but now Lingcheng is in danger, and if they are not careful, they will be killed. He can think twice before making any decisions, and the only one who can protect the two of them is himself.

Yanying wants her mother to confess that she came to her today to delay time for her sister to steal Heluo stones. Pan Jun and Feng Chenjun had a deal today, and Jin Sumei immediately left for Yaxin after learning about it.

Jin Shun took advantage of the interval between the patrols of Yin Yang Taoists, unlocked the door and sneaked out of the laboratory. When he saw Yan Yun and Xiao'e who were waiting outside, he hurriedly told them to leave as soon as possible. The Yin-Yang Taoists chasing after them shot and killed them, and there was chaos on the street. The poison on Jinshun's body broke out, and Xiao'e learned that Master was killed by the Yinyang Taoist. He felt hatred in his heart, and directly appeared to fight with the Yinyang Taoist, and finally died in the hands of the Yinyang Taoist. Before he died, he hoped to return to the family tree of the Jin family, but regretted that he could not help Feng Er redeem himself.

High Priest Xue brought people to support Pan Jun and the others. Seeing that the tribe suffered heavy casualties because of fighting the Yin-Yang Taoist, Xue Qing couldn't bear to see more casualties of the tribe, and planned to exchange the river stone for the safety of Pan Jun and the others. At the same time, Matsushita wanted to kill Yan Yun and others, Yan Ying was shot to save her sister, and under Luo Xiu's bright gun signal, the Yin Yang Taoist stopped the gun battle.

Feng Chenjun planned to kill Pan Jun and Shi Miaomiao, at this time Xue Qing came to Yaxinhui and took out the real river stone in his hand in exchange for Pan Jun and Shi Miaomiao to leave. Jin Sumei and Yanyun sent Yanying to Yaxinhui's hospital and arranged for doctors to operate as soon as possible. Yan Yun was worried about her younger brother's safety, and also complained about why her mother had to come back. The siblings had no parents since they were young, so she couldn't lose her younger brother. Jin Sumei said that no one can stop their family reunion, not even God.

Feng Chenjun invited Jin Sumei to the Xue family altar to participate in the Thousand Insect Sacrifice hosted by him, but Jin Sumei said that she had no enmity with the Xue family, and she did not want to go to participate. Xue Gui, the ancestor of the Xue family, got better because of Pan Jun's treatment, and remembered a lot of past events. When Shi Miaomiao asked the truth about her mother's death, Xue Gui said that He Luoshi was to blame for everything in the past. The daughter of Mr. He's family was also an innocent person, and all the disasters were caused by Xue.

Twenty-four years ago, Master He asked Xue Gui to hand over the river stone that the Xue clan had been in charge of for thousands of years. He gave Master He a fake river stone to protect the treasure of the Zerg clan. Kill her, and the Zerg are forced to kill each other. It was he who indirectly killed Shi Shiyu, and Xue Gui solemnly apologized to Shi Miaomiao, the successor of the water system, but at this time, Shi Miaomiao could also understand Xue Gui's difficulties, and did not blame him too much.

Feng Chenjun told Xue Qing that he was going to host this Thousand Insect Sacrifice, and he also planned to take Xue Qing to witness the great scene of this Thousand Insect Sacrifice. Yanying wakes up after a successful operation. She is very kind to her mother Jin Sumei and Xiao'e, but she refuses to talk to her sister Yanyun, which makes Yanyun very sad.

Feng Chenjun injected Yanying with a central nervous system painkiller, which is addictive to a certain extent. Once the drug loses its effect, Yanying will also be very painful. Jin Sumei was very angry when she learned about this.


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