Xue Qing, the young master of the Xue family, came to pay homage to Xue Zimo. Although the day was three years late, Xue Qing always remembered the past of the two. Back then, Xue Zimo took Xue Qing out of the Pan family settlement and came to the outside world that Pan Yingxuan said. It is hundreds of times more prosperous than the Xue family. They like this place, and they also hope that the ethnic group can stay away from ignorance and make the Xue family settlement as prosperous as this place.

Ouyang Yanyun came to Xue's settlement and told Pan Jun that Shi Miaomiao had been arrested by Feng Chenjun, and Pan Jun was anxious to go back to the city to rescue Shi Miaomiao after hearing about this. But Pan Jun's host was dissatisfied with Pan Jun's murder of High Priest Xue, and wanted to drive Pan Jun out of the settlement. Fortunately, Xue Qing came to inform High Priest Xue that he would not save the people and poisoned him. Only then did people know that High Priest Xue deserved his death. That night, the Xue family gathered to execute High Priest Xue to death in public. Pan Jun came to stop him with his people. The people hoped that the young master would spare High Priest Xue from punishment. For the sake of his own face, the high priest Xue was spared the death penalty.

In the end, Xue Qing agreed to exempt the high priest Xue from the death penalty, but at this time Jinshun took the opportunity to attack the guards of the ancestral hall and stole the Heluo stone from the ancestral hall. Duan Xiao'e checked and found out that it was the work of the Jin Ximing ghost, and also guessed that Jin Shun came here to steal the Heluo Stone, but she obviously realized that he hurt people but did not kill them, so he should be coerced. High priest Xue wanted to take people to Lingcheng to recover He Luoshi. Xue Qing secretly found Pan Jun and handed the river stone to Pan Jun, saying that the real Luo Shi had been stolen. She hoped that Pan Jun could help find Luo Shi After that, she was willing to give him the Heluo stone that the tribe had guarded for thousands of years.

Xue Qing said that Pan Yingxuan is the benefactor of the tribe, and she hopes to help him fulfill his wish, and she also hopes that one day she can fulfill Xue Zimo's wish. Now she is willing to donate the Heluo Stone to Mu Xi, and also hopes that Pan Jun, as a son, can fulfill his father's wish.

Jinshun handed the Heluo stone to Toyotomi Jun, hoping that Toyotomi Jun would get rid of the golden silkworm poison on his body, but Toyotomi Jun said that the poison of the water system was difficult to cure, so he asked people to take Jinshun to the prison where he was held. Let Shi Miaomiao detoxify himself, but when Jin Shun came to the prison, he found out that he was deceived by Feng Chenjun, and Feng Chenjun didn't want to detoxify him at all.

On the other hand, Xue Qing told Pan Jun that what Jinshun stole was a fake river stone, not a real Luo stone. Xue Qing asks Xiao'e to make a fake Luoshi and replace the real Luoshi from Toyotomi Jun's hand. The next day, Yan Yun brought Pan Jun to Jin Sumei for help.

Feng Chenjun took Shi Miaomiao out, thinking that she exchanged her life and water treasures for the freedom of all female workers, which made him very admired. But Toyotomi Jun also believes that the treasure of the Zerg race has not been opened for thousands of years, not because the Zerg people failed, but because they were bound by hypocrisy. If you want to open the Zerg treasure, you need someone like yourself. Then he told Shi Miaomiao that Pan Jun had made an appointment with him and planned to exchange the Zerg five-element secret treasure for Shi Miaomiao.

Pan Jun arranged for Yanyun and Xiao'e to unlock the lock and exchange stones, and asked Ouyang Yanying to attract the attention of Jin Sumei and others. Yanyun warned his younger brother to see clearly his position in front of big right and wrong, and not to be influenced by some people, but Yanying still didn't want to take advantage of it. Mother also doesn't want my sister to educate herself with her own views on right and wrong. Later, Yanying found Jin Sumei and called her away on the grounds of personal affairs, while Yanyun and Xiao'e sneaked into Yaxinhui to exchange He Luoshi secretly.

Pan Jun made an appointment to meet Feng Chenjun, and Feng Chenjun returned the ink jade bracelet to Shi Miaomiao as a show of sincerity, and Pan Jun handed over all the gold, earth, fire, and wood secret treasures in his hand to Feng Chenjun.


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