Shi Miaomiao followed the person who kidnapped the female worker, and accidentally found Ziwu who was imprisoned in the laboratory. Ziwu told Shi Miaomiao to leave as soon as possible.

High Priest Xue told Xue's ancestors that the Yin-Yang Dao and the five Zerg clans are coming fast and should not be underestimated, and that Xue could no longer be bewitched by people like Pan Yingxuan, so he forgot the teachings of his ancestors.

The old priest also came to tell the old ancestor that he had found an expert to heal the young master, but the young master was not sick, but was poisoned by someone, and the person who poisoned him was in Xue's settlement. The old priest promised to heal the young master, so he gave the Heluo stone to the other party. After hearing this, the high priest Xue thought that the old priest was messing around, and he ignored the ancestor's precepts.

Through his own methods, Pan Jun found Huang Ci'e in the ear of Young Master Xue. Pan Jun thought that Young Master Xue would wake up after a good rest. High priest Xue brought people to take Pan Jun away on the grounds that he murdered the young master and stole the Heluo stone. Priest Xue came to see Pan Jun alone, knowing that Pan Jun had already guessed that he had poisoned the young master into a coma for three years, so he wanted to kill him to silence him. At the critical moment, it was the old priest who brought people here, saying that the ancestors would take him away only after seeing the high priest Xue.

But when the old ancestor heard about the murder of High Priest Xue, he spoke insanely and mistook Pan Jun for Xue Zimo. Pan Jun remembered that Shi Miaomiao had told him that Xue Gui, the ancestor of the Xue family, was crazy, and that he might be able to use the young master of the Xue family. Pan Jun simply admitted that he was Xue Zimo, and also agreed to marry the young master of the Xue family tonight. Pan Jun wanted Xue Gui to punish High Priest Xue first, but he and High Priest Xue were both locked up in the end.

High Priest Xue thought that although Pan Yingxuan cured the plague in the settlement more than ten years ago, after that he spread new ideas, which made the whole family's hearts fluctuate, and the young master was also bewitched there. The thoughts of the Xue family in the past dynasties were only to protect Heluo Stone, and they had no other intentions. However, in order to save Xue Zimo, the young master actually wanted to hand over Heluo Stone to the Yin and Yang Dao. He used Huang Ci'e to poison the young master, and finally decided to guard the river. Luo Shi watched helplessly as Xue Zimo and many other people in the settlement were massacred by Yin and Yang. High Priest Xue believes that the Xue family has their own beliefs, and it is their lifelong mission to protect the Heluo Stone and protect the Zerg treasure from being destroyed by anyone. Pan Jun thinks that High Priest Xue's thoughts are too old-fashioned.

Yanying came to seek Jin Sumei's help because of Shi Miaomiao's disappearance. Jin Sumei said that she probably had clues. Yanying suspected that Ziwu's arrest was also related to her mother. Jin Sumei didn't explain much. Duan Xiaoe asked Jin Sumei to rescue them both as soon as possible.

Young master Xue successfully regained consciousness. She thanked Pan Jun for saving his life, and also hoped that Pan Jun could treat her father. The young master of the Xue family believed that Xue Zifeng, the high priest, held power and respected himself, and regarded the suzerain as a puppet, and the Xue clan rules could not tolerate him. High Priest Xue said that he has resisted countless attacks by the Yin and Yang Dao for more than 20 years. He was born as a member of Xue's family and died as a ghost of Xue's family. But He Luoshi is about the face of the Xue family, the honor and disgrace of the settlement. The young master of the Xue family arranged for Xue Zifeng to be tortured in the Xue family ancestral hall today.

Jin Sumei said that the family members of the female factory workers have been arguing with dignitaries, threatening Toyotomi to cut off all sources of funding for the laboratory if they move the factory female workers again. Feng Chenjun countered the threat with Jin Sumei's life-sustaining drugs, but Jin Sumei was not afraid. Toyotomi Jun said that Ziwu, Shi Miaomiao and all the experimental subjects can be released, but he wants the Zerg five-line secret treasure. Jin Sumei said that she would try to get the fire-type secret treasure, but she had no choice but to get the water-type treasure. The two finally reached an agreement, willing to finally hand over the secret treasure with one hand and let the other person go.

Miaomiao left when Yanying and Duan Xiaoe came to pick her up. Ziwu saw Duan Xiaoe and asked her to help her find out how to become a cursive master from the Jin Department's "Tiangong Zaiwu Ji", and his master hoped that he could become a cursive master . Jin Sumei told Yanying that they could only take away Shi Miaomiao and some female workers, but she would find a way to rescue Ziwu. Before Shi Miaomiao left, she saw the imprisoned female workers and saw them begging for help very helplessly. At this moment, she seemed to understand her mother's belief in the world. Shi Miaomiao asked Jin Sumei to help convey her thoughts to Feng Chenjun, and she was willing to exchange herself and the secret treasure of the water system for the freedom of all female workers. Then she resolutely walked back to the laboratory, in exchange for the freedom of all the miserable female workers.


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