High Priest Xue thought that Pan Jun and others broke into the altar privately and wanted to steal the Heluo Stone, they were already the scum of the Zerg, and today he was going to clean up the house for the Zerg. Luo Xiu and Matsushita came with members of Yaxinhui, expressing that they would never interfere in Zerg's internal affairs. Matsushita even shot a member of Yaxinhui on the spot in exchange for High Priest Xue's forgiveness. In the end, they successfully brought Pan Jun and others back.

When Ouyang Yanyun saw her younger brother, she praised him for successfully passing the Yaxin Association and saving their group. Yanying hugged her sister, feeling the joy of reunion. Jin Sumei came to see Toyotomi Jun. Toyotomi Jun said that Shangfeng has increased investment this year, and he firmly believes that his products will soon enter the Southeast Asian market. Jin Sumei also affirmed the Yersinia pestis newly researched by Feng Chenjun, but she came here today for a personal matter, and thanked Feng Chenjun and Jin Shun for their mediation to allow her to reunite with her son.

Yanying promised that Jin Sumei would leave Lingcheng and return to Basong's hometown as long as Yanyun and others were rescued. Ouyang Yanyun, Pan Jun and others did not understand Yanying's decision and were unwilling to cooperate. Shi Miaomiao saw Yanying's abnormality, and couldn't understand why he knew Jin Sumei so well within a few days. Yanyun wanted to go to Jin Sumei to ask her what her intentions were, but Yanying couldn't stop her sister, so she had to reveal that Jin Sumei was the biological mother of their siblings.

Ouyang Yanyun and others were very surprised when they heard this, Yanyun ran out alone, she was afraid that the death of the second grandfather and other seniors would be related to her mother, and she didn't want her mother to hurt Ziwu. Shi Miaomiao and Pan Jun came out to comfort Shi Miaomiao. Shi Miaomiao thought that Jin Sumei was in a hurry to arrange for Yanyun sister and brother to leave Lingcheng, which must be because the place was very unsafe. Yan Yun is determined to avenge his second grandfather, and he doesn't want to stay where Jin Sumei appears.

Shi Miaomiao asked Pan Jun to take Ouyang Yanyun to Xue's settlement to look for He Luoshi, while she stayed to take care of Yanying and Xiao'e. Ouyang Yanying drank his sorrows away, he didn't want to be a man of Ouyang's family, he just wanted to recognize his mother, he just wanted to have a complete family. Ouyang Yanyun and Pan Jun came to the settlement of Xue's family, they found a house to live in, and planned to sneak into Xue's house. Then Yanyun fainted deliberately on the street, and Pan Jun appeared as a witch doctor to heal him, and the surrounding people praised him. This also successfully attracted the attention of the old priest, and he showed up and took Pan Jun to Xue's settlement to treat the young master. The old priest said that the young master had been in a coma for three years, and that as long as Pan Jun could cure the young master, the Xue family would be willing to help him. The old priest recognized Pan Junmu's identity as a descendant. When the pneumonic plague occurred in the north, Pan Yingxuan came here to save people and taught the people here to read and write. Pan Jun made a request that if he successfully cured the young master of the Xue family, he also hoped that the Xue family could take out the Heluo stone.

Luo Xiuyuan sent Yanying and others away, but Yanying and Xiao'e decided to go to Yaxin to meet Jin Sumei and explain why they would not leave Lingcheng. When Yanying and others came to Yaxinhui, they happened to see factory workers coming to make trouble. They went on strike and made trouble because of the inexplicable disappearance of female factory workers. Jin Sumei told these people that Yaxin gave them the opportunity to be self-reliant, and hoped that they would cherish this opportunity. She promised to find out about the missing female workers. When the workers heard that Jin Sumei promised to let them receive a month's wages in advance, they were also willing to go home and think about resuming work.

Ziwu saw that Toyotomi Jun had captured countless innocent girls for experiments, saying that Pan Jun and others would definitely find the Zerg treasure, and that would be the day Toyotomi Jun must die. But Toyotomi Jun also believes that his laboratory will also wait for Pan Jun's arrival. Pan Jun found that all the plants in Xue's young master's house were dead, and only one plant was alive. Pan Jun guessed that Xue's young master was not sick. Pan Jun explained that Huang Ci'e feeds on ground pomegranates, and the only food is ground pomegranates, which means that someone has been taking good care of this plant for three years, and this person is in the settlement of Xue's family.


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