Jin Shun told Feng Chenjun that he had already been expelled from the school by his master, and He Luoshi was in Lingcheng. But Feng Chenjun knew that the Heluo stone was made by the ancestors of the Jin family, so Jin Shun could distinguish the true and false of the Heluo stone. Toyotomi Jun said that he could easily remove the golden silkworm poison on Jinshun, but he also threatened Jinshun with a bacterial virus. Jinshun was forced to tell Fengchenjun that if he wanted the real Heluo stone, he had to go to Thousand Insect Altar. Feng Chenjun asked Jinshun to take the secret treasure from Pan Jun and others. He hoped that he would be the one who opened the Zerg treasure instead of Jin Sumei.

Ziwu saw "Zhenlong" in the laboratory. With the cooperation of "Zhenlong", he successfully got the key. On the way to escape, he accidentally saw that the master was also locked here. He wanted to get the master out, but the master knew Yin and Yang. Tao's goal is the treasure of the Zerg race, but even if they collect all the secret treasures and find the Heluo Stone, there will be no second Herb Master in this world. Because the barrier bridge, the second hurdle leading to the treasure, must be led by a human grass master, because there are swarms of tiny bugs called Xiaoyaofeng on the barrier bridge, which will eat up all living things. Only ordinary human grass masters can disperse them. But the last human cursive master in the world has died in the hands of Shi Shiyu. Master hoped that Zi Wu would become the new human cursive master. He persuaded Zi Wu to leave, but unfortunately it was too late, and Zi Wu was finally found and taken away.

Shi Miaomiao told everyone that Yaxin Pharmaceutical has always divided the world into three parts, one is Matsui Shangyuan, the other is the young master of Yin Yang Dao Toyotomi Jun, and the third is the boss Kim Sumei Jin who is in charge of cosmeceuticals. All three of them covet the position of president, and the one who finally owns the Zerg treasure will be the last to have Yaxin.

Jinshun sneaked into the hotel disguised as a room service staff, met Pan Jun and others, told them Feng Chenjun's plan, and reminded them that if they want to find Heluo Stone, they must go to the Thousand Insect Altar of the Xuejia Tribe. When Duan Xiao'e saw Jin Shun, she knew that this was her senior brother, but when Jin Shun learned that Duan Xiao'e hadn't changed her surname to Jin, she couldn't help but lamented how kind Master was to her. Jinshun left behind the map of the Altar of Thousand Insects and left, and Shi Miaomiao suggested that everyone go to Xue's settlement together. Shi Miaomiao asked everyone to carry all kinds of secret treasures with them, and they must be fully prepared, after all, this trip is extremely dangerous.

Boss Jin learned that Jin Shun led the descendants of Zerg to Xue's altar under Feng Chenjun's order. Twelve years ago, because Ouyang Yanlei and Pan Yingxuan broke into Bamen Mountain again, the Xue family thought that the two families of wood and fire were coveting treasures. The traitors of Zerg race hate them even more. Now that these younger generations go to the altar, it will only be bad luck.

Pan Jun and his party managed to arrive at the settlement of Xue's family according to the map, but they didn't know that their whereabouts had been monitored by Xue's family. But Pan Jun and others found the cave and entered. Before arriving at the destination, Yan Ying, who fell last, was locked outside the cave because he touched the cave mechanism, and separated from Pan Jun and his party.

Boss Jin told his subordinate, Ms. Luo, that she once had a pair of children. She came from a family of officials and married far away to the Ouyang family of Basong fire department. But twenty-four years ago, Ouyang Leiyun poisoned her . If it wasn't for Yaxin's medicine to keep her alive these years, she would have died thousands of times. Yanying rushed to the hotel to ask Boss Jin to help save her, but unexpectedly found out that Boss Jin was her biological mother outside the door. Jin Sumei wanted to reunite her mother and her son, but also to avenge her blood. She wanted to take back what the Ouyang family owed her. Yanying broke into the room and asked Jin Sumei what she had done, and whether it was she who was chased and killed by Fu Zhoushan. But the second grandpa is the relative of the two siblings who have been missing their parents for more than 20 years. Now their siblings and partners have lost their relatives and seniors in Fuzhou Mountain, all of which are related to their mother. Yanying thinks that Jin Sumei is not worthy of being her mother, which makes Jin Sumei very sad.

Jin Sumei told Yanying that she came from a famous family and was her father's favorite daughter, but she fell in love with the Zerg people, endured the ridicule of countless people, endured her father's scolding and the family's glory and married Basong far away. Ouyang's family's current wealth is obtained by his father. Twenty-four years ago, his father would get a rock by chance and was ordered to escort the Zerg to Bamen Mountain. Everyone only remembers that Shi Shiyu died tragically that day, but his father also died on that day. But Ouyang's family put all the faults on Jin Sumei, and used the poison of thousands of insects to bite bones on herself. For so many years, she used medicine to survive, but she missed their siblings all the time.

Pan Jun and his party walked all the way in the cave, and finally came to the altar, but the surrounding lights flickered and the bell rang, and Pan Jun had hallucinations. Shi Miaomiao asked everyone to cover their ears and not listen to the bell, because the Zerg sound array would make people fearful and hallucinate. When they came to the middle of the altar, they also saw the Heluo stone in the middle, but then polar ice worms flooded in from all directions, and they had no choice but to escape temporarily. Pan Jun wanted to find the agency, but when he turned around, he was surrounded by Xue's family.


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