Boss Jin asked the doctor to check Ziwu's body. Ziwu is currently in normal health, but relatively weak. Ms. Luo told Boss Jin that Toyotomi specially invited four insect experts from overseas in order to open the Zerg Treasure. This is a good start for the future of Yaxinhui. Boss Jin told Ms. Luo seriously that Yaxinhui started out with cosmeceuticals, all for the purpose of profit, not to cultivate germs for Toyotomi Jun, let alone a pawn of Yin and Yang.

Pan Jun and others set off to Lingcheng together. On the way, Pan Jun disliked that everyone chose the worst train seat. They didn't want to spend more money, so they could only endure the noisy train carriage. Ouyang Yanyun accidentally found that there was a A very strange person, but Pan Jun didn't see anything unusual.

A few people got off the train and came to the restaurant for dinner. Since Pan Jun was responsible for the meal expenses, they simply found a high-end restaurant for dinner. During the meal, Shi Miaomiao accidentally discovered that Ziwu's raised spider "Zhenlong" appeared on Ouyang Yanying's body, and then "Zhenlong" took everyone to a hotel, where Shi Miaomiao decisively decided to stay. Ouyang Yanyun and Ouyang Yanying followed "Zhenlong" into the hotel and found that it had entered a room. Yanyun knocked on the door and officially met with Boss Jin.

Yanyun and Yanying entered the room to look for "Zhenlong". During the conversation with the two, Boss Jin easily learned that the two were from Basong. Yanyun didn't find Ziwu in the room, and went out with "Zhenlong" to continue looking for Ziwu, but after they left, Boss Jin arranged for his subordinate Matsushita to send Ziwu to Toyotomi Jun's laboratory.

Pan Jun met a strange person on the train at the hotel. This person saw that Pan Jun and his party were Zerg, and asked Pan Jun what the Zerg wanted to do when they came to Lingcheng, but Pan Jun did not elaborate. This person advised Pan Jun not to be too greedy like their fathers, and finally fell to the blood-splattered altar with no bones left. Pan Jun went back to the room and told the matter to his companion. Shi Miaomiao guessed that this person was the priest of the Xue family, so she decided to divide the army into two groups. Pan Jun simply asked Yanyun and Yanying to take Xiao'e to find Ziwu, while he and Shi Miaomiao investigated the priest of the Xue family.

The high priest of the Xue family returned home. This time he went south to find a doctor for the young master, but unfortunately he never found a suitable one. He told the old priest about the encounter with the descendants of the Zerg, which made him have to guard against Pan Jun and others. Yanyun brought Yanying and Xiao'e to treat Boss Jin to dinner, and apologized for the offense last night. Xiao'e took time out of the room and found out from the waiter that Boss Jin is the boss of Yaxin Pharmaceutical. Because Ouyang Yanyun saw that Boss Jin was very familiar, she suddenly thought of sad things in the face of the other party's concern, and accidentally got drunk. In order to avoid her sister's mistake, Yanying hurriedly took her sister to leave. Xiao'e tells Yanying that Boss Jin is the person behind Yaxin, and the two plan to follow Boss Jin temporarily and get closer to Yaxin Pharmaceutical, maybe this way they can find Ziwu faster.

Zi Wu was taken to Feng Chenjun's laboratory, and he was injected with specially treated toxins again. Feng Chen Jun wanted to use Zi Wu's body to inject different toxins to produce different antibodies, so as to crack the secret of the poisonous insect mechanism. Ziwu learned that Pan Jun and others came to Lingcheng with a secret treasure, and was also worried about Pan Jun and others' safety.

Boss Jin prepared warm clothes for Yan Yun and others, and Yan Yun was flattered by his concern for her. Boss Jin explained that he was only part of the person in charge of Yaxin Pharmaceuticals, and when he learned that Yanyun wanted to visit Yaxin, he agreed to take them there. Jin Shun was brought to Toyotomi Jun's laboratory, and Toyotomi Jun wanted to obtain the gold treasure and Heluo stone through him.


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